Al Gore: Carbon Rationing Defeated—For Now


Global warming realist (denier?) Steve Milloy apparently got to listen in (or got notes from someone who did) to a dejected conference call that climate change realist (alarmist?) Al Gore had with some of his supporters (acolytes?). Milloy reports at his Green Hell blog:

Speaking about the likelihood of climate bill being passed by Congress in 2010, Al Gore told a conference call of supporters tonight that, "this battle has not been successful and is pretty much over for this year." Gore bitterly denounced the Senate and federal government stating several times, "The U.S. Senate has failed us" and "The federal government has failed us." Gore even seemed to blame President Obama by emphasizing that "the government as a whole has failed us… although the House did its job. [emphasis added]"

Gored urged his listeners to take the "realistic view that they had failed badly." Gore said that "Comprehensive legislation is not likely to be debated" and that a "lame duck debate" is a "very slim possibility indeed."

As disheartened as the former vice president is, Obama White House insider Carol Browner did say earlier this week that lame duck carbon rationing could "potentially" pass.

So why the failure to mandate carbon rationing this year? The "right wing media," of course!

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