35 Years Ago in Reason


"While it is largely agreed that there is a crucial need to defend the freedom of business in order to avoid additional regulations, the fact that free enterprise has already been crippled by government intervention is largely ignored. For some reason, many business spokesmen seem to believe that the existing system of interventions represents free enterprise, whereas any new regulations would be socialistic."

—Charles G. Koch, "Anti-Capitalism  & Business"

"When did you last see a businessman treated sympathetically in a novel or play? He has two choices; he can be a knave or he can be a fool. Whose name is better known to the American people—Ralph Nader's or the president of General Motors?"

—Benjamin A. Rogge, "Who Will Defend Capitalism?"

"pollster, n. One who measures what the public thinks about some subject it doesn't think about."

—L.A. Rollins, "Lucifer's Lexicon"

—December 1975