30 Years Ago


"This political commitment to tolerance is the main thing that distinguishes libertarianism from conservatism and is something that often gets lost in all the libertarian rhetoric about the Federal Reserve System, natural gas pricing, gold coins, etc.'"a willingness to get involved in issues such as achieving and defending full civil rights for homosexuals (and other oppressed groups) will do much to restore the balance."

'"Lynn Kinsky, "Defending Tolerance"

"Bribes will continue to pass and influence will still be peddled, despite the naive expectation that the bad guys will dutifully line up and file their reports along with the rest of us. At the same time, however, in the dubious name of 'election campaign reform,' we have managed to make a monkey out of the idea of free and democratic elections."

'"Monroe H. Freedman, "Making a Monkey Out of Free & Democratic Elections" '"September 1980