Quotes—January 2011


"I wrote that, but I do not believe that." 

'"New Republic editor-in-chief Martin Peretz apologizing for questioning whether Muslims "are worthy of the privileges of the First Amendment," The Spine, September 13

"Officers' safety comes first, and not infringing on people's rights comes second." 

'"Lt. Fran Healy of the Philadelphia Police Department, after admitting that several of the city's cops had illegally arrested individuals for legally carrying handguns, quoted in the Philadelphia Daily News, August 31

"We have a lot of re-education to do." 

'"Health and Human Services Secretary Kathleen Sebelius on the Obama administration's belief that the public misunderstands the new health care bill, quoted by ABC News, August 30

"You got Belgians running Europe?" 

'"then-President George W. Bush's incredulous reaction to learning that a Belgian was president of the Council of the European Union, quoted in Tony Blair's 2010 memoir A Journey: My Political Life