Red Eye's Andy Levy Speaks Out


Lisa De Pasquale of Human Events interviewed Red Eye With Greg Gutfeld's Andy Levy (once upon a time an intern at Cato!). A snippet:

How do you think pop culture and entertainment affect people's political beliefs? LEVY: I don't know if those things affect people's actual political beliefs as much as they affect the way people look at the world. For example, we've been raised on a diet of movies that often portray businesspeople as evil and military personnel as crazy, and sadly, I think those attitudes have permeated our culture to a certain extent. (To be fair, people like Tony Hayward don't help matters.)

But I think that when all is said and done, if you're the kind of person who thinks Che Guevara was cool, a movie about him isn't gonna change that. (Mainly because you're a pus-swilling imbecile to begin with.) For whatever reason, I think that in the same way liberals and lefties are more likely to go into the entertainment business, they're also more susceptible to it. But then again, I think liberals, despite the fact that they often consider themselves to be intellectuals and those who disagree with them to be sub-literate morons, also are far more susceptible to style over substance. (See: Obama, anybody named Kennedy, et. al.)

I mean, you just know that when Obama won, a ton of people who went with him to the White House were saying, "Dude, it's gonna be just like 'The West Wing.'" Which probably explains why a bunch of them are now leaving.

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