Recently at Feminist Constance Penley on Porn, Obscenity, & John Stagliano


Constance Penley is a professor of Film and Media Studies at University of California at Santa Barbara and co-director of the Carsey-Wolf Center for Film, Television, and New Media. Penley specializes in film history and theory, feminist theory, and cultural studies. She is especially well-known on campus for her controversial classes on pornography, where she analyzes the ways in which blue movies play with moral and social taboos.

Penley was slated to be an expert witness in the obscenity trial of pornographer John Stagliano, who faces up to 32 years in jail and $7 million in fines for distributing three adult movies. The judge in Stagliano's case disallowed Penley and Lawrence Sank from testifying for the defense.'s Hawk Jensen sat down with Penley to discuss the history of pornography, obscenity laws, and the case against John Stagliano, whom Penley has called "the Woody Allen of porn."

Approximately 8 minutes. Produced by Hawk Jensen and filmed by Zach Weissmueller.

For more on Stagliano's prosecution, go here.

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  1. Why I am not surprised she’s a feminist, with that hair and spectacles and snazzy look?

  2. LOL, now she is funny. Really funny.

  3. There was an arguement in the Stagliano thread over the weekend that I missed out on:

    Milk isn’t a bodily fluid if it comes from a cow? Huh? So human lactation is a bodily fluid, but cow lactation isn’t?

    And, for everyone saying “well, he got off this time, but unless he stops making porn, they’re going to try it again.”…i’ve been thinking about the other side of the coin.

    Yeah, the prosecutors will be doing their homework on how not to fuckup the next case, but won’t Buttman and his associates also be planning on how to protect themselves better the next time around? You know who my bet is on in that arms race.

    1. wylie I can see you’ve been at it again young man!

      I want you to report to me at my DC playspace as soon as possible.

      No excuses!

    2. They probably meant that most cow’s milk available is so heavily processed it is no longer the same as right off the animal.

    3. put a bra on those cow udders!
      Cows are nature’s most obscene animal – ever see the size of their nipples?

  4. “the Woody Allen of porn.”

    So he likes to eventually marry the pre-teens that he films? There ought to be a more apt comparison than Woody.

    1. Ok, so he’s more like a director who fucks his consent-aged cast…oh wait, i guess i could just say Director.

      1. I thought it a bit harsh to compare Stagliano to such an awful filmmaker, as if he’s also an unfunny, overrated douchebag.

  5.’s Hawk Jensen sat down with Penley to discuss the history of pornography,

    Way to work the guy with the awesome porn name into the article.

    1. I feel dirty

  6. Constance Penley is a hero for sure.

    But Constance Money is a true heroine!

    And for you assholes posting under my nondeplume – fuck you, I didn’t post on the Limbaugh thread since I was out of town.

    I would have had some choice slapchop reserved for that lying asshole though.

    1. Stay classy, whoever you are.

      1. I will.

        And so will the NFL owners. That is why they wanted no part of the lying scumbag Limbaugh.

        It was a character issue. And Fergie measured up – Limpy did not.

        1. I am SUCH a whore for anyone on the left.

        2. By Fergie, do you mean Turd Ferguson?

    2. …but I’ll defend liberal douchebags all day long. I’d suck Olbermann’s cock, AND pay him for the honor of having it in my mouth.

      1. Wanna split the cost?

        1. Do I look like a fucking cab to you???

  7. Honestly that class sounds kind of fun, if a little easy. Wouldn’t mind taking it as an elective (plus you gotta figure there’d be some kinky girls looking for a study buddy)

    1. I’m gonna guess the class is a sausagefest.

  8. I offer consensual nonsexual discipline for pornographers and porn users. I am expert in the use of the Cane, The stick of the Law and other instruments of punishment. Email me your preferences.

    My playspace is located in Metro DC, but I can travel for select customers.

    1. “The stick”

      Really? What kind of stick(s)?

  9. An “expert witness” … on pornography.

    What does that even mean?

    1. It means she’s studied it from a artistic, socio-anthropologic perspective.

      1. You mean she is an AV star?!

  10. What is it with lib’s and scarf’s?

    1. To be used when street rioting. Always at the ready.

  11. http://www.filmandmedia.ucsb.e…..enley.html

    ‘Expert’ in ‘film history and theory, feminist theory, and cultural studies.’

    PhD in Rhetoric.

    I think anybody who doesn’t get a degree in Rhetoric, Communications, —Studies, etc. is a complete fool. They represent some of the easiest, loosest requirement disciplines in the academic world, yet give the degree-holder license to speak with apparent authority on any and all academic disciplines.

    Degree in Communications? Good news-you’re now an expert in history (any period), sociology, cultural anthropology, art, politics, etc. And you most probably didn’t even have to take anything but freshman-level electives in any of those actual subjects!

    1. I think anybody who doesn’t get a degree in Rhetoric, Communications, —Studies, etc. is a complete fool.

      Whew! Glad my degree’s in Economics.

    2. This is a good read.

  12. What would happen if you gave a milk enema to someone who is severely lactose intolerant?

    Or would you have to have a milk allergy for there to be a problem?

    1. Their sphincter and colon would tighten up, restricting airflow from the bowels?

      1. Or they get a intercolon rash. Try scratching that.

        But lactose intolerance is gastric gas and distress for a lot of people. Some sort of super-bloat perhaps?

    2. Milk enema + anal = butter.

      I bet the japanese have not only realize this, but have a robust sub-fetish dedicated to it.

  13. I see the title “Constance Penley on John Stagliano,” click Play, and get a fucking lecture. Thanks assholes.

    1. Glad someone finally noticed.

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