Reason Cruise

It's Like The Love Boat For Free Minds & Free Markets! Announcing Reason's First-Ever Cruise, February 2011!


Regular readers of this site and subscribers to the print edition of Reason already know that we're shoving off on our first-ever cruise in February 2011. Get more shiver-yer-timbers details here.

Among the Reason staffers who have already been shanghaiied into participating are Matt Welch, Jacob Sullum, Ron Bailey, and Nick Gillespie.

Our special guest stars include best-selling author Matt Ridley, whose latest tome The Rational Optimist is due out this spring, and Patri Friedman, the visionary behind The Seasteading Institute. More speakers will be announced soon…

Here's what you'll get on the Reason cruise:

Moderated panel sessions featuring Reason editors and guest speakers, along with plenty of discussion.
Special additional sessions hosted by our cruise partner, The Seasteading Institute.
Many chances to meet and spend time with our editors and special guest speakers.
Exclusive parties and dining with our editors and guest speakers. You will dine with your fellow Reason cruise attendees, so that you have the chance to meet many of your fellow freedom lovers.
Admission to Reason seminars and ad-hoc sessions
Admission to numerous Reason cruise private cocktail receptions.
Admission to Reason group excursions.
Port charges, taxes, fuel surcharges, and government fees.
Accommodations and all meals.

We set sail from Ft. Lauderdale, Florida on January 30 next year and return, god willing, February 6, after visiting exotic ports of call in Puerto Rico, the U.S. Virgin Islands, and the Northern Antilles. We'll be shipping out on Celebrity Cruise's Solstice, a big mother of a ship every bit as unsinkable as the Titanic and James Cameron's career put together. Double occupancy cabins start at around $1,500 per person and spaces are limited.

So come aboard, we're expecting you!

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  1. Port charges, taxes, fuel surcharges, and government fees.

    Against my religion.

    1. Will Ron Paul be aboard offering his cock? That’s against my religion, but you libertoid cock suckers can;t get enough of it.

  2. Dooooooorks!
    All this “rights” talk is moot
    Ditch Rothbard
    and join TEAM BLUE!

    Don’t be Pinochet’s stooge
    Like that guy
    Mom saw on Donahue

    The Dork Boat!
    If you see an Objectivist, run
    The Dork Boat!
    No one gets laid holding Atlas Shrugged

    Set your course for a Kansas
    your mind on what’s wrong with it

    (I forgot the rest of the song.)

  3. With Julie the cruise director and Issac the bartender even?

    1. … and the Gimp.

  4. Wow, now thats gonna be fun dude. For real!


  5. Enjoy the Celebrity cruise ship strain of norovirus.

  6. My wife wants to know if there are any non-white, non-straight, and non-males besides the crew, spouses, and children.

    1. Actually, that’s her whole complaint of libertarianism.

      1. Well tell her times are changing Jason. I’m a 30 year old woman, a Libertarian and my husband is a minority. He is also a libertarian.

  7. I’m still wondering when the rendez-vous with the Hedonism Cruise takes place.

  8. Hey if you want, I’ll blog sit for you guys while you’re on vacation. I can probably come up with a few poorly worded and not well thought out posts to keep the Hit & Runners who opt out of the cruise busy that week. And, my entries will make all you regular contributors that much more appreciated when you get back (even those two everyone hate).

    Think about it and get back to me.

    1. Fuck yeah, sign me up to be a guest blogger. I promise that not all of my posts will be nothing but metal videos.

      1. I would prefer if you did Warty. Suderman, nuptials or not, has been slacking on the socially relevant culture around here. I want you to all flown blown esoteric on why metal should be the rallying war cry of liberty.

      2. Also, a post on why you think Samuel Clemens would be metalhead would an excellent blog subject as well.

      3. I promise that not all of my posts will be nothing but metal videos.

        H&R guest bloggers have to be as niche as the regulars they’re replacing. Those GWAR videos (or whatever the fuck) are all we need you to bring to the party.

        Now let’s see, who can we find to fit the role of slash fiction artist… I’m thinking posts peppered with orange text that looks like links but go nowhere…

  9. I’m under the impression that the laws on the boat are the same as whatever country the boat is registered to. If this in in fact correct, are drugs and prostitution legal on board?

    1. If it’s a libertarian cruise there will be no rules whatsoever and it will just kind of be assumed that everybody will behave themselves.

  10. Will there be monkey knife fights?

    1. Are there any other kind?

      1. How soon we forget, Pro Lib…

        note: blogpimping alert!

    2. No, but I did hear that they will be bringing the midget mud wrestling from cable onboard.

  11. The ship of fools.

  12. The ship of fools.

    1. (Double-posted the fool.)

  13. This actually makes sense when you think about it.

  14. Why is the classic art cinema piece “Boat Trip” suddenly rolling around in my head?

    1. Roselyn S?nchez.

  15. Attention Reasonoids, if you’ll look to your left you’ll see the oil spill that was caused by the free market and lax enforcement of regulations…if you’ll look to the right, you’ll see the same thing…

    1. The free market caused the government to give BP drilling rights? Wow. Had no idea…

      1. The freemarket killed my father and raped my mother.

        What atrocity ISN’T it responsible for?

        1. I remember watching The Killing Fields, and seeing the asshole reporter blame the Khmer Rouge on multinational corporations.

          I don’t know if that’s an accurate portrayal of the real reporter’s views, but considering the NYT, I have no reason to doubt it.

          Also, that was one of the few times I actually wanted to physically hurt someone for expressing a viewpoint.

    2. That’s an interesting assumption. Did you know that the US government gave BP the go ahead to drill when they did and where they did? Did you also know that the government capped BP’s initial liability? Of course now they are wanting to change that cap because it was ridiculous…that is not free market. Free market wouldn’t cap a companies liability, it would be responsible for the entire amount.

      1. Free market … would be responsible…


      2. (totally in agreement with you D3, but I’m working on getting a gig with the Times, so i have to practice by shitspewing.)

        1. by -> my

          The NYT doesn’t care about typos, does it?

  16. Comedian Doug Stanhope for the entertainment!

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