Last Week's Top 5 Hit & Run Posts


Here's what you were reading last week at Hit & Run:

Don Draper Thinks You Might Have a Hidden, Racist Agenda, by Michael C. Moynihan (9/20)

Next Time Somebody Says "This is the worst meltdown since the Great Depression" and You Think "That's bullshit"…, by Tim Cavanaugh (9/19)

Dope & Change: Terrible Drug War Expansion Bill Being Pushed by House Dems, by Nick Gillespie (9/21)

The Lie Obama Can't Stop Telling: Bush Cut Regulation and Education Spending! by Matt Welch (9/23)

As The GOP Gets Ready to Reveal its Contract With America 2.0 Tomorrow, Let Us Now Pause to Get Real…, by Nick Gillespie (9/22)