Is The Washington Post Going Tabloid (Style-Wise, Not Size-Wise)


"Libertarian Democrat" Terry Michael asks whether the Wash Post is going downmarket:

"Man Accused of spraying semen led a normal life. Suspect never had any issues. Showed no indication of bizarre behavior."

You just read the headline and sub-heds for a story in the Metro section of last Sunday's (August 15, 2010) issue of the ink-on-dead-trees edition of The Washington Post. It led the front page of a section charged with reporting important District of Columbia news. It did so only four weeks until a local election, featuring a Post-endorsed young mayor who seems to think DC's treasury is his personal piggybank for friends–though you wouldn't necessarily know much about that from the meager space devoted to Mayor Adrian Fenty's alleged transgressions. But I digress.

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  1. Sounds like Miggs finally got out.

  2. The Post is shit for ‘tards, but defining reportage’s seriousness by its devotion to and/or reliance on politics is What’s Wrong With Journalism.

  3. Is water wet? They still employ sad-sack journolists like Ezra Klein and Dave Weigel, don’t they?

    The once-great Post has been going downhill fast for a while now. About the only good thing you can say about it nowadays is that it’s still good for picking up dog shit.

    1. Ha ha ha! Dog shit. Also: bird cages! And fish!

  4. Those are some crazy headlines indeed. My favorite is:

    “Libertarian Democrat.” But I didn’t see a sub-hed. How about: “Freedom fighting statist leads normal life in 15 million dollar penthouse in Manhattan.”

  5. Yet, strangely, this is the only Post article my DC area friends saw fit to forward to me.

  6. “Is The Washington Post Going Tabloid (Style-Wise, Not Size-Wise)”

    I thought everybody at Hit & Run had already known that for months…

    Why else would they hire David Weigel?

  7. Going Tabloid (Style-Wise, Not Size-Wise)

    I was at my barber’s last weekend and he was reading a copy of the local paper. I hadn’t seen it in a couple of years. I swear, this once high-and-mighty publication had shrunk to the size of a legal pad. It was sad, but I did laugh out loud. I worked for that paper in the late 90s, and my boss told me then: “When you and I are dead and buried, the [insert moribund publication here] will still be going strong.” Like the fabled dinosaur, my boss never saw the death comet coming.

  8. “Libertarian Democrat”

    “Libertarian” Democrat

  9. F*** you spam filter:

    “Libertarian Democrat”

    “Libertarian” Democrat

  10. Man Accused of spraying semen led a normal life.

    I think I just found my epitaph.

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