Global Temperature Trend Update—June, 2010


Every month University of Alabama in Huntsville climatologists John Christy and Roy Spencer report the latest global temperature trends from satellite data. Below are the newest data updated through May, 2010.

The data for the chart can be found here. The UAH press release puts the recent temperatures in context:

First five months of 2010 [are] second warmest on record

Global climate trend since Nov. 16, 1978: +0.14 C per decade

May temperatures (preliminary)

Global composite temp.: +0.53 C (about 0.95 degrees Fahrenheit) above 20-year average for May.

Northern Hemisphere: +0.78 C (about 1.40 degrees Fahrenheit) above 20-year average for May.

Southern Hemisphere: +0.29 C (about 0.52 degrees Fahrenheit) above 20-year average for April.

Tropics: +0.71 C (about 1.28 degrees Fahrenheit) above 20-year average for May.

(All temperature anomalies are based on a 20-year average (1979-1998) for the month reported.)

The press release included these notes on recent temperature trends:

In the race to become the warmest year in the satellite temperature record, 2010 is running a close second to 1998 but might begin to falter as the El Nino Pacific Ocean warming event continues to fade, according to Dr. John Christy, professor of atmospheric science and director of the Earth System Science Center at The University of Alabama in Huntsville.

Through the first 151 days of the year (Jan. 1 through May 31), 2010 has averaged 0.59 C warmer than season norms. Global average temperatures through the first five months of 1998 were 0.65 C warmer than normal.

The chance that 2010 will set a record drops as the El Nino warming event fades and the Central Pacific Ocean cools. NOAA has issued a "watch" for a La Nina Pacific Ocean cooling event.

For the third time in the past four months a new high temperature has been set for the Arctic. Temperatures in the Arctic—latitude 60 N (about even with Helsinki and the southern tip of Greenland) to the North Pole—were a full two and a half degrees Celsius (about 4.5 degrees Fahrenheit) warmer than seasonal norms for that region.

May 2010 set records as the warmest May in the 32-year satellite temperature record for both the Northern Hemisphere (+0.78 C) and the northern temperate zone, also +0.78 C.

Compared to the other 31 Mays in the record, May 2010 was the second warmest May globally (+0.53 C), and in the tropics (+0.81 C); fourth warmest May in the Southern Hemisphere (+0.29 C); and seventh coolest May in both the Southern Polar region (-0.86 C) and the continental U.S., where the average temperature was 0.47 C cooler than seasonal norms.

The top warmest months for various regions are also listed:

Global Temperature Anomalies
   Year   Mo
 1. 1998   4  +0.76
 2. 1998   2  +0.76
 3. 2010*  3  +0.66
 4. 1998   5  +0.65
 5. 2010*  1  +0.64
 6. 2010*  2  +0.61
 7. 1998   1  +0.58
 8. 1998   6  +0.57
 9.*2010*  5  +0.54
10. 1998   3  +0.53
11. 1998   7  +0.52
12. 1998   8  +0.52
13. 2007   1  +0.51
14. 2010*  4  +0.5
15. 2009   9  +0.5
16. 2009  11  +0.5
17. 2005  10  +0.47
18. 2005   4  +0.46
19. 2003  12  +0.45
20. 1998   9  +0.45

Temperature Anomalies
  in the Tropics
   Year   Mo
 1. 1998   2   +1.3
 2. 1998   1   +1.09
 3. 1998   4   +1.06
 4. 1998   3   +1.05
 5. 1998   5   +0.89
 6. 2010*  2   +0.81
 7. 2010*  3   +0.73
 8. 1997  12   +0.73
 9.*2010*  5   +0.72
10. 2010*  1   +0.66
11. 2010*  4   +0.65
12. 1987  12   +0.62

Arctic Temperature Anomalies
   Year   Mo
 1.*2010   5   +2.51
 2. 2010*  4   +2.45
 3. 2010*  2   +2.3
 4. 2007   4   +2.27
 5. 1995   4   +2.26
 6. 2006   2   +2.24
 7. 2009  12   +2.09
 8. 2005  12   +2.06
 9. 1996  11   +2.01
10. 2001  12   +1.94
11. 2003  10   +1.83
12. 2005   4   +1.81
13. 2005  11   +1.8
14. 2010*  1   +1.79
15. 2002  10   +1.73
16. 1981   1   +1.72
17. 2005   5   +1.72
18. 2010*  3   +1.72
19. 1980   2   +1.72
20. 2002  11   +1.72

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  1. Good morning reason!

    First five months of 2010 [are] second warmest on record

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  2. Ronald’s chart is even more racist than Nick’s!

  3. It is just me or does the press release seem filled with disappointment that no the earth isn’t going to melt anytime soon despite fervent hopes otherwise?

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      Good morning, Rich. How was your weekend?

  5. Meh. Looks like this El Nino is a little weaker than the last one. I wonder if that’s because of that volcano.

    Interesting, isn’t it, how natural weather variations like El Nino utterly dwarf any supposed “forcing” by CO2?

    1. Heretic! You are the Helen Thomas of climate denialism! Go sit on one of those (not actually) sinking islands in the Pacific until you’ve repented.

      1. That is right RC. Why don’t you just go back to Poland.

      2. Those islands aren’t sinking, but they are in danger of tipping over.

        1. Do Marines make them tip over faster than the other services?

        2. It’s all fun and games until you find yourself under a tipped over island because of too many people being on one side.

          1. It’s important to strike a balance.

    2. Are you on the Exxon payroll just like Bailey? This fact is hidden from the world by corporate controlled MSM!

    3. Next you’ll claim cooling from volcanoes are “natural” when everyone knows they are a result of insufficient virgin sacrifices due to our wasteful modern civilization.

    4. Interesting, isn’t it, how natural weather variations like El Nino utterly dwarf any supposed “forcing” by CO2?

      And how solar activity trumps my exhaust pipe as well.

  6. Have they figured out how to prevent the next ice age yet?

    1. More social justice is needed to fight off that unjust ice age.

    2. cow farts, we NEED MORE COW FARTS!!

      1. I’ve got a fever and the only prescription is more cow farts.

        1. Too late, I guess, for MORE COWBELL?

  7. I thought that the 1998 average temperature was revised colder on the “official record”, and there were some 5 years in the 1930s that were hotter. Did I dream something?

    1. The numbers you’re referring to were specific to US average temperatures.

      These are global averages.

  8. there were some 5 years in the 1930s that were hotter.

    They were, then. Now they’re not.


    1. the warmest year in the satellite temperature record

      I’m interpreting this to mean that the data reported are entirely satellite-derived, and don’t include data from before the advent of weather sats (circa 1960).

      I wish Ron would make this clearer when he publishes these.

      1. Ah. That makes sense. Thank you.

  9. Man it’s hot. It’s like Africa hot. Tarzan couldn’t take this kind of hot.

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  10. Notice that the data for the contiguous US48 in May is :-0.47. Global Warming has skipped the US in May. Problem solved.

  11. I propose that more taxes will keep us cooler.

    1. Don’t call them taxes. Say “social justice.”

      1. They pay for the Administration’s “unfunded promises.”

  12. I say its not not enough. At least not until its too hot for the Right Shirts Done Right girls to keep their shirts on.


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  14. Pretty scary stuff dude, numbers dont lie!


    1. No . . . but the people publishing them do, at least occasionally.

      1. Would that include Spencer and Christie, easily the most skeptical mainstream climate scientists reason could possibly find? Whose chart nevertheless, once again, shows a significant warming trend over the last 30 years?

        1. Easily explained by AMO/PDO/SOI.


          No need for crazy theories involving trace gasses.

          1. Get back to me when it passes through peer review. Right now, it is just someone making up shit.

        2. Most people agree that the earth, nay, the solar system is getting warmer. It’s the why and to what effect that’s strongly disputed.

  15. I would like to see the total chart back to the 1960s since that is when Al Gore first notice the problem while in class brainstorming on the innerworkings of html code.

    Curious to see what impact Mt St Helens had on the data and if Icelands current spew will have the same.

    1. Or for that matter if eruptions in general have an impact on the trend. From the graph infront of us there would seem to be no significant causal relationship at first glance… but how could that be with all that nasty stuff in the air and all those poor dead trees?

    2. Or for that matter if eruptions in general have an impact on the trend. From the graph infront of us there would seem to be no significant causal relationship at first glance… but how could that be with all that nasty stuff in the air and all those poor dead trees?

  16. The mild warming trend of the last 40 years continues.



  18. The arctic is hot, but has near-record ice. Interesting.

    1. It’s dry ice.

      1. So the new dry ice formations are carbon offsets?

        1. Yes, that would follow, wouldn’t it? Maybe Mr. Freeze was right!

    2. Lack of stations and strange interpretation in the land-data series (CRU & GISS), don’t know about the Sat only series. While I didn’t know it was near record, I had heard it was significantly above the last few years and above the trend line used to write the panicked “historic lows!!!” headlines of the last 3 years.

  19. I wrote a computer program to make charts of the UAH data. You can choose which column to chart and it has polynomial and FFT curve fitting:

  20. A few months back someone posted a link to a series of temperature charts that zoomed out by an order of magnitude each time illustrating that 40 years of data doesn’t even count as noise compared to how the earth’s climate has changed through the ages. Does anyone still have that link?

  21. When will I personally start to see Global Warming. Seattle is charging head-on into Summer, and I’m hoping we’ll finally break 50 degrees.

    1. No kidding, Paul. It’s nearing the middle of June but still frackin’ cold around these parts.

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