Even Castro Gets The Blues


Via Perez Hilton, a longtime Castro hater, on El Jefe's latest revelation:

Way to be a downer to ALL OF CUBA, Castro!

Here's what the former President of Cuba had to say about his country's economic model:

"…The Cuban model doesn't even work for us anymore."

TMI, Castro. If you're having issues with your country's policies, there ARE slightly more strategic ways to address them. Now it's gonna be awkward between U and Cuba.

Good luck with that!

More here.

In December 2008, looked at the killer cult around Castro's BFF (for a while), Che Guevara:


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  1. Is this tantamount to a death bed confession? Is he now willing to give the people some freedom since he won’t be around much longer to enjoy the despotism?

  2. Castro:

    “?The Cuban model doesn’t even work for us anymore.”

    What do you mean, “anymore”? It never worked in the first place – you cannot steal from everybody and then expect everybody to be productive.

    In December 2008, looked at the killer cult around Castro’s BFF (for a while), Che Guevara[…]

    Oh, God . . . cue in the pro-Che bots…

    1. What do you mean, “anymore”?

      By “anymore” he means that it’s so bad he can’t stick his fingers in his ears and say, “La la la la, I can’t hear you!”.

    2. If I have my history right, Fidel was not Che’s BFF. In fact he sent him to Bolivia pretty much to get rid of him. Che getting clipped was just icing on the cake. Che was kind of an asshole who was no longer useful once he got done shooting people. So he got shipped off to get shot.


      1. From the limited selection that I’ve read, the only people who wanted him dead were the Bolivians and the Cubans.

      2. IIRC, Castro and Che were pretty much on the same page about Che leaving. There weren’t any more people to be shot, so Che wanted to go somewhere where there were. And you’re right, Castro had no more use for him.

        If Castro really wanted Che dead, he probably would have put him on a plane with Cienfuegos.

    3. Present!

      1. Go suck Ron Pual’s dick!

  3. I linked to the Perez Hilton article just for kicks. Although there was no more to the article (as promised by Nick), the comments proved interesting. Once you get past “shittin_condoms’s” revisionist insight, the people pretty much get it right. Oh, and they incessantly rip on Perez’s comments from 3 years ago where he sad Fidel was dead. Some pretty good stuff there.

  4. Shush, Fedilito….Barry and Bido might hear you!


    1. The real question is who does she work for now?


    2. She works for me brother.

  6. So does this mean Fidel is going to lock up all the Communists? He’s probably going to have to free all the gays and librarians to make room first.

    1. I think Cuba has a neighbor that can show him how to lock up a shitload of people for ridiculous crap.

      1. That neighbor didn’t have over a tenth of its population leave. But if 30 million did decide to leave that “neighbor”, I don’t recommend Cuba as the place to stop. Remember, the island might tip over with that many people on it.

  7. Perez Hilton, Nick? Really?

    Was Ashton too busy tweeting about Quran burning?

    1. Seriously! Quoting that stack of shit attention whore Perez Hilton?

      Has Hit and Run jumped the shark?

    2. What, you think his commentary would be any worse than, say, CNN’s?

      1. “Commentary”? Is that what it’s called?

        1. If everything posted down here in Threadland can be labeled “commentary,” I don’t see how his inane remarks don’t qualify as well.

          1. Good point. We are all Perez Hilton. Now I hate myself even more.

            1. Don’t y’all Hiltons make me beat yo bitch asses again…

  8. At least they have free healthcare.

    1. Sing it, Sister!

    2. and don’t forget the literacy rates

      1. Fuck Castro! Viva Chavez! Viva Kim Il!

  9. Every time that the “Cuban Model” doesn’t work for Fidel, he institutes that other model. free enterprise, you know, the one that actually works. but just for a little bit. Enough to get hard currency that actually has some value that he can use to buy what his shitty credit can’t buy. There is only one Cuban Model. It is El Commandante. He just likes to play, “what number am I thinking of” with the west every now and then.

  10. It’s never been really tried the right way. We’ll be able to nail it down here in America using super smart NPR listeners, amped up on quarts of shade grown organic coffee.

    1. What? It’s not Fair Trade coffee? Fascist pig!

    2. God I hate NPR.

    3. Hey! I’m an NPR listener. It allows me to hear lede-burying stories like this one!

      Fun fact:

      It’s a story where the birth control pill “Yaz” [may] have caused this innocent young teen a life-threatening bloodclot!!! [Cue dramatic music]

      After building a dramatic (and I mean Dramatic) story of this young girl’s fight with a dangerous blood clot, we casually find out that:

      1. All birth control pills cause increased chance of blood clots.

      2. The girl featured in our story suffers from a “superclotting” blood clotting gene, so, she’s gonna have blood clotting trouble sitting naked in the bathroom with the lights off even if the super-danger drug called “Yaz” never crosses the threshhold.

      On one point, there’s no controversy. Some women have a much higher risk of clotting and death when they take birth control pills. And most of them don’t know they’re at risk.

      Katie Anderson was one of these. She has a “superclotting” gene called Factor V Leiden. In fact, Rosendaal’s group in Leiden discovered it.

      The gene makes her 35 times more likely to develop a blood clot when she takes any oral contraceptive. With Yaz, her odds might have been even higher.

      Keep throwing in the words “might” and “may have” and “maybe” at your story, and your bases are covered. Afterall, this is NPR, and we don’t want to fuck up a good narrative with facts.

  11. I can’t tell if “Hilton” is being sarcastic. All I hear in my mind’s ear is an irritating, feminine whine.

  12. Will the “Hollywood Left” (Penn, Stone, et al) condemn Castro for criticizing Communism?

    1. Well, at least they still have Chavez.

  13. At least they have free healthcare!

    1. You’re still alive?

      1. Like Fidel Castro, alive AND kicking.

        1. Eleanor, although regretably, as the great poet Willie Nelson once said, “I have outlived my dick,” I cannot ever forget the night you and I spent on my island paradise. Nobody does it better chica!

        2. Do you have an artificial anus also?

          1. It’s real, and it’s spectacular!

            1. She should run a cable between hers and Fidel’s so they can chat.

    2. Don’t forget the free health care! Wait, what am I saying? I’m dead.

  14. Castro, I am disappoint.

  15. He forgot to add: “sorry for the 50+ years of screwing all the Cubans. My bad.”

  16. Dman, if he had just been a better pitcher and been drafted by the Yankees.

    Wonder if we’ll live long enough to see the “Havana Sugar Kings” in the major leagues? That would be a terrific rivalry with the Marlins or Rays.

    1. Yeah, and almost 8,000 fans would watch.

      1. Let’s go. Dozens of people are waiting for the game to start.

  17. Cuba has an awesome healthcare system. I know this because I saw it in a movie by Michael Moore, who is totally objective and honest.

    1. All leftists are objective and honest.

      1. AND we know best!

  18. Back in 1991, when President Yeltsin was banning the Russian Communist Party, I saw Armand Hammer on television. His response to the changes in East Europe was to claim that in 1921, Lenin told him Communism just doesn’t work.

    It is not a surprise that Lenin or Castro might figure this out. But why keep it a secret that they have figured it out?

    1. May Hammer rot in hell for giving us Al Gore.

      1. But we thank him for the GREAT baking soda

  19. Greenspan admitted being naive about markets. I would love to see a right-wing libertarian admit that libertarians are pulling their doctrinaire economic positions out of their flabby asses.

    1. Why should a libertarian lie and say that free markets don’t work?

      1. They don’t always work, and they don’t work perfectly, you fucking moron.

    2. If what you say is true, then Greenspan gets some credit from me (HAHAHA) for at least admitting he doesn’t understand economics; you and Chony might want to follow his example.

      1. Fuck you all! Go suck Ron Pual’s dick! I’m never visiting this websight again!

        1. And fuck Castro for giving up on the cause!

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