Nanny State

Pickle Bill Gets Wyoming Home Canners Out of One


"If someone says they shouldn't have to follow regulations because they're making food in their home, I'd say, 'Why is your home so safe that it doesn't need that level of oversight and control?"?

That's Robert Harrington, head health honcho in Casper, Wyoming, on the state's decision to relax laws relating to the sale of "non-hazardous foods" like jam and homemade brownies last February with a "Pickle Bill." The bill exempts people who earn less than $5,000 a year from requirements for the use of commercial kitchens and other expensive rules.

In every state, people are free to feed others in their filthy, unregulated homes, it's only when money changes hands that home cooks transform into a public health hazard.

More on farm-to-table laws from self-proclaimed "Christian-conservative-libertarian-environmentalist-lunatic" farmer Joel Salatin here.

Via Jacob Grier.