Never Joke About Stuff Where Regulators Might Overhear You


I hope that no would-be health nanny, city council member, or congresscritter read the intemperate musings (meant to be a "joke" I'm sure) of American Council on Science and Health associate director Jeff Stier today about tanning. As the ASCH Dispatch notes:

Tanning Salons Get Burned

According to today's New York Post exposé on indoor tanning, salon employees are not properly warning customers that tanning increases their risk of cancer, nor are they collecting signed parental permission forms from everyone under 18, as mandated by New York State law.

ACSH's Jeff Stier got into thinking about the Post's article after he spotted an ad for NYC indoor tanning salon City Sun on his way to work this morning. "A Great Source of Vitamin D," the ad boasts.

"Is there a qualitative difference between the risk of cancer from UV exposure in a tanning bed versus the sun?" Stier wonders.

This question underscores the complexity of regulating indoor tanning salons because "if they are required to issue warnings about the health risks of UV-ray exposure, then shouldn't we have the same warning labels on city parks and beaches?" asks Stier. "Teens wouldn't spend all day in a tanning bed, but they could easily spend all day at the beach without receiving any information on health risks. If they're used differently, but are equally dangerous, perhaps the city should institute beach warning labels in order to regulate tanning in a more fair and balanced manner."

The humor-impaired FDA, or CSPI, or even worse Mayor Bloomberg might read this! Forget mere warning labels! Park benches will be ripped out and picnic blankets and beach towels confiscated as "tanning paraphrenalia." Mr. Stier, for the love of humanity, please be quiet!