30 years ago in Reason

From the July 1980 issue


"The Cable News Network (CNN) will provide detailed analytical coverage of breaking news and important issues to an initial audience that could be four million subscribers. The 'big three' networks all publicly scoff at the hint of any real threat to their control of the market."

'"Patrick Cox, "Cable News Upstart"

"As a matter of fact, I don't think that the Great Depression of the '30s has really ever ended. I think it's like a bad-smelling beast on which the government used a lot of deodorant, and all they've done through all of these shenanigans is cover up the depression with this thing called false prosperity."

'""An Interview With Robert Ringer"

"The leaders of both Russia and America have a tremendous vested interest in remaining enemies. It rationalizes diversion of greater resources into military spending and keeps the populations in both countries lined up in support of the respective governments."

'"James Dale Davidson, "The Breakdown of Détente" '"July 1980