Reason Writers on the Sunday Radio: Matt Welch on the Bob Zadek Show, Noon to 1 pm Frisco Time at Fox News Radio 910 AM


Will be discussing how to slash government. Listen live at this link, station link here, Bob Zadek's site here.

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  1. OK this makes a lot of sense dude, I like it.

  2. I didn’t catch who that caller was (apparently a Republican candidate for Congress) but he kept using that ugly word: capitalist.

  3. I caught this posting in time to hear the last 20 minutes of the hour, including the comments about the irrelevance of the FCC and the need to bring our troops home. Thanks for making those and other good points, Matt.

    I have to say, though, that I’m not a real fan of “call-in” interviews. For one thing, I appreciate high-quality audio on both sides of the conversation. For another, the participants can’t see or judge each others’ facial expressions or body language, and this leads to a lot of awkwardness (including numerous occasions where the guest “steps on” the host’s comment or vice versa). If that’s the only way that a particular interview can be conducted in a timely fashion with a very distant or much-in-demand guest, oh well. I’ll put up with the downside of the approach. But it has seemed to become standard operating procedure on too many shows for many years now, and I’d generally rather do something else than spend time listening under those circumstances. My dislike of the pervasive “call-in interview” technique is one reason that my time listening to “talk radio” has dwindled to virtually nil. In-studio guests are best, but at least connect with the interviewee via a high-quality audio line.

  4. Zadek is on of my FB friends.

  5. So how long until we get an article about last week’s and this weekend’s DNC shift to the foreign money, SCOTUS, business, axis of evil trifecta of campaign stupidity.

  6. Just a tip: try to avoid the use of the word “Frisco” in the future (especially when speaking on a Bay Area radio station).

    1. It was a contest to see which of our Bay Area commenters had the thinnest skin. Congratulations!

      1. Hippies Smell

      2. Oh I don’t live in the Bay Area. I will admit though- goofy attempts at using rap lingo to sound hip make me cringe as much as I’d imagine it does Bay Area residents.

        I lose.

  7. I’m really starting to believe that there is an IQ limit to apply to be an officer. How many videos of cops threatening people need to be posted before they all start realizing it’s a bad fucking idea.

    Welcome to America where our justice system threatens you with ass rape.

    1. Completely wrong link. Epic fail. There must be an IQ limit for posting with html. Disregard the above, although it is funny to watch Axelrod dance.

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