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These were the most popular columns at last week:

Where Do Libertarians Belong? A reason Debate, by Brink Lindsey, Jonah Goldberg, & Matt Kibbe (7/12)

Mystery Train: How has California's high-speed rail project survived for 14 years without a plan, a budget, or a single accomplishment? by Tim Cavanaugh (7/13)

Who's Afraid of Federalism? Gay marriage and the 10th Amendment, by Jacob Sullum (7/14)

Star Witness Makes a Liar out of Stagliano's Prosecution: Bombshell testimony from an FBI agent is just the latest travesty in an error-riddled prosecution that should be thrown out of court, by Richard Abowitz (7/16)

The Trial of John Stagliano: This week's momentous obscenity case shows that Obama's Justice Department is no different than Bush's when it comes to pornographic speech, by Richard Abowitz (7/12)