Reason Writers Around the Web: Radley Balko Guest-Blogging for Instapundit This Week


This week, Reason Senior Editor Radley Balko will be part of a crew of guest-bloggers filling in for Glenn "Instapundit" Reynolds.

Follow Balko's posts here.

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  1. Nick and Matt must be so disappointed that they weren’t chosen. They’ve been linking so much to Glenn “I support the Arizona Immigration Law because it makes liberals mad” Reynolds recently, yet their job applications didn’t pay off.


  2. Yes, Jay, it’s absolute treason for Nick and Matt to link to one of the most prolific bloggers on the internet. Next thing they’ll be linking and commenting on New York Times articles by Paul “blumpkin” Krugman!

  3. Of course, that’s not at all what Reynolds said. He doesn’t like the AZ law, but he understands the frustration and fear that led to its passage.

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