Reason Writers Around Town: Peter Suderman Talks Off-Shore Drilling, Supply-Side Economics, and the Libertarian Swing Vote on Bloggingheads


At Bloggingheads, Associate Editor Peter Suderman and Bill Scher of the Liberal Oasis discuss the Gulf Coast oil spill, tax cuts that don't pay for themselves, and more. Approximately one hour.

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  1. I’d like to stick around and discuss this topic, but I’m off to the Doctor’s office. I’ve been crapping out bloody Dan T’s for nearly a week now and it’s starting to worry me.

  2. TL;DNW

  3. If Suderman ever had an original thought, his head would explode. Libertarianism keeps the fucker alive.

  4. A two-Obie afternoon at Hit & Run: Liz Phair (singing Cinco de Mayo) and Bill Scher!

  5. As to the question in the interview of where Radley Balko got the SWAT raid video, he got it the same place everyone else did. On YouTube where it was uploaded by pscyhostyle on May 3rd, two days before Radley and Reason linked to it. Now the question is where did pscyhostyle get it?

  6. Laffer didn’t invent the laffer curve, he was just the first economist to tell politicians about it. It is fairly unambiguous microeconomic, but gets abused by politicians because they don’t really understand the theory behind it.

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