Pete Quaife, RIP


Pete Quaife, the original bassist for the Kinks, has died at age 66. I'll honor him with an early Kinks single, "Everybody's Gonna Be Happy," that shows off his bass playing to good effect:

Quaife left the band in 1969 and left pop music in general not long afterwards, turning to commercial art and cartooning. Requiescat in pace.

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  1. Thanks Jessee. He left the Kinks because Ray Davies was a control freak. But since Davies had the talent, that was probably a good thing.

  2. I feel a bit happier, thank you.

    I’d say RIP, but I think something along the lines of “Keep Eternity Rocking” is more appropriate.

  3. When pop music was still fun.

  4. That’s what he gets for being out of tune on “Rosie Won’t You Please Come Home” (if that’s him)!

    “Most Exclusive Residence” is my favorite part of his (if that’s him). It’s exactly right. Not many bass parts from the “I know all them McCartney chords, too!” era are.


    1. That’s part of the charm of The Kinks, AFAIC; even when Ray was at his folkiest, they were still a garage band at heart. I imagine a lot of their recording sessions went like this:

      Ray: I’ve written this wonderful melody. Let’s get in the studio and record it.

      Dave Davies & Pete Quaife: Let us tune our instruments, Ray.

      Ray: No time for that, lads! Gotta strike while the iron’s hot and all that…

      1. Davies was a perfectionist in the studio, actually. But on Face to Face, Shel Talmy was still serving as the band’s producer.

  5. Some good has come out of Quaife’s death: it’s given me an excuse to listen to The Kinks all day (and all of the night).

      1. ARGH, just like Max’s promise to never post again failed…My promise to stop trying to use joke handles just doesn’t work.

        1. This was a version of joez law though. Considering how often I do it, it could be robc’s law or wylie’s law:

          Failing to change your joke name makes the post more interesting than if you had posted under your normal name

  6. I know I’m getting old. I don’t like being reminded of it. 😉

    1. I like it. Soon I’ll be able to legitimately use “Get Off My Lawn.” And never getting carded is nice (especially since i don’t posses any unexpired ID.)

  7. God save little shops, china cups and virginity.

  8. Quaife went on to become a cartoonist and moved to Canada, I believe.

    I also read that Mick Avory had long lobbied for Quaife’s replacement — and that like the rest of the world, Quaife couldn’t stand Dave Davies.

    Pardon my rock nerd outburst.

    1. *Presidentially Pardoned*

      (Now, I just need to get elected when i become eligible.)

  9. RIP. looks like weigel and his arrogance have given him his own “waterloo sunset”

    1. I was thinking “Lola,” but maybe that outing comes later.

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