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Surviving the recession


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  1. Cute.

    Good morning reason!

  2. True but not funny.

  3. Good morning Suki!

    1. Good morning LIT!

      In other news, Bin Laden goes Liberaltarian in his latest audio release.

      1. FakeAsianRedneckTroll is a redneck.

  4. BAM! You’ve just been bokked.

    1. +1 and another +.5 for the Emeril touch.

      1. You only kicked him up half a notch?

      2. Emeril would be almost tolerable if he would give up that shtick.

  5. Waaaah! Won’t somebody think of all the other Nickys in the wo–

    Gloria: Nicky!

    Nicky: [sniff] Si?

    Gloria: Show’s over. Time to go.

  6. I come here on Fridays just to complain about the cartoons.

  7. Well if Mr. Fancypants Martini would cut down on the booze, he’d have the money to pay for those pensions.

  8. Karl rove is just pissed that chicks don’t like political hack pussies.

  9. Is “wiped out” a synonym for “cockblocked”?

  10. Clever, but not especially funny.

  11. It actually made me chuckle today. Chip’s getting better.

    1. I agree. It’s just a matter of time before one of his creations is in The Week‘s “Pick of the week’s cartoons”.

  12. I’m afraid of being wiped out by a double dip.

    Well, from the looks of you, ice cream should be a no-no anyway.

  13. Why are Karl Rove and Barack Obama breakfasting together?


  15. I don’t care about double or triple dipping per se. Lots of private sector workers are vested at a series of employers. No, the obscenity is the amount of the public pensions where the comp in retirement comes close to or exceeds 100% of the person’s base pay.

    1. Yeah, but I am not forced to pay for those pensions and salaries in the private sector – I am forced to pay for those in the Public sector. So yes, it is an obscenity…

  16. You can’t blame Chip – there’s just something about libertarian rationalism that makes us not very funny – excepting all the Algonquin round table quips in this section, of course.

    Maybe you can’t get laughs in a political cartoon when you DON’T simply smear your opposition as crazy, stupid, or evil.

    It’s something I accepted when I moved to this corner of the Nolan Chart: I will never find myself surrounded by beautiful, giggling women at a cocktail party, as I deliver the punchline: “Now that’s what I call public choice. Hahahaha!”

    Maybe the Nick Gillespie style smirk-but-not-laugh witticism is really all there is for us.

    1. I think the answer is the same one they suggested in Stop Being A Menace To South Central While Drinking Your Juice In The Hood. Progressive liberals have been fucking us over for so long, we should just start returning the favor!

    2. What if the dialogue started to come from the Commentariat?

  17. Keep it to one panel! This ain’t the New Yorker.

  18. I came. I saw. I didn’t laugh.

    Thanks for trying.

    1. I came.

      Bok can have that effect on people.

  19. Has anyone ever actually “laughed” at a political cartoon? Maybe the old ones, where everyone looked like Porky Pig.

  20. The reason this isn’t funny is because it goes after the wrong target. Fat slob county worker is just following the rules that were in place when he signed up for the job and pension.

    I would have drawn a game show host asking:

    What is the definition of double dipping?

    1. Leaving early after having come in late.
    2. Requiring twice the funding for simple tasks.
    3. Receiving a pension while still working.
    4. Doling out government contracts then going to work for the recipients of those contracts.

    Then I would have our “county gov” guy with a boner in sweatpants saying, “Yes, Jim, the correct answer is YES!”

    Of course, I’m not funny either.

    1. That’s just what I’m saying: there is something funny in there somewhere, but none of us is likely to find it.

      I would’ve suggested a Jewish mother admonishing her daughter: “Why run around with some cardiologist who’s living paycheck to paycheck, when a girl with your looks could easily land herself a retired civil servant?”

      But, you know, it’s still not funny, and I don’t know how to draw.

    2. Or the county gov guy with his sweatpants boner humping the “citizens” leg while Obama stuffs county gov guys pockets, which will also make it look like Obama is jacking the guy off while his hands are still in his pants presumably stuffing cash.

      Of course I am not an artist either.

      1. or funny apparently….

      2. LOL @ “sweatpants boner”

  21. If being a government employee means getting that sweet chain and shirt, sign me up!

    I would think he would prefer a beer to a Tom Collins.

    1. Plus that chick has a nice rack. . . despite being a bit baggy.

  22. Get a life Suki!

    1. or a rack>>>

  23. ashould have been …VV

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