Hang Out With The Great Matt Ridley (& Matt Welch & Ron Bailey & Jacob Sullum) For a Week on Reason's First-Ever Cruise in February 2011!


Here's the great science writer Matt Ridley, author of, most recently, The Rational Optimist, writing in the Wall Street Journal about the evolutionary origins of trade:

Given that progress is inexorable, cumulative and collective if human beings exchange and specialize, then globalization and the Internet are bound to ensure furious economic progress in the coming century—despite the usual setbacks from recessions, wars, spendthrift governments and natural disasters.

The process of cumulative innovation that has doubled life span, cut child mortality by three-quarters and multiplied per capita income ninefold—world-wide—in little more than a century is driven by ideas having sex. And things like the search engine, the mobile phone and container shipping just made ideas a whole lot more promiscuous still.

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If you sign on for Reason's first-ever cruise next February, you can spend a week hanging out with the very tall Ridley (and the equally tall and brilliant Ron Bailey, for almost 14 feet of science reporting excellence). Can Ridley play shuffle board and limbo as well as he can write? Come aboard and find out already.

And besides Ridley and Bailey, you'll get to hang with Matt Welch, Jacob Sullum, and me (whether you want to or not). And then there's Patri Friedman, the visionary behind the Seasteading Institute! This is one ship whose Lido Deck is gonna be pretty awesome.

The cruise leaves from Fort Lauderdale on January 30, 2011 and goes to exotic ports of call throughout the Caribbean for a week; cabins start around $1,500 per person, so you really can't afford not to come (this logic seems to work well with governmental jurisdictions, so maybe it'll work with you all too). That's an all-inclusive price for the ship, which is a pretty sweet deal.

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