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These were the most popular columns at last week:

Free Speech and Guns: Legal superstar Eugene Volokh on the Bill of Rights in 2010, by Eugene Volokh & Ted Balaker (6/15)

Ideas Having Sex: How prosperity and innovation exceeded the expectations of John Stuart Mill and Adam Smith, by Matt Ridley (6/14)

"There's No Transparency, and I Find that Inexcusable": Meet the 82-year-old ex-cop, World War II vet, and private eye who's challenging one of the largest police departments in the country, by Radley Balko (6/14)

End the Drug War: Government goes astray when it tries to protect us from ourselves, by John Stossel (6/17)

Why, Oh, Why Doesn't Obama Save Us? Why a president who does too much is far more dangerous than one who does too little, by Steve Chapman (6/14)