Last Week's Top 5 Hit & Run Posts


Here's what you were reading last week at Hit & Run:

Loathsome Columnist of the Month: Courtland Milloy, by Matt Welch (9/17)

White House: We Totally Didn't Say Recovery Summer Meant Economic Recovery…Except When We Did, by Matt Welch (9/13)

Andrew Sullivan Defends TARP, Criticizes Libertarians for "utter disengagement" with "political reality" (Like That's a Bad Thing), by Matt Welch (9/16)

Hey, Look at Me, I'm a Conservative Dupe or, What Part of Massive Increases in Federal Spending Don't You Understand? by Nick Gillespie (9/18)

"Let us not fail to recognize that this week we witnessed Christian extremists behaving in ways made infamous by a monster fascist," by Nick Gillespie (9/12)