"Footloose"-style Dance Ban Comes to Small Town in Ohio


USA Today via Cincy Enquirer reports on what happens after Race to the Top Initiative solves all K-12 education problems:

Photos appearing to show suggestive "dirty dancing" at a high school's recent homecoming have prompted an Ohio school district to suspend dances. The Bellevue Gazette says photos from the event on the newspaper's Facebook page prompted an angry phone call from Bellevue Superintendent Kim Schubert, who called the pictures "a shock."

Schubert issued a statement Tuesday saying inappropriate dancing at school events would not be tolerated. She says no further dances will be held in the district 45 miles southeast of Toledo until students are given some rules on behavior expected from them.

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When will teachers learn? If Kevin Bacon could defeat John Lithgow's repression in Footloose, if the dancing paperboys could defeat Joseph Pulitzer in Newsies, and if jazz-dancing teens could defeat the Nazis in Swing Kids, what hope does Kim Schubert have in defeating the dirty dancers of Bellevue, Ohio? and Drew Carey reported on a Footloose situation in Arizona a while back. Even in Barry Goldwater's home state, it seems, uptight squares are always trying to clamp down on the god-given right to shimmy and shake. Even in the middle of the desert after a steak dinner with the spouse and kids.