Silver Circle Happy Hour in DC, Tuesday 6/29, 5PM—8PM!


You're invited to join the folks from Lineplot Productions this Tuesday night at the Old Dominion Brewhouse in DC for a happy hour from 5PM – 8PM. Learn about their upcoming "animated thriller-romance about economic turmoil" while mingling with the film's producers and various friends of freedom from around the DC area.

More information about the event is here. Learn about the film, which is slotted for release in Spring 2011, here.

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  1. In keeping with the new Reason tradition that we threadjack every thread in the first few posts, let me just say:

    I think that movie Inception looks like it will be good.

    1. It looks like Nolan recently watched Dreamscape and thought “I can do better than Joseph Ruben and Roger Zelazny”, which, to be honest, is most likely true.

      Zelazny sucks monkey balls. But NutraSweet likes him. Don’t you, you magic and sci-fi mixing shithead?

      1. Episiarch is Roman from Party Down?

        1. Is that show any good? Usually if I see “Paul Rudd”, I don’t bother.

          1. Yeah, it’s pretty funny. I rinsed the first season the other weekend – it was very watchable.

            Takes a couple of episodes to hit its stride, and I’m not a fan of Jane Lynch. She is only in the 1st season.

            1. I’m surprised that you don’t like Lynch. You strike me as an obvious Glee fan.

              1. Ha! I should’ve seen that coming you cheap fuck. 🙂

                1. You set me up, dude. I had no choice.

                  1. How do you not like Paul Rudd, Epi? I respected you.

                    1. You like Paul Rudd?!? And to think I used to think you were not totally uncool.

                    2. Ouch. I have human feelings you know, Epi. Human feelings.

                    3. Fry: Don’t girl me with that girl stuff. Bender and me are guys. Guys don’t have feelings.

                      Leela: Bender’s not a guy, he’s a robot.

                      Fry: Same thing.

                    4. I can proudly claim to have not ever seen a Paul Rudd production.

          2. BTW, is Childrens’ Hospital any good?

            1. I have no idea. I don’t watch sitcoms; they are interminable.

              1. I thought it was a short show on Adult Swim?

                1. But wasn’t it originally from the WB?

              2. So I take it you’re a big fan of the Real Housewives shows?

                1. No, I stick exclusively to reality shows, Grey’s Anatomy, and Gilmore Girls reruns.

      2. I would rather bang a young Kate Capshaw than Ellen Page. Something to consider when evaluating the two movies.

        1. Gotta disagree.

          Anyone who gets the chance to switch Page to our team, do so.

          1. She’s pretty cute, but:

            “Page resides in her hometown of Halifax, Nova Scotia and has a dog named Patti.[27][28] She is prone to walk and talk in her sleep.[29] In 2008, Page was one of 30 celebrities who participated in an online ad series for U.S. Campaign for Burma, calling for an end to the military dictatorship in Burma.[30] She describes herself as a pro-choice feminist”


            1. That’s what vuvuzela said.

          2. She is on the other team? I didn’t know that. What a shame

            1. I see no proof one way or the other.

              1. Which means that you are correct.

      3. You’re a big man when you think I’ve left for the day.

        1. So you’re not denying liking Zelazny, you twit?

          1. So you’ve read Zelazny, then?

  2. This is a thriller-romance about free-market rebels who take on the Fed itself – mentally and tactically – and win.

    …via some highly plausible plot device. Like a SuperRonPaulotron, from space, from the future, OF THE MIND.

    1. Didn’t they already make this movie with Queen Latifah?

    2. Or maybe pistols.

  3. Gary Coleman’s Penis Caught in Legal Pinch:

    Video of Gary Coleman’s long dong silver is swinging across the Internet — and the guy in charge of the footage wants it removed ASAP… threatening a $10,000,000 lawsuit if it doesn’t disappear soon.…..t-kikster/

  4. Anybody seen The Killer Inside Me?
    I love the book but am afraid to squander the time and money just to be disappointed. Should I wait for the torrent? Is it a good “date movie” if I bring a submissive chick?

  5. Why is the soccer ball chasing those people?

    1. They’re running from the vuvuzelas.

      “The drone, the awful drone…it’s coming FROM INSIDE THE HOUSE!”

  6. We must immediately secure billions of off-budget funding to deal with the Soccer Ball Terrorism Emergency!

  7. Am I too harsh or is that the worst CGI ever? What did they do make the movie with a ten year old version of the Sims?

    1. I’ve seen worse, but I’ll withhold final judgment until at least seeing a trailer.

      Though, off-hand, I can’t see why this is an animated movie.

      1. It is animated because any actor who participated in such a right wing project would immediately end up on some Hollywood black list and never work again.

      2. It’s pretty bad. I was there. They’re butting pretty hard against the uncanny valley. Seriously, they ought to simplify the animation, not bother trying to render human-realistic faces, but do anime-style faces, instead, run a cel-shader + outline filter on the whole shebang, and save themselves a shit ton of money, and make the thing look like quality.

        On a separate note, I found out that libertarian women are really attractive. I think I need to go to more of these happy hour things.

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