Reason Morning Links: Unstable Cement Edition


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  1. Senators are rich? Isn’t that the way the system was originally designed?

    1. unfortunately, having a net worth of a million bucks ain’t what it used to be —

  2. Spiked: A sideways step from climate panic to Malthus
    Recent statements by the Royal Society shows that it has turned from a scientific institution into a nakedly ideological one.


    In other news, many Republicans are still stupid.

    1. And others are not:
      “I didn’t support Obama; I repudiated George W. Bush and John McCain.”

      1. The idea of I don’t support the guy I voted for helps John’s point.

      2. That’s still pretty stupid. Everyone knows it’s “refudicated” George W. Bush and John McCain.

      3. That would be fair enough, except that they had other options.

        I really can’t have an overwhelming logical objection to voting against GWB and McCain, but it’s simply madness to think that Obama would be better than McCain on nearly any issue of libertarian interest. There are issues where McCain is clearly better, and issues where the two are the same, but issues where Obama is better in practice (as opposed to what he may in his heart secretly believe) are vanishingly small.

        Even on things that I, in my pessimism about Senator Obama, thought that President Obama would at least be better about, he’s not.

        1. I think McCain would have been more likely to get us involved in war with Iran than Obama, which I think is a bad thing.

          1. Since we’re already in a war with Iran (since 1979), McCain would’ve been better.

          2. Possibly — only a guess, but only Obama would take us into Pakistan.

    2. But at least some are embarrassed:

      Some so-called “Obamacans” did not want to discuss their views on Obama.

  4. Dustin Dominiak, world’s biggest little bitch.

    1. Didn’t he play Screech in Saved by the Bell?

    2. If he did have a drunken grope with O’Donnell, it was best he will ever have. What a shitbag.

    3. whoa, didn’t stay anonymous for long. I hope he gets turned into a newt.

    4. Interesting… if this is true…

      He was 25 when this happen and Christine was 38. Rowr. And one year below her 1/2+7.

    5. Gawker’s editor told a Yahoo reporter that the site paid in the “low four figures” for the O’Donnell story

      Oh yeah, also forgot, world’s cheapest little bitch, too.

      1. low four figures = $1000.00

        Dude got ripped off, but he worked for the Fed so he’s probably not that savvy when it comes to finance.

    6. Man, this reeks of desperation. O’Donnell maybe according to an unverified source with no details sort of made out with someone a while back? OH MY GOD WHAT A SCANDAL!

    7. I imagine Dustin is going to discover what it means to be a born-again virgin.


    Gawker manages to offend even Salon.

    1. You got to tease them into reading it, John.

      When her underwear came off, I immediately noticed that the waxing trend had completely passed her by.

      Obviously, that was a big turnoff, and I quickly lost interest. I said goodnight, rolled over, and went to sleep.

      1. That right there says that he is full of shit. What guy turns down an otherwise attractive women because she didn’t wax? Seriously, he is either gay, lying or both.

        1. I dunno, can’t she at least trim it?

          1. can’t she at least trim it

            It may well have been trimmed. The “she doesn’t wax” complaint sounds like ANY hair would be a problem for that guy. So, what John said.

            1. True. So long as she doesn’t look like she’s got Buckwheat in a leglock I’m in.

              1. I don’t know, I’d still have to think about it.

        2. But on the other hand, If I’m making out with a girl who takes off all her clothes, then gets in my bed and announces she’s a virgin and there won’t be any sex forthcoming, I’d probably just roll over and pass out drunk too.

          1. Yeah, but there are a lot of things you can do beyond sex. And any guy who has had many experiences with knows that “we can do everything but have sex” is a promise not often kept.

            The bottomline is the guy is claiming that a naked woman was in bed with him and rather than try to bang her or have other such fun, he rolled over and went to bed. Bullshit. Not going to happen. If he had said he played around with her and she wouldn’t give it up and then he went to bed, I would believe him. But just roll over and not try at all or at least ride the rides that were open that night in O’Donnell land? Fuck no. He is lying his ass off.

            1. ride the rides that were open that night in O’Donnell land


            2. The bottomline is the guy is claiming that a naked woman was in bed with him and rather than try to bang her or have other such fun, he rolled over and went to bed.

              If that was what happened, I’d call him what he is, but then I’d be held liable if he jumped off a bridge somewhere.

        3. I am shocked and deeply hurt.

          (And have omitted my website link as it is NSFW)

      2. Thanks for the visual.

        1. I don’t get the whole aversion to hair down there. I can see the advantages of both ways.

          1. I find a little hair to be sexy. It lets me know that the person I am having sex with has passed puberty and isn’t twelve fucking years old.

            1. Me to. At what point did adult women become unattractive?

              1. I don’t know, but it’s part of this annoying modern trend of infantalizing women (Twilight being just one example, where a woman has to be taken care of by stronger men).

                What happened to the Katherine Hepburn’s of film; brassy women who could stand up to the leading men of the day, drank good booze, and smoked. Katherine Heigl is no Katherine Hepburn, I can tell you that.

                  1. I concur.

                1. It is the inevitable result of feminists portraying women as victims. Hepburn was no one’s victim. And neither were most of the other “oppressed” women of the age. I look at my two grandmothers. Both of them were forces of nature in their own ways. They don’t make many people male or female like that anymore.

                2. brassy women

                  Huh? I guess I’m just weird, but I like to keep my metallurgy out of the bedroom.

                3. Rosalind Russell, Barbara Stanwyck….

              2. They’re not.

                I just don’t like getting my nose tickled or my teeth flossed when performing connie.

                1. It’s so great to stay out late
                  and eat your date,
                  Brushin’ your teeth with a comb.

            2. It lets me know that the person I am having sex with has passed puberty and isn’t twelve fucking years old.

              Why not just check her driver’s license after she’s passed out?

          2. I don’t get the whole aversion to hair down there. I can see the advantages of both ways.

            Hell yeah, I never got this one either. Hygiene problems are one thing, but there’s nothing wrong with adults looking like adults. Sheesh.

            1. So if a woman isn’t attracted to men with beards, then she’s a pedophile?

              1. Yep. And, jesus hates bald pussy.

              2. Obviously that’s what I’m saying, yes.

                1. And what I’m saying is that length of hair on one’s body is not an arbiter of adulthood.

                  1. Yeah, point taken. I guess a preference is one thing, but being actively grossed out by pubic hair (or a beard) seems a little bit strange to me.

          3. its cause all the ladies expect you to return the oral favor these days (damn feminists), so if thats the case it better be spotless or at least finely trimmed.

      3. Maybe one of you guys could answer this question for me.

    2. Salon’s right, this makes her seem normal, relatable, and like a quintessential “nice girl”. I can’t imagine this hurting her, too bad the only people who read this crap already want to burn her at the stake.

      1. That was my reaction, too, though I doubt the guy is telling the truth. He has some pictures of her, but that doesn’t confirm his story. Just makes it a possibility.

        1. He claims they were crushing Heinekens (I know, some people have no shame). I don’t think she’s holding a beer in any of those pictures. As I said yesterday, if you believe his version of the night’s event, you’re an idiot.

          1. I have pictures of women at parties who I didn’t even know. So, by that token, I can destroy their careers if they become public figures. I don’t believe the guy.

            1. You could also make “low four figures” in the process. Think of the all the Heineken that will buy!

      1. Amusing how they are comfortable tossing around the phrase “Crazy Bitch” so much, whereas if anyone said that about a liberal candidate, they’d get out the pitchforks and light the torches.

        1. Jezebel never fails to live down to the worst stereotypes about women. You really couldn’t create a more misogynist site if you tried.

          1. Jezebel’s secret agenda: turning straight guys to teh gay side.

            1. feminists are crab people?

        2. Feminists can’t be hypocrites. They know shit you can’t know since you have a penis.

          1. No word on the special wisdom gained by men from having to protect our external genitalia 24/7.

          2. Some of them are Latinas, so you know they are extra wise.

            1. How offensive of you to suggest that any level of wisdom exists outside of the minds of female Latinas.

              1. You’re right. Apologize to your wife from me.

                1. Done. The Weibskobold also forgives you.

      2. Man, I love me some ideological pretzels in the morning.

        I know Gawker and Jezebel are part of the same franchise but I usually come to Jezzie to have sexist crap like this story and its details on waxing slammed. This article just isn’t good enough and I think team Jezebel know this.

        The the photos are the icing on the cake. Awkward, mid-conversation expressions, redeye from the flash, and yet O’Donnell still manages to look as cute as a button and mysteriously appealing.

        1. O”Donnell is damned cute. Really much more attractive Sarah Palin, who comes off as a little harsh and kind of a caricature of herself. The idea that this douche had her laying naked in his bed and he rolled over and did nothing because she wasn’t waxed is total frat house bullshit.

          1. I’m still afraid she falls well below the hot/crazy break-even point.

            1. She is not crazy. If you ran for public office the liberal media and the bloggers would pound you like they were in a tag team wrestling match. I have yet to hear a single thing about her that would cause me to say she is anything approaching crazy. Seriously, what has she done? Dated a guy when she was young and dabbled around with New ageism? Hooked up with a bunch of guys in college only to repent and find religion later? Neither of those are that uncommon.

              1. I concur. O’Donnell might have some wacky ideas, but she falls nowhere near the crazy end of my sanity spectrum. That is a special place reserved for self proclaimed “liberal” women with severe daddy issues and self hatred. I know unfortunately all too well from having dated a few of these types. Something tells me that Christine O’Donnell wouldn’t come at you with a kitchen knife in the midst of an argument.

                1. Or throw lamps, pans, etc. at you because they “think” you’re having an affair – based on nothing but their “intuition.”

                  But yeah, I was fucking someone different as soon as I could after that incident.

              2. “”She is not crazy.””

                How do you know?

                “”Seriously, what has she done? “”

                Nothing that most people would care about. The only people who might care are the christian folks. Of course that’s her base and that’s why you can expect attacks on those values and I agree that what this is about. It’s just politics.

                If I were going to vote for her, this story would change nothing. Chicks get drunk and go home with guys. I see that as a postive thing.

                1. “She is not crazy.””

                  How do you know?”

                  The lack of evidence indicating that she thinks things like God is speaking to her through the television or that the stimulus saved or created a million jobs.

                  1. Is that all it takes?

                    Having dated many girls, I know it takes much more than just what you’ve seen from TV to make an factual determination.

                    I’m not saying she is, I’m not saying she isn’t. I’m saying I don’t have enough information and experience with her to make a meaningful judgment call. Sometimes you can go out with a girl for weeks before the crazy rises to the top.

                    1. By that standard we can’t say that anyone in politics is not crazy. I don’t know any of them personally. So, at best she is no different than anyone else. Can you say Chris Coons is not crazy?

                    2. “”Can you say Chris Coons is not crazy?””

                      I don’t know Chris Coons. I can’t say either way.

                    3. “Sometimes you can go out with a girl for weeks before the crazy rises to the top.”

                      Dude, they’re all fucking crazy.

                  2. And certianly I’m inferring that you don’t have enough personal experience with O’Donnell to make a factual determination.

                  3. The lack of evidence indicating that she thinks things like God is speaking to her through the television

                    “During the primary, I heard the audible voice of God. He said, ‘Credibility.’ It wasn’t a thought in my head. I thought it meant I was going to win. But after the primary, I got credibility.”
                    -Christine O’Donnell, Wilmington News-Journal, 11/12/06

                    Or is it OK so long as she doesn’t hear it through the TV?

                    1. yes, as long as it is not coming through the television or the voice in her head isn’t claiming to be the CIA, it is okay.

                    2. “”or the voice in her head isn’t claiming to be the CIA, it is okay.””

                      Hearing voices in your head would make you crazy. If they really are hearing them.

                      But I think she’s just pandering to her crowd about words from God. Maybe silly in that she needs more than God lovers to win.

          2. While reading his “story” I frequently had to remind myself that no, despite how it sounds, I am not reading Penthouse Forum.

            1. You have a great name. Wanna “hang out?” Ha, I kill me.

      3. From the comments:

        …this woman is baldly hypocritical considering the way she has campaigned on sexuality (ANY KIND of sexuality)?!

        I could be wrong, but I’m like 99% sure O’Donnell never “campaigned on sexuality.” Rather, the media found some stuff she’d said about sexuality in the past and made that the national discourse instead of the fiscal policy she was ACTUALLY campaigning on.

        1. You are correct.


      NOW President Terry O’Neill issued a statement late Thursday after a gossip website published a report from an anonymous man — later identified by “The Smoking Gun” website as Dustin Dominiak — claiming that he had a one-night stand three years ago with Republican Delaware Senate candidate Christine O’Donnell.

      “Today the tabloid website Gawker published an anonymous piece titled “I Had A One-Night Stand With Christine O’Donnell” that takes the routine sexual degradation of women candidates to a disgusting new low. NOW repudiates Gawker’s decision to run this piece. It operates as public sexual harassment. And like all sexual harassment, it targets not only O’Donnell, but all women contemplating stepping into the public sphere,” O’Neill said.

      O’Neill said. “Let me be honest: I look forward to seeing Christine O’Donnell defeated at the polls, but this kind of sexist attack is an affront to all women, and I won’t stand for it.”

      When you lose NOW, you have really fucked up 😉

      1. Good for NOW. I’m glad they can have their beliefs but actually say some things are inappropriate, even if you do them to people they disagree with.

        Unlike those who cheered the baby snatching weeks ago.

      2. I’m pleasantly surprised. Especially after the Clinton presidency, I had come to think of them as part of the DNC with a secondary focus on women’s issues.

      3. They still love me. Always did.

  6. Somebody refresh my memory. The historical reelection rate of Congress in the last 30 years has hovered in the mid 90s, right? So 65% of Americans want to vote the whole Congress out? So what? The public isn’t going to do anything to make it happen.

    I live and work around these people. Congress sucks, except our representative has done some good stuff. I point out he voted for TARP, and the “well, but” starts. The pattern is repeated everywhere. People may hate Congress, but their guy is okay. So the reelection rate may dip down into the 80s this time. BFD.

    1. Clearly, the answer is to only allow people to vote for representatives in other districts. ACORN, make it so!

      1. What about letting everyone get a single vote in some other race that isn’t in their district?

        Then the adults in the country could pick a suitable rep for MA voters and dump Frank.

        If for no other reason, it would keep pols from trying to grandstand. They would all want to be some semi-anonymous do-nothing representative that no one outside of their district has heard of.

    2. I think it’s an all or nothing proposition. If the question is “all of congress”, sure, kick em to the curb. But when it’s nickle’n’dime-ing re-election…well, if I’m gonna get screwed by everyone else electing their pork-shoveling professional, then I’m sure as hell gonna vote for mine as well.

  7. Gallup: 46% of Americans want legal marijuana.

    The other 54% know that the illegal marijuana gives a sweeter if less cerebral buzz.

  8. Rasmussen: 65% of Americans want to vote out the entire Congress.

    The other 35% are federal employees.

  9. Hipster Doofus Slide Show

    The first chick is actually pretty cute.

    Pic #4 looks like way too much foreskin being rolled back.

    #5 looks like a traffic cone.

    #10 Hey dude, 1982 called. It wants its pants back.

    1. The girl in picture one is very cute. The guy in number 4 looks like the lost gay character from A Different World.

      1. #7 is fairly cute too.

        1. concur.

          1. I actually witnessed an event this morning that marries two of our threads:

            Two 20-something guys kissed each other hello in public, which is still rare even in the gay-heavy circle I inhabit, and one of them was wearing: horned-rim glasses, bow tie, red and black striped v-neck sweater, tight khakis and red and yellow striped canvas sneakers.

            He looked like a gay clown.

            1. And you didn’t shoot them???

    2. Don’t make fun of four, that’s to keep him from chewing out his stitches.

      Prediction: The dude in three and the dude in ten will totally hook-up before Christmas break. And the girl in three will lie when she swears she had no idea it would happen.

      1. Every once in a while I go to lunch with a friend of mine in one of the hipster areas of DC. We play a game of who can spot the most couples consisting of a cute or hot woman and an obviously gay or bi sexual guy. The winning number is never less than ten. It is just astounding.

        1. I’ve actually had that happen to a friend of mine. She got married and we all stood around going “Why is she marrying him? He’s gay.” Sure enough, 2 years in he finally admitted it. Divorce followed. But what do you say? Hey, dear, you know your boyfriend/fiance/husband is gay, right? There’s no real good way to have that conversation.

          1. No there is not. I don’t get what women find attractive about gay men. Men generally don’t find obviously lesbian women attractive.

            1. Gay men won’t hit on them and they’re just like having a really catty girlfriend with a penis, who won’t be competition, wont steal her clothes (except on drag race night), will go shopping for shoes with her and won’t viciously cunt-block her as soon as a cute, straight guy walks into the room.

              1. Correct on all except for the last one.

            2. All of the upsides of a relationship, and none of the downsides (i.e. sex).

            3. They tend to be in better shape than straight men (looks matter more to women than they admit), they tend to dress better, they are typically career minded and ambitious, and they like womeny stuff. Really, it’s not that hard to understand at all.

              1. So what you are telling me is women don’t like masculinity? And a lot of straight men are ambitious to.

                1. So what you are telling me is women don’t like masculinity?

                  Isn’t that what girls are being taught lately? “Beards are bad. Men should smell like perfume and care what their clothes look like.”

                  1. Isn’t that what girls are being taught lately?

                    We went from Humphrey Bogart and Cary Grant to Johnny Depp. You do the math.

                2. Not in their “girl”friends, no.

                  There’s also some unquantifiable cool factor in being an urban fag-hag.

                  1. Fag hags always have major issues.

                    1. I mentioned this to one of the gay guys here. He told me “don’t EVER get 2 of your fag-hags in the same room together. They fight over me!”

            4. P-Town is looking up lesbian-wise. There are a lot more cute lesbians walking down Commercial Street hand-in-hand and a lot fewer of the Outback owners.

              1. Cute lesbian’s dad:

                “It’s a phase”

    3. Blaaargh! Lookit them damned young people! Who do they think they are? Back in my day…

    4. Chelsea Morrow is a freshman in the pre-dental program at SPU. A casual blazer completes her comfortable fall outfit.

      Apparently sandals from the S&M Depot are now considered comfortable.

    5. Did you just want to say that the guy in ten was cute? Cause his pants are totally ordinary.

    6. My God I hate every one of those people except #1 and I guarantee she is totally crazy if you dated her for a week.

      1. Where the hell did they find 10 college kids who care that much about their appearance?

        When I was in college, I was happy when the shirt I was wearing had only been worn once prior. I never put thought into crap like layering blues and that sort of shit.

        1. Over 50% of the people at my school 10 years ago cared about their appearance. Their called females. Every single one of them and FSM bless them for it. I highly recommend going to a state school in SEC or ACC country. The view is unbeatable.

          1. I highly recommend going to a state school in SEC or ACC country. The view is unbeatable.

            I concur. The best part about being a freshman comp teacher was that every semester, I saw all the new 18 year olds, many of them with a daddy complex.

            I always thought that where I went to school (FIU) had beautiful women. Then I moved to Kentucky and realized that they must have something in the water because the eye candy is unfuckingbelievable.

        2. Maybe if you put more thought into things you wouldn’t have fallen into that trap.

        3. These are all art school students who must be expressive at all times. Otherwise, outsiders just won’t “get” them.

        4. I’m a graduate student and am currently wearing slacks that are a bit too short for me, sneakers with duct tape on the heels, the same t-shirt as yesterday, a hoodie, and a baseball cap from my alma mater to hide my bedhead.

    7. The only odd looking one of the bunch is #4 because of the… whatever that is around his neck. Ya’ll need to get out more and/or update your wardrobe.

  10. Brett Favre: start or no start?

    1. As a fan of the Vikes who has had his heart broken too many times over the years, I am sure that whatever the decision is, it will be wrong and blow up spectacularly in their faces.

      This would be a non-issue and Brett would sit except:

      a) Brett’s streak would come to an end.
      b) Our backup T-Jack is horrible
      c) Moss isn’t going to want to face the Pats with a back up who can’t throw and a game plan that is 90% run oriented. Expect epic pouting if that happens
      d) Brad Childress is a f-ing pansy who doesn’t have the balls to tell Brett to take a seat.
      e) Brett loves the drama surrounding this situation as much as Epi loves the bitter tears of defeated Dems.

      So I’m guessing that Brett will continue to start.

      1. At this point its probably Brad’s interests are to make Brett play as poorly as possible for as long as possible.

      2. Fellow Vikings fan here. He’ll start until he is officially suspended, if that even happens. I would guess even the NFL top dogs wouldn’t want to break his streak unless he actually murdered someone and confessed to doing it.

      3. The Vikes are wasting what should have been a rebuilding year. Farve & Moss? Give me a fucking break.

      4. I’ll take D & E. Childress should never have let Favray skip training camp and then waltz in (to lose).

        As for B, I think if TJ was the clear starter from the git-go, the Vikees would have won at least 2 by now…

    2. He’s going to start, for the simple reason that an old Brett Favre on a bum ankle is still better than a young and healthy Tarvaris Jackson.

      1. I’m more worried about Carson Palmer. Because I have him in both my leagues, and I only have Fitzpatrick as a backup in one of them.

        1. I’m a Bills fan and Fitz is playing great. He actually makes our o-line look good. The D sucks though. This totally changes the dynamic of our draft next year. Instead of picking a QB 1st overall because we need one, we’ll pick one because we need anything from the defensive front 7, a la the Spiller pick when we had Freddy and Marshawn. Glad we went 9th overall to return kicks. Was Gailey on Miami’s staff when they picked Ted Ginn, Jr. at that same spot? Shoot me now.

          When the Bills move, my only choice is to become a Vikings fan because suffering is all I know.

          1. I’m actually a Denver Broncos fan (long story). McDaniels is a ego-maniacal douchebag who is wrecking the team. I have to admit the Cutler -for-Orton deal was nowhere as bad as I thought it was originally. However, spending three draft picks to get a guy you probably could have gotten in the second round anyway, who is a “project” player who needs years to develop, and when you know you have specific holes in the defense, is idiocy.

            He also seems bent on pissing off key players. First Cutler, then before Dumervil got injured, there were rumors those two weren’t getting along.

            Finally, what happened last week.

            1. As a life time Chiefs fan, your tears are yummy. And why you thought a 12 year old who got Tom Brady and Bill Bellicheck their coffee every morning would make a good head coach is beyond me.

            2. The last time I can remember the Broncos being humiliated so badly was when they were getting crushed in those Super Bowls. And I can’t even remember seeing something like that happen to them in the Mile High city.

      2. But if Jackson started, even Childress might have the sense to realize you run AP over and over and keep the ball out of Jackson’s hands.

        Of course, I’m a Packer fan, so I’m thrilled to see the Vikings in turmoil.

  11. Gallup: 46% of Americans want legal marijuana.
    54% are afraid that Phillip Morris will put them out of business.

  12. So, not sure where to links that reason may enjoy other than here, but if you haven’t seen it yet, the Economist has a great take on both Juan Williams and campaign finance laws that I think the Reasonoids will enjoy.…..s_equality

  13. Mother pleads guilty to killing infant for interrupting Farmville

    Tobias told investigators that she shook the baby, smoked a cigarette to compose herself and then shook him again. She said the baby may have hit his head during the shaking.

    1. Baby shaking is hard!

      You should always take a smoke break halfway through, so as not to tire yourself out.

    2. I knew that shit was deadly. Farmville is a pernicious addiction afflicting people who didn’t grow up with a healthy video game. Farmville is to non-gamers what booze was to the native americans.

      1. What the fuck is a farmville?

        1. It is a facebook game. Sort of like sim farm.

          1. Yep, I googled it, and that sounds about right.

            Jeeze, I might kill a baby if its screams interrupted Mario Kart or the original Mortal Kombat for sega, but that game. No way.

            People are really fucked up.

            Also, the “wrong kind of white people” are starting to use facebook, look for its inevitable demise.

            Facebook: 2011’s version of the mullet and loony tunes oversize tee.

            1. That is a good point. There is millions to be made in creating a new more exclusive facebook for hipsters. It is there for the taking. I wish I had the code skill to do it.

              1. I’m really attracted to this idea of fleecing hipsters, and I DO work in web dev…hmmmm

                1. wylie,

                  Be honest. If Mark Pincus had come up to you 10 years ago and said “let’s build a simple little game and give it to people for free. Then those morons will give us real money to buy fake stuff to use in the game,” would you have taken him seriously or would you have just laughed and mocked him for thinking that would ever work?

                  I’m a developer too, even with my business retarded mindset I would have told him to go get lost. I never would have believed that anyone would be dumb enough to pay real cash for pretend cash.

                  1. @ Pope Jimbo @ 11:11AM

                    No argument here. But since then, I’ve learned about mmo gold farmers..knowing is half the battle, etc.

                2. I was thinking of a way to make a more exclusive social thingy the other day, and came up with a little something.

                  First it would have to be by invitation only, first adopters chosen strategically as hip and metropolitan. Secondly the invitation would only get you a trial page, as you only get full access and usability when so many people vouch for you. Of course after a few years everybody will be “cool” according to nodal mathematics, but you take the bitch public, and run with the money when the uncoolpocolypse approaches.

                  1. So… exactly the same business plan that’s already been done, right?

                    Facebook was invitation only at first. Heck, so was gmail.

                    1. Well, then it’s a proven business model.

                      How much start up cash can I depend on you for?

                3. I’m a tester. Hire me.

            2. Damn it. I have a relative that wears those T-shirts… I had no idea.

            3. The best video game ever was The Amazing Spiderman


              1. I’ve got a soft spot for Q-bert.

          2. Farmville shows us how far we have strayed from the noble agrarian society that Jefferson envisioned for us.

            Anyone who has ever spent time on a real farm working their ass off amongst the smelly critters and even smellier effluvia from said critters would never in a million years think it would make a great game.

            This is a similar phenomenon to the strident environmentalists who have never even ventured into the wilds of suburbia. They romanticize the Great Outdoors without realizing that there are no porcelain thrones out there.

            1. Anyone who has ever spent time on a real farm working their ass off amongst the smelly critters and even smellier effluvia from said critters would never in a million years think it would make a great game.

              This. Anything I accomplish professionally will be a result of wanting to avoid shoveling any more manure for a living.

        2. As a man with discerning taste, I have never touched the stuff, but I imagine it like harvest moon for facebook.

    3. It’s really hard to tell how many teeth she has in that picture.

      1. Her eyes look dead to. It pisses me off she got off with second degree murder. The bitch shook the kid, smoked a cigarette, thought about it for a while, and then finished the job. That is pre-meditation. She ought to be going to the chair. And if she were a man, she would be.

        1. I’ve seen a shaken baby. The kid was alive, but looking at his eyes, you could see the person in there was gone.

          1. Considering what this bitch did to her child, I’d say the person inside there was long gone, too.

        2. Her eyes look dead to.

          Coming down off a meth kick will do that.

    4. I think Juanita commented on the story:

      What is this FARMVILLE?! I assume it is some violent game involving the farming of marijuana. The girl’s addiction to the game is obviously what caused this. Facebook is supposed to be a safe place for kids and I don’t think these violent games should be on there!

  14. Clearly, the answer is to only allow people to vote for representatives in other districts.

    I have toyed with this idea in the past; my preferred variant works this way: elections are held locally, but when the new Congress is sworn in, representatives are assigned to the districts they will serve randomly.

    The incentive then becomes to elect some heartless skinflint who will refuse to spend any money on anything.

    1. How about a crazy online election, and the top 435 vote getters win a seat. No holds barred, vote as much as you like, robo-voting, whatever. Just verify with a ssn and off you go.

      Couldn’t be any worse than what we have now, and a lot more fun.

      Winners would also be addressed by their nom de web, such as “the distinguished gentleman: fat youtube kid” from missouri.

      1. I’m just confused about the point of a verification if vote-spamming is allowed.

        Anyway, if we’re going online, lets skip the voting-for-representatives part and just run an online congress. Represent ourselves.

        1. We might need an extra 3 CSPAN channels to fully cover the epic daily John vs. MNG spats on the Senate floor.

          1. Sounds like a boon for America’s popcorn industry.

          2. Cripple Fights!

        2. Yeah, the verification thing was an afterthought, scrap it.

          We need the representatives as our pool for president. Every day of the 435 term one member will be voted out of the house, and the last guy standing gets to be president for 435 days. The last 100 days no legislation will be up for consideration. Instead, a massive online debate/talent show will be held to determine the president.

          My proposal will be much more fun and entertaining, not to mention, disavowing the notion that there is any dignity left in these proceedings.

          1. I demand a swimsuit competition too!

    2. Why would I want to get rid of the heartless bastard? I’d vote for the local sex offender or crazy cat lady because they would a) be far more entertaining, b) be leaving my district for Wash DC, and c) be just as ineffective at getting money for their assigned district as the skinflint.

  15. WTF kind of operation are you guys running over there, Britain?

    Heterosexual men kissing each other in friendship is an offshoot of what happens when homophobia is reduced. At these universities, overt homophobia has reduced to near extinction, permitting those men to engage in behaviour that was once taboo.

    1. “I have a girlfriend so there’s no way I can be gay. Oh, those are really cute shoes. Where did you get them?”

    2. When an empire collapses, the dudes go gay.

      -Rudyard Kipling

      1. The Straight Man’s Burden.

        1. Take up the Straight Man’s burden?
          Send forth the best to breed?
          Go send your sons to bury the bone
          To serve your females’ need

        2. Brit chick: “Do you like Kipling?”
          Brit dude: “Sorry. I only kipple other dudes.”

    3. Words fail. And that doesn’t happen to me often.

    4. “Kiss me, Hardy.”

    5. Holy Mother of Zeus! The scary part of this article for me isn’t that men are kissing men, but that two people with British choppers are kissing each other?

      I’d rather see two Norwegian lesbians make out with a lip full of Beechnut each, than see Limeys smile.

      I worked on a project once with a bunch of Brits and I was stunned to see that their mouths really were just a jumble of snaggle teeth.

      1. It’s not because of their healthcare system, though!

    6. Study: Straight Guys Like To Kiss Each Other

      Ah, no. No we don’t. As a matter of fact, not wanting to kiss each other is part of how we define ourselves.

      1. Kissing guys on the lips means you’re gay or, at least, willing to learn.

      2. The other part is maintaining the appropriate 1 urinal separation, when possible.

  16. Jesse,

    the lead to you unstable cement link is misleading

    The actual conclusion reads like this

    “The result of at least one of those tests was given on March 8 to BP, which failed to act upon it, the panel’s lead investigator, Fred H. Bartlit Jr., said in a letter delivered to the commissioners on Thursday. “There is no indication that Halliburton highlighted to BP the significance of the foam stability data or that BP personnel raised any questions about it,” Mr. Bartlit said in his report”

    In technical documents, the conclusion of instability may only show up as a number and BP likely would not have had a cementing expert to highlight any of the conclusions. Right or wrong, they would have depended on Halliburton to provide the conclusions and opinions and if they didn’t point out that the cement was unstable then the conclusion to BP would have been that no issues were found.

    So saying that BP had pre-existing knowledge of unstable cement and the danger therein is reading beyond the conclusion. For all intents and purposes, it could be a correct statement, but the article does not support it at present.

  17. Ralph Nader endorses a Libertarian candidate.

    If I don’t have time to research an issue properly, I check what Nader has to say. Then vote the other way.

    This method works 99% of the time.

    1. Nader basically did it as a “third-party” thing. NTTAWWT.

      1. In this, and likely only this, Nader and I are in full agreement. Vote third party, any third party. The biggest problem America faces politically is the entrenched two party system so voting for a non repulicrat is a net positive. Naturally I prefer Libertarians but if you want to vote for the Socialist, Prohibition or Hookers and Blow party it is still better than than casting wasting your ballot of the Republicans (Palin in 2012!) or the Democrats (Chuck Schumer, your next Senate Majority Leader).

        1. I agree, although if Gary Johnson were to somehow get the R nod in 2012, I’d vote for him, since he’s been on record about being anti-WoD for some time now.

          1. That is the only issue of note for me as I see it as the biggest step towards freedom we can make at this point. if you’re for ending the WoD in any capacity, you’ll get my vote (unless you’re on Team Donkey because I know you’re full of shit).

    2. you should make this an exception. I know Christina and she is a damn good L. She fought Top Two and she consistently maintains and ADULT approach to politics unlike a lot of other Ls. She is also about 6′ tall and good looking.

      Just sayin

  18. Worst Morning Links thread ever?

    1. Hmm.

      That could be worked into a meta-Morning Link.

    2. Now that you have showed up… yes, yes it is.

    3. I’d have to say this one is worse.

    4. The morning links are more user created than anything else. And I don’t see how a session that included a discussion of O’Donnell’s vagina could ever be considered bad let alone worst ever.

      1. Cum along and ride on that…

    5. No, not since you’ve saved the day with some of your passive-aggressive nothing, anonopussy.

      1. You take criticism very poorly.

  19. Rasmussen: 65% of Americans want to vote out the entire Congress.

    Burn, Baby Burn.

    1. Actually, that song should have gone with the “Americans like pot” link.

  20. Gallup: 46% of Americans want legal marijuana

    It seems like Prop 19 is helping to elevate the pot discussion everywhere but CA, where it’s bringing all the dumb-assery out in full force.

    1. If there is ever a nationwide push to legalize marijuana, I guarantee that, not only will the dumbassery go nationwide, it will reach levels of dumbassery that would embarrass Billy Sunday or William Jennings Bryan.

      1. Do you think it would be as stupid in Canada, Aresen?

        1. Yes, with one addendum:

          “The US would get mad at us and close the borders.” [This is somewhat rational in that it is possible that the US government would impose tight border controls that would have a severe negative impact on trade. This is not an idle concern when 50% of our economy is tied to trade with the US. I read in the Globe and Mail last week that the Canadian Manufacturers’ Association estimates that the paperwork and time to clear US customs already adds 15% to the cost of exports to the US.]

          1. That is actually a fair point.

            As it is, many nation’s drug policies are as bad as they are because the US pushed them to adopt such policies. I think it started with the US successfully requesting the Netherlands to outlaw opium in the 1910’s.

            1. “”As it is, many nation’s drug policies are as bad as they are because the US pushed them to adopt such policies. “”

              Pushed? How about bribed with money and military equipment.

              1. In Latin America, how about “found a friendly general to engineer a coup”?

                1. Sure, that General could use a few extra weapons too.

          2. I’m sure you’re right that people would be prophesying a gridlocked border, but it would be incredibly stupid from the US side to do that. We depend as much on Canadian raw materials and energy sources as they (you?) depend on anything from us. Locking down that border because of differing marijuana policies would be completely untenable for either side.

            1. For the US, trade with Canada is something like 4 to 5 % of the economy. For Canada, it is 50%+. Since the oil and natural gas flow through pipelines and the hydro is part of the North American power grid, they are not likely to be affected.

              But Canadian steel producers and forestry companies are already fighting strong protectionist groups in the US.

              And both Obama and Clinton did a lot of Canada-bashing in the rust belt during the 2008 campaign.

          3. There is absolutely no chance in hell that America would ever close the border with America junior.

      2. That’s probably true, although plenty of major publications outside of CA have editorialized in favor of Prop 19, so at least they’d have to be total hypocrites to object to a spread of that concept. Not that the specter of hypocrisy will deter the madness, of course.

    2. Really, what can they say against marijuana? It’s about the most non-toxic substance you can find, it’s not physically addictive, and it can easily be used in ways that cause zero damage to the body. Even the more recent government propaganda against it has basically amounted to “you smoke this, and your motivation will decrease!” or “smoke this, and your attention to driving might be decreased, and you could run over a child!”

      The “No on 19” ads I’ve seen are some severely stupid shit. More Car Crashes! The Chillunz! When people with no shame start pulling shit from their ass, it’s bound to be embarrassing.

      1. Really, what can they say against marijuana?

        We’re not talking about people who will use rational arguments. Every piece of stupid that has ever been uttered about MJ is going to be dragged out. I fully expect to see the “kid who thought he could fly and jumped off a building” chestnut reappear.

      2. The funny thing about a lot of the CA media objections is that whole “we’re against the drug war too, but…” trend that Matt Welch has identified. They’ve totally abandoned any traditional objections to the idea of legal access to pot — which as you point out are farcical beyond words — and have instead adopted this faux-pragmatist nitpicking crap about Prop 19 specifically.

        1. I flipped by Fox News yesterday morning. And the dumb blond with the big boobs they have on in the morning was reporting on a test they did where two reporters out there got stoned and then drove on a closed course. And the dumb blond said “this could really happen if this stuff were legalized”. The stupid almost broke my TV.

          1. You ever play Madden 2007? I have lost several controllers, consoles, and TVs because of that game. “Up by 6 TDs in the 4th, last game before post season, drop back get smoked QB out, fuble return for TD, onside return for TD, 3 and out punt return for TD, AHHHHHHHHHHHH!”
            Anyway, that is how Fox news AND MSNBC make me feel. Unless it is Stossel, Cavuto, or the Judge I can’t watch it…Plasmas cost too much.

            1. p.s. the whole madden franchise is a cheating piece of shit.

              1. I miss Front Page Sports Football. No NFL sim since is worth a shit.

                1. I thought I was the only one. That kicked ass. You could design your own plays. Run any kind of offense you wanted.

                2. you play FPS online Warty? I was a member of several leagues, and yes I miss it greatly too.

              2. NFL 2K5 was and still is the best football game ever made.

                Then EA got an exclusive deal with the NFL and fucked everything up for those of us who like real football, not whatever shit EA puts out.

                1. I hate EA ever since they bought Janes and killed it off. I was looking forward to the next AH-64 Longbow game.

          2. The only thing more depressing than the stupidity itself is the fact that it seems to be working.

            1. Sadly yes. Gretchen Carlson kills me. She is dumb as post. But she is never on camera in something other than a top or dress that form fits her boobs and a skirt or dress that is tight and above her knees. She might as well well wear a sign that says “I am a bimbo who got this job because of my tits and my skills at blowing the producer”.

              1. GIS to the rescue

                Her weird hairdo makes her face look square.

              2. She’s a high school valedictorian and an honors graduate of Stanford Univ. and, John, you know you’d do her in a minute if she’d let you.

                1. Bush and Obama went to freaking Harvard, so la de fucking doo.

                2. Well sure, we’d all do her. Obviously. And for what it’s worth, my high school valedictorian was an airhead bimbo.

                  1. What Warty said. I am sure she has some intelligence. But she just comes across as a moron on TV. I am a conservative and she gets on my nerves.

                    And damned straight I would do her. But that doesn’t mean I think she is smart.

                3. Neither of which show concrete proof of intelligence.

                  Doing well in school and getting good grades is not the same thing as being smart.

              3. Her father was the governor of Minnesota. He came to my office during his first campaign. I have never seen a more greasy human being. It was as if he bathed in melted lard.

                1. Wrong Carlson. That was Arne Carlson. Her pop is some sort of autodealership guy.

                  I guess Gretchen was considered one of the top 5 violinists in the world. That’s why she got those Stanford and Oxford scholarships. She says she can’t enjoy classical violin performances because of all the mistakes she hears by the virtuosos.

  21. More than Hepburn, I think of Rosalind Russell and Barbara Stanwyck.

    1. Threaded comment fail….

    2. Barbara was really sexy back in the day. Seriously underrated.

      1. And a lesbian. Not that there’s…you know.

        1. Everybody in Hollywood has been rumored to go both ways. I’m not so sure I’d buy the allegations.

          1. I loved Lucy.

      2. “”Barbara was really sexy back in the day. Seriously underrated.””

        Ball of Fire.

  22. Four year olds can be sued for negligence:…..terstitial

    I’m all for the law applying equally to everyone including people aged four. But that old person was a dumbshit for walking on the sidewalk, and for not being aware of their surroundings. I say, case dismissed.

    1. If the lady’s estate wins judgement, they should expect payment in Animal Crackers.

  23. Drudge is saying that O’Donnell is within 10 points of the bearded Marxist. That is down from 19 just a week ago. If the trend continues and Coons under performs at the polls, which Democrats especially in a bad year usually do, O’Donnell might pull it off. If she does, I hope Gawker gets the blame.

  24. I don’t get the whole aversion to hair down there. I can see the advantages of both ways.

    Either way works for me. And, really, if you’re taking her panties off, it seems that you’re waaaaay past the point where some hair would be a show-stopper.

    Unless she was like the wolf-woman with about a square meter of fur, but even then, you should have seen that coming well before you got to taking off the panties.

  25. Or throw lamps, pans, etc. at you because they “think” you’re having an affair – based on nothing but their “intuition.”

    But yeah, I was fucking someone different as soon as I could after that incident.

    It would have been funnier if you phrased it, “But yeah, I was fucking someone different as soon as I could before that incident.”

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