Drew Carey

Drew Carey, Nick Gillespie Meet With Cleveland City Council This Morning


Michael McIntyre of the Cleveland Plain Dealer writes:

Drew Carey is coming home.

The host of "The Price is Right," who accepted Cleveland City Council President Martin J. Sweeney's invitation to "come on down," will address council Thursday to discuss his cut-the-government ideas to save the city.

Carey, a board member of the libertarian Reason Foundation, recently produced a series of Web videos laying out his ideas to save Cleveland by privatizing government services, reforming schools, lowering taxes and cutting government red tape. He wasn't kind to those who form the "centralized government" here, which includes council.

In addition to the Web videos broadcast on the site reason.tv, Carey appeared as a guest on John Stossel's show on the Fox Business Network to talk about how lowly Cleveland has become and how his ideas could save it and other rust belt cities.

Sweeney sent the comedian a fawning letter after the videos came out.

"I don't have to tell you that Clevelanders sometimes bristle at criticism from outsiders, but you are one of us and always will be, and as one of our Favorite Sons, your thoughts and ideas are most welcome," wrote Sweeney. (It's a sentiment not share by all council members.)

"While I cannot promise you complete agreement from the members of Council, I can assure you of a respectful hearing and an open dialogue," he wrote.

Invitation accepted.

Carey and Nick Gillespie, editor of reason.tv and narrator of the "Reason Saves Cleveland" series, will address council Thursday at 10 a.m.

The city's TV station is supposed to have a live video stream of the meeting at 10 a.m. here.


Nick's Reason cover story "How to Save Cleveland."

Reason Saves Cleveland With Drew Carey, The Complete Series

Ten Things to Privatize in Cleveland

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  1. From a Clevelander, I truly wish you the best of luck in convincing these guys. We’d literally take anything we can get.

    I’ll be downtown today, I’d buy you a drink if you have time. 🙂

    1. I was downtown, but not at this. Anyone manage to tape the video of the meeting? Youtube?

  2. Let me know how that works out. Heh, wouldn’t it be a hoot if Reason really did save Cleavland?

    1. Just don’t blaspheme me or my religion in Cleveland! With Gillespie around, he might delete the city!

  3. I don’t think Cleveland is in any danger of being saved. The political machine is way too entrenched and the voters far too set in their ways to even entertain thinking outside the box (and mostly because “private business” = “TEH EVUL!!!!!one!1”).

  4. Good luck!

  5. It is time for the true power of The Jacket to reveal itself, at last.

    1. If The Jacket reveals himself during the meeting, it may end pretty quick.

  6. I hope to hell he wears The Jacket to this meeting. Should be interesting to see if any of those council idiots gets distracted enough to say something stupid about it. Too bad I can’t watch at work.

  7. Good luck boys!

  8. People still read newspapers in California? Huh?

  9. LOL, bet thats gonna be one really cool meeting.


    1. It sure should be, anonymity bot. It sure should be.

  10. It would be great to see Cleveland as a ‘libertarian experiment’ city. Unfortunately even if the city went along with it ,there would still be the heavy hand of county, state, and federal govt there to dampen things.

  11. I love listening to this feed, before the meeting starts…”What the hell does he want to do? Privatize everything?”

  12. Just overheard pre-council meeting, “does he want us to privatize everything, what does he want us to do?”

    Said sarcastically too.

    The pre-meeting music didnt cover it up.

  13. Nerd.


    1. But he has it with him.

    2. Are his powers diminished? I can’t believe he’d walk into the belly of the provincial local government beast without The Jacket.

  15. Shhh…we’re having a dialogue.

  16. They need to do some work on the sound system.

  17. councilwoman: “Im not sure we want to be the most business friendly city”.

    1. Mission accomplished.

    2. I wonder if she heard herself only slightly translated like so: “I’m not sure we want the filthy lucre of lots of private businesses filling our coffers” that she would shut the fuck up.

    3. Maybe she doesn’t know where taxes come from?

  18. Admitting that we have a problem is the first step to wellness. But we must first address our massive inferiority complex, our unhealthy obsession with our loser sports teams, and our seething, psychotic hatred (and envy) of all things New York.

    1. It ain’t envy, trust me. The hate for New York is 100% genuine hatred.

      1. Hating someone or something because of its success is very telling. Envy is a loser emotion. Cleveland will never succeed until it sheds its inferiority complex.

        1. Don’t hate me because I’m beautiful.

  19. On having a strip club next to a church:
    Gillespie: “That makes Sunday a lot easier.”
    Humorless cunt: “Not in my community.”

    I also like “Cleveland hasn’t been a joke for a long time”. OK, council dude. Keep telling yourself that.

    1. I like Drew’s comment about any decent church would want a strip club next door because that is bringing the sinners to them.

  20. Can’t locate the feed. Help!

    1. link is in article above.

  21. Wouldn’t the liquor stores be self limiting? Too many and they’d go out of business due to too much competition. And maybe use restrictive covenants?

    1. I agree, that’s a lame example. It should be self repairing. Drew needs to quit being so nice. Besides, I hate the “low wage” argument. Low wage is better than no wage.

      1. Is Drew trying too hard not to piss people off? I wish he wouldn’t do that.

        1. Well, Drew Carey isn’t a public policy analyst, he’s a comedian. Nick should be jumping in to give more input from a libertarian perspective.

          1. He’s more of a public policy analyst than any of those leeches on council.

  22. “You take very complex problems and present very easy solutions”

    No shit, the government is what made them complicated!

  23. This is outstanding but already they are defending their current practices instead of considering new ideas.

    Hope, spring eternal it doesn’t

  24. I don’t suppose Dennis the Menace is present at these proceedings. That would be one hell of an interesting meeting.

  25. Geez – stand up for your own video!

  26. I love this. Every single councilman is saying that nothing is wrong and the video was just cherrypicking. Awesome.

    1. Yes, council, Cleveland is all rainbows and unicorns. Sure, some of the unicorn horns need polish, but otherwise all is well.

    2. What a bunch of fucks. So they really believe that losing half their population (and residential tax base) to the suburbs and other places is not a problem?

  27. It seems they are there to defend the series as opposed to aid Cleveland with changes. I would not be as cool headed as Nick nor Drew.

    then again, I am not famous

    1. I like the fact that Nick tossed out a couple of ideas that the council could work on (like removing zoning rules in one of worst areas) and there was absolute silence from the other side.

  28. They bring up Denver and how it has zoning…well, we fight it all the time too. Also, in western colorado there are counties without building codes fro craps sake. I would not call Colorado a zoning meca (except Boulder, and we hammer them for their false property valuations all the time. Best story ever…rich Boulderites have to build low income housing so their maids and dishwashers have somewhere to live and then bitch that there arent enough zoning restricitons.)

    Kills me

  29. Other than that one douche that’s spending his most of his time talking to the cameras, this is going really well. Drew & Nick came prepared and are giving some great answers to their questions.

    1. I agree but I don’t think Cleveland is listening.

  30. “Im not sure we want to be the most business friendly city”.

    *weeps, bangs head on desk*

    1. Meanwhile, I’m sure, that in their heads they’re thinking “and those businesses already here don’t pay us NEARLY enough taxes”.

  31. Cleveland number one for business startups?

    1. It was Ohio he was saying, but yeah, the question mark still applies.

  32. Nick: Ohio pretty much sucks, economically.
    Councilman: Well, I have this data that says Cleveland is awesome. OK, that’s it, meeting’s over. Get the fuck out.

  33. Ranting defeatist is ranting.

  34. Policies in Washington have screwed up Cleveland? The demagogue is strong with this one.

  35. meeting’s over. Get the fuck out.

    Bossing people around; it’s what makes government work so satisfying.

  36. Awesome, let’s let this fuckface bloviate about how tariffs will fix Cleveland.

    1. And how Cleveland is screwed up because those TWO FACED FUCKING COMPANIES had the FUCKING TEMERITY to leave. God fucking dammit, get the fuck out of my sight, you fucking dogooder pricks.

      1. Do they ever stop and wonder WHY companies leave? I mean, do they actually think about it or do they rage on and on about PROFIT!!!!! and TEH GREED!?

    2. “A top-notch orchestra.” Heh. The orchestra and making sure corporations scratch your back are going to save the city, fuckface.

  37. They need to learn to say “do you want extra shine on those shoes” in Mandarin. LOL!

  38. boo hoo…it’s not our fault…the mean old guovernment wont help us…

    shoot me

  39. It’s the feds fault – look how angry I am – if only we had a retractable roof on the stadium LOL

  40. Here’s an idea they’ll really like: Cleveland needs more Koreans.

    Koreans are entrepreneurial little dervishes, who create jobs by providing needed services and products.

  41. Nick is going back at him.

  42. Having met with and worked with city officials, city council members, etc., I’ve come away with the idea that many of them really are well intentioned, and they want to do what’s best for their constituents…

    They just can’t.

    How do you explain to people who’ve devoted their lives to trying to fix these problems that their solutions are the problem?

    In fact, if you’re talking about a sinking ship? You may find that the people who’ve managed to keep the ship right side up, despite all the water they’ve taken on, are some of the best, most dedicated people you’re likely to meet. I’m talking about the city council here, not some public employee union.

    And it must be hard, knowing that you did your best for your city, and seeing a couple of guys come in and crap all over your work. I try to get people to see that giving people the freedom to innovate their own solutions isn’t a government program…

    And some of the city people I’ve talked to seem to respond to that idea, that it isn’t about crapping all over their hard work. It’s that despite their good intentions and hard work, they can’t fix people’s problems for them, people have to fix themselves. …and they need the freedom to do so.

    1. In fact, if you’re talking about a sinking ship? You may find that the people who’ve managed to keep the ship right side up, despite all the water they’ve taken on, are some of the best, most dedicated people you’re likely to meet.

      Results count.

      Their idea for saving the sinking ship seems to be drilling more holes in the hull so the water drains out. The fact that they are drilling lots holes, nicely spaced out, all around the hull, doesn’t really matter much to me.

  43. I am going to kiss Nick next time I see him. He wont like that but I am going to do it anyway.

    The Jacket! We’re saved! *POW*

  44. tariffs will fix Cleveland.

    Bethlehem Steel is chomping at the bit to build a steel mill. Honest. They just need a little help from the government. And some eminent domain.

  45. The orchestra cures all!!!

  46. OK, who had 11:08 in the “Country’s best symphony being mentioned” pool?

    1. It took a lot longer than I thought it would, so I lost big. I expected to hear it in the first 5 minutes.

  47. It’s that despite their good intentions and hard work, they can’t fix people’s problems for them


  48. Whoah….near miss.

  49. I thought it was an enumerated Federal power to raise tariffs. Unless they’re talking about some other meaning of the word. I’m not watching, so I have no idea.

  50. let’s all make our pirch to get “price is right” to ZCleveland – yeah that will save our economy!

    Get them NICK

    1. Nick is starting to play some hardball. His comment about Cleveland trying to quit looking for what other people can bring to Cleveland and figure out what they can offer to everyone else. First thing I’ve heard that makes me want a transcript.

    2. pitch not pirch

      1. But you are sticking with “ZCleveland”?

  51. I am watching these guys, live and the Cleveland City Council are a bunch of Idiots! What is wrong with these guys?

  52. He read the writings on the website? Here comes the libertarian bashing!

    1. When he says “fairness” he means “gives to my campaign”

  53. Is this guy kidding? “Government is the fairest solution.”

  54. Oh, and an ode to government fairness comes. Enjoy your fucking fair poverty, Cleveland.

  55. “I’m not defensive or thin-skinned,” he said defensively.

    1. How dare you. He’s trying to stop a 15-year old with a 9mm from killing someone.

  56. Oh man… is this guy for real?

    1. At least he is pro-voucher/charter.

  57. oh you simple, simple racist libertarians. I have 30 years of screwing tax payers under my belt.

    1. Cleveland NEEDS affordable golf for the poor???

  58. “we have a lot of good plans”

  59. Cleveland has hope! And some plans, too!

  60. Cheap shots!? If anything, “Reasons Saves Cleveland” was kind to that shit-hole!

  61. You hear that Drew? Government is not the problem, you simple-solutioning fool.

  62. How dare you try to sell your simplistic libertarianism at the expense of this thriving metropolis, Nick.

  63. golf courses would be racist if the government didn’t own them!

    1. Actually, he is saying they wouldnt be anymore. Now they would be classist!

  64. Accessibility for golf courses?! OMFG!

  65. And how dare you want to take away the black people’s golf course. You are a monster, Nick.

  66. Fucking Golf courses??????? Thats your answer? GOLF COURSES?!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!?!?!?!?

  67. Rankings where Cleveland is up high:

    [ ] Great place to live
    [ ] Low taxes
    [ ] Vibrant economy
    [ ] Good schools
    [x] Intelligence of city officials to make the right decisions for their population

  68. He just said it, “I am not giving up my power…”

    1. At least he is honest.

    2. Now the important stuff comes out.

    3. Because *I* need to be at the table….

      And I will continue to saw off it’s legs until the city rebounds….

  69. I ain’t sellin’ sh*t, cause then they won’t listen to me anymore. And thats just racist

  70. Man, I wish Drew would quit apologizing for the video!

    1. I can just hear the conversation in the council break room afterwards – “Well, we go them to admit their video sucked – problem solved.”

  71. Government is not the problem.

    Government is NEVER the problem.

    And you’re a racist poopyhead!

  72. I wonder if anyone will mention tribalism…

  73. Drew is laying down the hammer now.

    1. In a polite way…Nick REALLY wants to give it to him.

    2. Is anyone else’s video feed showing heads cocked to the side in confusion?

      1. The guy at the end of the table that went on the rant is looks like his head is about to explode.

    3. Crap, now he is giving them a bowling alley idea.

  74. What? NOT be in the grocery business? Be in the city business? Not be in the golf course business? What strange talk is this ye stanger?

  75. Did Drew just get ticked off enough to toss out a veiled threat?

  76. They should legalize marijuana now, before everyone else does. Then Cleveland will really go to pot, in a good way. Change the name to Hempland. LOL!

  77. Good work, Nick, for noting that Jim Crow is a government program.

    1. Yeah… he skated really close to the Rand Paul line, but didn’t cross it. Some balls for saying it at all.

  78. Aw, Nick. Did you have to bring up Jim Crow?

    They don’t get it. They won’t get it. Ever.

  79. Urge to kill Nick rising…rising…

  80. This dude is a moron.

    no comment

  81. Oh… the government can help people determine and realize a quality of life… sure… *rolls eyes*

  82. Because no private company is capable of generating power.

  83. Ooo… nice bait question, Drew.

  84. What are the chances of a video of this meeting being available after the fact? Sounds like a combination of fun and morbid frustration.

    1. There is a videos link. Dont know if this will be on there afterwords or not, but maybe.

  85. It’s better that nobody has anything than that somebody has more than I have.

    Does that about cover it?

  86. We sold some things…and that hurt us.

    1. Yeah, I would like to have heard what those things were.

  87. Yes, you CAN do more than pick-up the trash (though a private group can better), but SHOULD you?

  88. Encouraging private business isn’t all about “bottom line”, it’s about freedom of choice.

  89. Encouraging private business isn’t all about “bottom line”, it’s about freedom of choice.

  90. Government facing down the power interests. Heh.

    1. Someone actually said this without a sense of irony? In Cleveland?

  91. He’s got the bag! Get down!

  92. Oh good! A gift on behalf of the tax payers!

  93. Will that guy shut-up already? We get your “philosophy” of big guv for change dude, and “we’ll agree to disagree” bit…The dude wishes The Jacket and Drew weren’t there for sure.

  94. How much do you think this all costs, without going over?

    1. They played that game at the beginning.

    2. One dollar.

  95. And for you not-Drew guy, we’ve got dick for you. Sorry.

  96. Did Nick say that you needed to fight perception?

  97. Because no very efficient business, ever, has other businesses doing business with them.

  98. “And we are doing a good job of it.” An eminent domain anecdote follows.

    1. Good point.

  99. So we’re back to “nothing is wrong” again?

    1. Of course.

  100. You know…perhaps Reason should look at Economic Gardening. It seems to be a decent step towards dereg but is mor commonly adopted.

  101. for my comment above

  102. There’s that deregulation thing again.

  103. Wall Street killed Cleveland. Luckily, the city put some guy in jail, and everything’s fixed now.

    1. we need regulation.

      Oh really? I could have sworn fraud was already against the law.

    2. Fucking hell. They’re like the paranoid wing of the Arab world (which is pretty big) – everything is “The West’s Fault (TM)”

  104. Regulate “reasonableness” what does that even mean?

    1. I’m glad someone else heard that. I hope he meant create reasonable regulation. I’ll cut him some slack, misspeaking (like typos) is inevitable.

  105. Here is the Economit Gardening link.

  106. OK SPAM FILTER!!!!


  108. i give:
    Here is the link…put it in yourself:

    Damn spam filter

  109. Must. Walk. Away. Can’t. Masochist?

  110. http://www.littletongov.org/bia/economicgardening

    How come spam bot doest get blocked like I am?


  111. test

  112. Oh Nick… PLEASE destroy them on the mortgage thing!

    1. I didn’t think he was going to let that pass. Good deal.

      1. “I bet no one at this table argued against loan subsidies in the 90s” – nice! And ignored by the councilman.

        1. Solid zing. And he quickly two stepped it.

  113. i am trying to get this link in this thread and am about to go on a squirl rampage.

    w w w DOT littletongov DOT

  114. I done…gotta do work now BUT I would like to say Good Job Nicks and Drew. Too bad you were talking to several fence posts instead of people.

  115. Two! Two! Drew Carey puns!

    Ah! Ah! Ah!

  116. increase sideyard setbacks are you fucking kidding me.

    1. But hey, they’re teaching inner city kids agriculture. That’s going to pay off for sure!

  117. I don’t want to blame anybody else, but I do.

  118. oh yes their problem is that they couldn’t stop people from converting farmland into housing.

  119. The problem is that the state and feds built roads in the suburbs. You fucking libertoid idiots.

  120. Notice the awesome derision when he said “corporate, for-profit”? Fucking awesome.

    1. He probably would have spit afterward if he wasn’t on camera.

  121. Have I missed it, or has this guy yet to make a point. He is sorts just… talking…

  122. Good lord people! Learn the “4 finger” rule about talking into microphones. You are driving my AV tech brain crazy!

  123. Why does a business NEED a certificate from you to be a business? That is the better question.

  124. Good lord, how many councilmen are there? There’s your fucking problem.

    1. “Good things are happening in Cleveland. Look at the three professional teams.”

    2. That’s been mentioned before. Council expanded to accommodate the population, but never, ever shrunk back down now that it’s half of what it was at its peak. Trivisonno talked about getting rid of wards years and years ago, back when I bothered to listen to that guy.

  125. Cleveland has three professional teams…we’re good.

    1. I only count one and a half.

    2. This guy is the best of the lot.

      1. He is certainly making the most progress.

    3. I shouldn’t be too hard on the guy, he’s bringing up a good point.

  126. Did they break for lunch or something?

    1. I think they mentioned that there is some lunch for the mayor.

    2. They said earlier that several of the councilmen would have to leave for some lunch honoring the mayor. Evidently Mayor Jackson came to work or something worthy of honor.

      1. rofl

  127. Good Nick, make sure to say that subsidies are not the way to go.

  128. Wait… did he just push for high tech reform and then say there should be a suggestion box? o_O

  129. Drew 10, Nick 0 on the gift count.

    1. When you have The Jacket? you don’t need gifts.

  130. “Drew, can you adopt a school or something? You have money, you greedy fuck.”

  131. Alright, I’m betting the when the local channels show this tonight, the clip will be Drew playing the pricing game.

  132. When they mentioned three professional sports teams I would have countered with “Yeah, and when hockey and soccer came to Ohio, they chose to avoid Cleveland like the plague.”

    1. Soccer very nearly came to Northeast Ohio only a couple of years ago. Of course the deal would have put them in the burbs between Akron and Cleveland in Summit County, so the point stands.

    2. Also, back when MLS was starting up, Cleveland was very much in the running, as I remember, pretty deep in the process. However, Columbus sold so many season ticket packages that they couldn’t be ignored (never mind that most of them were bought by Kroger).

  133. I watched a good portion of the entire meeting. I am left with even greater despair after witnessing how truly oblivious your average politician is to how freer people with less burdens can improve things.

    Drew/Nick: Quit spending, increase competition, simplify the rules.

    Council: So what you are saying is that we need a new stadium, a high tech corridor, a street car, and some blue ribbon panels? OK, thanks for coming!

    Drew/Nick: aaaaaarrrrrggggghhhhh!

    1. You left out the part about how Cleveland is already great, there aren’t any problems,and we have the best symphony orchestra in the world.

      1. Don’t forget it is all the Fed’s and State’s fault for building freeways and letting those greedy corporation send jobs overseas.

        1. Thanks for correcting me – Cleveland has no problems, but the ones they do have are all the fault of Ohio and the Feds, but mostly the Chinese.

  134. Say, did they mention West Side Market yet?

    1. I like Drew’s comment about how if he “wanted to be mean” he would just buy the strip mall next door to the West Side Market, fix it up so all the vendors currently at the Market would go there, and leave it open seven days a week and drive the Market under. That seemed to get their attention.

      1. The People’s Market? would never allow it. They’d go Walmart Derangement Syndrome on Carey’s ass.

  135. It’s going to be so funny when TheBron bails on the Cavs and half the city commits suicide.

      1. Tick…tick…tick…

  136. I like Drew’s comment about how if he “wanted to be mean” he would just buy the strip mall next door to the West Side Market, fix it up so all the vendors currently at the Market would go there, and leave it open seven days a week and drive the Market under. That seemed to get their attention.

    On the docket for the next City Council meeting; seize that mall via eminent domain, and bulldoze it. Just in case.

    1. West Side Market needs more parking, natch.

  137. Please tell me this was recorded and is available somewhere.

    1. It’s yours for $39.95 plus shipping and handling. Available only on VHS. Please allow 6-8 weeks for delivery.

      1. The check is in the mail.

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