30 Years Ago in Reason


“For eight years Republican presidents presided over, and in large part approved, massive increases in spending and regulation. And this year the Republicans advocate significant new government spending on defense and veterans’ programs, rental housing construction, drug enforcement, transportation, an unemployment ‘safety-net,’ water projects, and the arts and humanities.”

â€"Doug Bandow, “How Right Is Reagan?”

“In Washington, a ‘tax cut’ means taxes will not rise quite as fast as otherwise, ‘tax reform’ means taxes are going up, and ‘tax relief’ means that taxes will be lowered only for those with the lowest incomes and lowest tax rates.”

â€"Alan Reynolds, “Taxed to Death”

“Pirate radio stations are sweeping the airwaves of Europe, and now an Israeli pirate radio entrepreneur wants to go one step further: he intends to erect a floating, 18,000-watt pirate TV station off Tel Aviv.”

â€"“Pirate TV Station in Israel”

â€"November 1980