Replay: A Drug Raid Goes Viral: Radley Balko on the Missouri SWAT Raid Video


What happens when video of a routine police procedure is posted online? In the case of a Missouri SWAT raid, outrage, anger, and a viral sensation viewed over 1.2 million times.

Reason Magazine Senior Editor Radley Balko sat down with Nick Gillespie to discuss the raid, the video, and the fallout.

Approximately 10 minutes. Shot by Meredith Bragg and Dan Hayes. Edited by Bragg.

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  1. good discussion between balko and gillespie. won’t make any difference in the war on dogs, but entertaining for a geeky Lib like me.

  2. Oh wow that dude seems a bit full of himself.


  3. Why is Gillespie asking all these questions? You would think the editor in chief would have read Balko’s articles and know all this information already.

  4. Excellent interview. Casual viewer actually learns things.
    His point about SWAT drifting so far from their orginal utility is correct.
    Now they are used in kitten-in-a-tree rescue ops so they can justify their burden on the taxpayers. Sad, but I don’t see this reversing directions any time soon. Very sad indeed.

  5. Casual viewer actually learns things.

  6. Embrace the idiocy!
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    1. Urge to kill….rising….

    2. So, Dwarves will have to be given boosters? Blind people will have to be allowed to “feel” the food being prepared? Someone will have to use sign language to describe the sound of people going YUM!

  7. The Chipotle story is so bad. The disabled count on the goodwill of the able bodied to hold doors, tighten bandages, and such. These people are using that up.

  8. Chipotle should just drill a couple of holes in that counter at eye-level for someone in a wheelchair, and put up a sign inviting them to roll on up and enjoy the full Chipotle experience, just like real people.

  9. Mirrors would be sufficient — cheap.

    Personally, I’d rename the franchise, remove their guaranteed “experience”, and make the counters even higher. All handicap accessible ramps and parking areas should be highly inconvenient (ramps with 40 degree inclines, clown car sized parking, etc) , with signs naming the person suing as the one responsible for their discomfort.

    1. I guess the blind can feel up a Hooters girl since the Hooters are part of the experience.

      1. Time to adopt sunglasses and a white cane.

  10. Police gun down rampaging pregnant cow at California State Fair

    This headline could be read more than one way.

    Thin fat hoosier momma our of control.

    1. thin = think

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