Is The Washington Post Going Tabloid (Style-Wise, Not Size-Wise)


"Libertarian Democrat" Terry Michael asks whether the Wash Post is going downmarket:

"Man Accused of spraying semen led a normal life. Suspect never had any issues. Showed no indication of bizarre behavior."

You just read the headline and sub-heds for a story in the Metro section of last Sunday's (August 15, 2010) issue of the ink-on-dead-trees edition of The Washington Post. It led the front page of a section charged with reporting important District of Columbia news. It did so only four weeks until a local election, featuring a Post-endorsed young mayor who seems to think DC's treasury is his personal piggybank for friends–though you wouldn't necessarily know much about that from the meager space devoted to Mayor Adrian Fenty's alleged transgressions. But I digress.

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