Reason Writers Around Town: Michael C. Moynihan on


Over at Vice magazine's, senior editor Michael C. Moynihan talks Reason, libertarianism, and Glenn Beck. Approximately 12 minutes. 


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  1. Video doesn’t work. Anyone else having that problem with the latest version of flash 10.1?

  2. Are thos moobs?

    1. Poor Moynie, I knew that was coming. That’s why you always wear a suit. Always.

      1. Or a black leather jacket.

      2. Or start doing strength training and get some muscular tone on your body.

    2. Men grow as they age….hipster shirts that you bought in your 20s do not.

    3. I say this in with the kindest of intentions.

      Pit sweat = OMG WTF IS THAT!

      Buy a fucking suit or borrow The Jacket.

    4. Stopped by to note that tight v-necks are for chicks, gays, or dudes who spend at least 4 hrs a week at the gym. I see everyone beat me to it.

      Don’t these guys have wives/girlfriends they consult with before shooting these videos (or just leaving the house in general)?

    5. Speaking as a man who’s attracted to other men, I thought Moynihan looked great.

    6. Haters…

      1. There’s no accounting for taste. However, there is accounting for professionalism.

        Plus we’re all probably homophobic due to the constant barrage of Jezabell links from Warty and the C6H12O6free guy.

  3. Bozo?

  4. Communist = statist
    Socialist = statist
    Social Democrat = statist

    I guess i have never the correct history book.

    1. Dammit!!!

      But I have the incorrect grammar book

      “..never read the correct history book”

  5. “Don’t make me look like an asshole, cuz I am sure you will”

    You made yourself look like an asshole all by yourself.

    But no worries Michael I still love you.

  6. Is shirt supposed to be that color or is it just dirty?

  7. is awesome. They did that crazy North Korea series with Shane Smith that just incredibly dangerous and insane.

    VBS is big time as far as I’m concerned, nice work Moynihan!

    Here’s the North Korea link if you haven’t seen it-…..rea-1-of-3

    It’s probably the best thing on the internet right now.

    1. That one is close, but the Fishman Deposition will always be the reason that the internet exists.…..976718979#

    2. Their piece on Liberia is also a must see. Even more powerful than the NK stuff because they are able to get to the real people on the street, but the Liberians don’t have the power to affect anything, much less nuke a close ally of the US and potentially draw us into conflict with the second largest economy in the world like the North Koreans.

      I did very much enjoy the NK video because it put real meat on the “North Korea is an insane country” charge that gets tossed about so much. The video guide made it very, very clear that they are in fact fucking nuts as a society. Strangely, it was the little stuff that really brought clarity. Mostly the things they did to try to impress the western devil – like showing off how much food they had to prove that there was no famine. Really nutty from our point of view, but it seemed to make sense to them.

  8. Can’t watch it here, can’t watch it at the site. I assume Swedeboy is a dickhead as usual.

    1. eh…he was OK

      the video was obviously edited soi don’tknow what was left out.

      Moynihan did have to get in the important point that Obama is not Stalin, and that Communism and socialism are so very different. As usual he never mentions what this difference is or why a libertarian should give a shit, and made sure not to mention that there could be any reason for one could find similarities in either.

      1. He didn’t defend Woodrow Wilson? Demonize Glenn Beck?Brag how much more he knows about the Swedish welfare state than writers with better gigs who are paid a lot more? Long wistfully for the sweet neger-bollen back home?

        1. He did go after Glenn Beck a bit.

        2. Demonize Glenn Beck?

          Yes…he called him crazy

          Brag how much more he knows about the Swedish welfare state than writers with better gigs who are paid a lot more?

          and yes.

          you are awesome SIV

  9. HFS, VBS is wearing shorts with a suit coat! WTF? I REFUSE TO TAKE ANY OF THESE PEOPLE SERIOUSLY. Which is not really their problem… unless they’re trying to convince me of something.

    Also, the general level of political discourse has always been and will always be low. Only a Hitler would refuse to acknowledge this fact.

  10. A Hasidic interviewer for a magazine called Vice?

  11. Comments on the site were almost uniformly positive.

  12. I have a friend that does a metric ton of TV, local and national. Here’s his advice for you novice on camera guys.

    1) be self aware if there’s a camera involved (check, double check, triple check everything)

    2) leave a generic jacket/tie/shirt combo or some sort of on air top half outfit. Even if the shot has your pants in it no one cares if you are wearing jeans and a jacket. (shorts are always a no no, but that should be obvious.)

    You guys were doing so well with the Reason TV stuff. Framed shots, decent sets, people had the tops to their heads and the chairs stopped eating people. Then this. =(

    You can be the smartest guy in the room and have all the answers, but if you look like Joe Dirt no one will give a shit. (this doesn’t mean default to a suit, just no V necks and pit stains.)

    The ladies working at reason could probably clue you all in if your wives aren’t doing it.

    1. Bro, have you ever heard of Vice Magazine?

      Take a look at their site; other than the moobs, Moynihan’s appearance was quite appropriate for audience (young and “hipster”).

      The camera work etc was down to, and it was in keeping with what they do. They know their audience.

      1. As long as we are making half-ass attempts at constructive criticism; I thought Michael looked a little too twitchy. The slouch worked for the specific audience, but with all of the twitching and gesticulation combined with the slouch and a recurrent smirk, it kinda came off smug and cocky. Which is tough to avoid, because as Libertarians we are in fact superior to others…

  13. Seriously, there’s no reason. God this bugs me. It’s worse than the flaming dipshit anarchists in their Fawkes masks at the LP conventions. And I can’t stand the LP and think they’re a fucking mess. And here you fuckers are putting the same fucking physical image out there. FUCK. I hate being libertarian sometimes.

  14. I want to see the raw interview.

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