Ron Bailey On Warren Olney's "To The Point" Today


Just letting Reason readers know that I'm scheduled to talk about "Energy Production: Policy and Consumption" on To The Point between 2 and 3 pm EDT today. Other guests apparently include No Impact Man Colin Beavan.

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  1. Colin Beavan has no impact on me to curtail my carbon footprint.

    1. So in a way he lives up to him name.

  2. I wish I had my BFT here instead of this little rental car. I love to go out and rev the engine when “carbon footprint” comes up.

  3. While you’re over at the KCRW website, be sure to check out the piece by the woman who just can’t seem to figure out why media outlets don’t want to cover women’s athletics as much as men’s athletics.….._backwards

  4. Why don’t you talk about free market approaches to pollution and environmental disasters? I’m getting a little tired of the lack of libertarian spin on the BP catastrophe.

  5. Good show, Bailey. It’s too bad they left you until the end; you did well dismissing the leftist argument they repeated as though it answered any question: “We all just have to change!”

  6. I agree with @mr simple. Good show and it’s a shame they left you to last. I thought the Rev might quote from Tertullian in the 2nd century: “we men have actually become a burden to the earth, the fruits of nature hardly suffice to sustain us, there is a general pressure of scarcity giving rise to complaints, since the earth can no longer support us. Need we be astonished that plague and famine, warfare and earthquake come to be regarded as remedies, serving, as it were to trim and prune the superfluity of population.”

    I have to go now, the sesame oil in my lamp is dangerously low…must conserve.

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