Cape Wind Approved: Ted Kennedy Spinning in His Grave


Kennedy wind image

After nine years of analysis, the Cape Wind offshore project, located in the viewshed of the Kennedy family "compound" at Hyannisport, Massachusetts, has been approved by Secretary of the Interior Ken Salazar. The Washington Post reports NIMBY lawsuits already teeing up:

The Cape Wind project remains hugely controversial, and a coalition of opponents announced Wednesday they would challenge the decision in court. Salazar said he was "confident" the decision, which has come under scrutiny by 17 state and federal agencies, would be upheld.

"While the Obama administration today dealt a blow to all of us who care deeply about preserving our most precious natural treasures, this fight is not over," said Audra Parker, president of the Alliance to Protect Nantucket Sound. "Litigation remains the option of last resort. However, when the federal government is intent on trampling the rights of Native Americans and the people of Cape Cod, we must act. We will not stand by and allow our treasured public lands to be marred forever by a corporate giveaway to private industrial energy developers."

Michael Fry, conservation advocacy director for the American Bird Conservancy, said the project could "reduce prime offshore sea-duck foraging habitat" and data suggest "that loons will likely abandon the area for years to come, and there may be significant impacts to endangered Roseate Terns, which breed in nearby Buzzard's Bay and feed in Nantucket Sound."

Whole Post article here.

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  1. “loons will likely abandon the area for years to come”

    I seriously doubt the Kennedys are just going to up and move.

    1. +5

    2. No one likes a show-off.

      1. jealous much? Don’t be hatin’ just because Brian stole your joke.

        1. Extremely jealous. It’s as close to respect as I’m capable.

    3. I wonder how hot his whiskey-soaked soul is burning in hell.

      1. You don’t burn in the 6th Circle. He’s either there or Circle 8.

    4. I love it, I’m going to steal it.

    5. This may well be one of the best one-liners ever posted on Hit & Run.

  2. I think Obama may have just overplayed his hand.

    Putting stuff offshore in in full view of your biggest campaign contributors…which happen to line both coasts if you’re a Democrat…is like the third rail of campaign contributions.

    Sure, you can do it in Long Beach. Nobody cares about Long Beach. …but Massachusetts? Political suicide.

    Maybe this means he’s given up on a second term?

    1. Nah, he’s just planning to move to Hubris Port, Massachusetts.

      1. Nice one, Pro’L Dib. But will his head fit through the door?

        1. Sure – once he gets it out of his ass.

        2. It is easy for me. For am I not the Kwittheshitz Hadenough, the one who can be offended many times at once?

          1. ROFL.

          2. Kwittheshitz Hadenough


          3. I know some women who jokingly refer to themselves as BG, and I am shamelessly stealing this. If you are lucky I will be able to snap a pic as I deliver that line.

            1. Do they pull out needles and hold them at your neck?

    2. Nope, He’s punishing the bitter clingers of Massachusetts for daring to fill Ted Kennedy’s (PBUH) seat with that truck-drivin’ pornstar Scott Brown.

  3. “loons will likely abandon the area for years to come.” Does that mean that the denizens of the Hyannisport compound and the likes of Ted Danson, his ux, Mary Screamlikeavirgin, Bill Clinton, James Taylor, Lenny Clarke, Carly Simon, Bill bellichek, Bob Kraft, Morley Safer, John Henry, the Governator and his skanky ux, Obama and his equally skanky ux and Mike Wallace won’t be summering on the Vineyard or Nantucket?

  4. You missed your chance at a headline:

    “Cape Wind Approved: Kennedys Break Wind”

  5. Too soon!

    There’s so much still-unrotted fat in there I doubt his skeleton can move.

    1. That’s why instead of a funeral we should have just shoved a bone up his ass and let the dogs drag him away.

      1. You had me until the part about the dogs.

        1. Given up dogs now, Barney?

  6. So…who do we root for here? The self-important coastal elites who normally support government programs like this (except, of course, with the omnipresent NIMBYism)…or the government?

    So…tough to choose…

    1. Neither. Let ’em feast on each other and let Darwin sort it out.

      I, for one, enjoy this.

      1. Bingo. Let them struggle with each other, developing enmity. There could be a lot worse things they could be doing.

        1. Two enter…none leaves.

          1. +1

            Let them all kill each other and the devil can sort them out.

    2. It’s like the Iran-Iraq war.

    3. The only thing to do is mock the NIMBY liberals for their hypocrisy.

      1. J sub D
        Is NIMBY supposed to be a liberal thing or anti-NIMBY? I’m confused.

        1. NIMBYism is a hypocrite thing well represented all along the left/right one dimensional line.

          I would be mocking law and order types filing a lawsuit against a prison in their neck of the woods as well.

          1. That would be rich, and I would laugh almost as hard (there are innocent people in prison).

            1. You can laugh just as hard. We’ll know you’re laughing at the NIMBYites, not the unjustly-imprisoned.

    4. Haven’t seen TAO round here in quite a while.

      1. I’ve noticed as well.

      2. The quality of comments has slipped.

        (I just hang around to be a very minor irritant.)

    5. Why would we root against the government here? No property rights are being violated.

      Oh, I get it. It’s the libertarian version of team red-team blue.

  7. “…when the federal government is intent on trampling the rights of Native Americans and the people of Cape Cod, we must act.”

    No one’s rights are so precious that they shouldn’t be sacrificed for the common good–not in Barak Obama’s America.

    1. FUCK THE NATIVE AMERICANS! They stood in the way of the eventual Liberal Paradise that is America.

      We knew what was good for them and we did it, even if that meant killing most of them.

      1. So now liberals are responsible for that too?

        Can somebody kill that red faced special needs child on FOX before he does anymore brain damage?

        1. So now liberals are responsible for that too?

          Go and find out what “progressives” did to the indians by forcing them into government schools.

          Can somebody kill that red faced special needs child

          A eugenics joke, Tony? Really?


          1. Not all of them, just the one holding everyone’s rhetoric by the testes.

  8. While the Obama administration today dealt a blow to all of us who care deeply about preserving our most precious natural treasures, this fight is not over,” said Audra Parker, president of the Alliance to Protect Nantucket Sound.


    And to you, my limousine liberal Nantucket gin soaked legacy sots, I offer you a hearty FUCK YOU AND SERVES YOU RIGHT!

    How do you like the Community-Organizer-in-Chief and TEH NANNY STATE NOW? And you you thought you were IMMUNE!


    I just might have found some evidence of Karma.

    1. I’m sorry but the class envy that drips from denunciations of “limousine liberals” is just too rich from you guys.

      1. Yeah, “class envy”. Comprehension fail, MNG.

      2. Coming from a condescending prick like you MNG is the apex of irony.

        I have no class envy MNG TYVM; it’s the hypocrisy exposed in which I revel, especially in a Liberal Enclave like MA.

      3. I’m sorry but the class envy that drips from denunciations of “limousine liberals” is just too rich from you guys.

        The criticism is that particular segments of the upper classes are preventing others from reaching that same upper crust through government action. Plus they got rich by applying skills and hard work in a relativity free capitalistic economy.

        I do not begrudge them their wealth. And i am happy at least someone got something out our dwindling free economy. But I would like the same opportunity to produce my own wealth. I do begrudge them preventing myself and others from pursuing it.

        Only like 20% of the world think like you MNG. The rest of us are not consumed by envy. Be careful not to assign your own sins and mental defects on the rest of us.

        1. joshua,

          You need to be directing your ire toward the actually people denying your ability to succeed in life, the ones whose policies deliberately concentrate wealth at the top. The only way they manage to avoid pitchforks and guillotines as a response to their looting is because they’ve convinced poor saps like you that you actually have a chance to be one of them. The American Dream was a brilliant con.

          1. You need to be directing your ire toward the actually people denying your ability to succeed in life, the ones whose policies deliberately concentrate wealth at the top.

            That would be both wings of the Ruling Party, obviously. BTW, did you hear about Obama voting for the bailouts? Still supporting him, are you?


            1. Yes. Not a deal-breaker, considering I’m pretty happy Lehman was confined to Lehman.

      4. Reminds me of the progressive I was debating about school choice. He was against it. He had a private school education.

        limousine liberal cocksucker

        1. Of course he was against the proles getting an education. Back before mandatory government schooling, you’d hear about people getting out of poverty all the time! It was practically a national pastime.


      5. No, MNG… it’s the hypocrisy of said limousine liberals, that pisses us off.



            1. …thus pointing out the twin follies of tax-and-spend, and tax-CUT-and-spend.

        2. It’s not hypocrisy to believe in politics that aren’t necessarily in the interest of your own bank balance. Some people aren’t myopic selfish twits who worship Ayn Rand, you know, even some rich people.

          1. I don’t read all of the blog entries or comments, but have you always had this problem of so totally missing the point [to say nothing on not understand the definitions of words], or is there a Point Missing Olympics that you’re practicing for?

            1. I’m not so much missing the point as being bored with it and preferring my own.

              1. That’s what your ex-girlfriend said.

  9. Spinning in my grave? Nah. I do get nightly bedspins from the cheap hootch they serve down here.

  10. Don’t you love it when the greens and the enviormentals go at it with each other. This is kinda fun.

  11. Michael Fry, conservation advocacy director for the American Bird Conservancy, said the project could “reduce prime offshore sea-duck foraging habitat” and data suggest “that loons will likely abandon the area for years to come, and there may be significant impacts to endangered Roseate Terns, which breed in nearby Buzzard’s Bay and feed in Nantucket Sound.”

    More than a year ago (probably before Obama took office) I predicted on these very pages that the irrational environmentalists would do everything in their power to thwart “green” energy projects.

    Fuckin’ asswipes should just call themselves primitives.

  12. Poor birds. Can’t we just exterminate all the humans in Nantucket?

    1. What humans? They’re all Nantucketites.

      1. This demands. . .a limerick!

        1. There once was humans from Nantucket
          Who thought themselves immune from buttfuckin’
          They learn’ed quickly
          The word “irony”
          And cursed the inhuman who caused it.

          1. Ah, very good. Much better than anything ProL could come up with.

            1. Thank you Epi-dural, I believe you to have high standards. I occasionally post some good stuff, but nothing like yourself, the Saccharin Man, and others of fine to questionable repute.

              1. “fine AND questionable repute”.

                Because somehow they manage both simultaneously.

            2. Oh, very well, if you insist:

              There was a senator from Nantucket.
              Who only recently kicked the bucket.
              He thought the wind farm,
              Would cause his view harm,
              But now that he’s dead we all said “Fuck it.”

              1. OK, I rescind my statement that it’s better than anything you could come up with. But you got lucky this time, pal.

                1. Boo hoo. However will I cope? I feel as used as Warty prolapsed rectum a floppin’ in the wind.

                  1. Warty’s rectum doesn’t prolapse because it’s made of latex. This provides him with several benefits as you can see.

              2. Not only am I the Kwittheshitz Hadenough, I’ve also passed the Gon Tufar test.

          2. Liberals who live on Nantucket
            To windmills they like to say “fuck it”
            They whine and they glower
            “We don’t need the power!
            It’s already there in the socket.”

        2. Michael loves the loons at Nantucket
          They’re on the list for his bucket
          If the wind farm goes up
          They’ll have nowhere to sup
          But “viewshed” is a word? Well fuck it!

          A wind farm threatens Nantucket
          Audra’s been heard to say “fuck it”
          The natives, and greenies they know
          Soon to DC she must go
          Find a powerful dick, blow and suck it

          ? I’ll be here all week

        3. Massive fail, all of you except PapayaSF, who at least understands the rules in writing a good limerick (yes, there are rules.) The rest of you, well, to say your work reads like a milk cart bouncing over railroad ties would be too kind. Be gone!

          1. Those who can’t do, teach; those who can’t teach, criticize.

            1. OK, OK. It’s really easy. I’ll show you:

              A cranky old drunkard named Ted
              had died from a growth in his head.
              Before he was gone
              he stood on his lawn
              and stared at the ocean with dread.

              It’s all about consistent meter and rhyme.
              You’re welcome.

              1. That’s better.

                1. You’re a good sport, P L.

    2. I like this argument: any concern for animals=death to all humans!

      See Warty, there’s this thing called nuance….

      1. I was being serious, you gibbering moron. Nantucketites are worth less than birds, much like how you are worth approximately as much as a blood fluke. Now fuck off and die already, you subsentient buffoon.

        1. Blood Flukes have a purpose in the ecological circle of life. MNG is a carbon credit in the making.

        2. Nantucketites are worth less

          Who can spot the extra space?

        3. “Subsentient buffoon”- that is gold, Jerry, gold! Can I use it?

  13. Where’s Chad? This is right up his chute!

    1. I am right here, and completely support Salazar’s decision.

      Next the time NIMBY’s complain, we should use eminant domain to take their home, and forcibly relocate them downwind of a coal plant. Few things piss me off more than NIMBY’s.

      And yes, you can build anything you like in my “backyard”. It wouldn’t be any worse than the miles of McMansions and strip malls.

      1. Your disdain of property rights is, as always, strident and selfish, Chad.

        1. Meanwhile… is there still an EPA moratorium on building solar-collection units in the fucking desert?

          1. Hmm… Chad must be taking a nap. Or he’s fellating Bernie Sanders again.

            1. I think I’ll build a tree fort in Chad’s back yard… out of one of his trees. On the ground, where normal people live.

              And a three-car garage. Gotta have room to work on my Willys station-wagon project – and some of that wood can come in right handy redoing the outer paneling.

              Then, he’d damned well WILL make me a sandwich.

              1. WHOA! Making your own paneling? Can i come help? We’ll be running the bandsaw back there for WEEKS!

                1. Depends on how many trees in Chad’s back yard… and what kinds they are.

                  If nothing else… firewood for this coming winter.

          2. Deserts are fragile, don’t you know. My favorite was a friend who objected to oil drilling on the North Slope, “because it might disturb the birds.” He couldn’t tell me a place on Earth to drill for oil where there weren’t any birds.

            1. Well, the only thing to do is… just stop using fuel and energy altogether.

              Right, Chad?

              Oh, and dig the horseshit Forrest shoveled a couple of posts south of here. What a maroon!

  14. Something tells me the elite liberals of Cape Cod wouldn’t mind so much if they stuck this near East Boston or in Mount Hope Bay near Fall River. I know this having grown up in plain view of two of the Filthy Five.

    1. There are no birds that feed in East Boston. The working poor, having fallen through the cracks of our capitalist “system”, have been forced to eat them all.

      1. Fixed it for you:

        The working poor, having fallen through the cracks of our “capitalist” system, have been forced to eat them all.

  15. I especially like the mention of Native American rights. Real classy.

    1. Evidently some tribes are actually against the project. However, I doubt Mrs. Parker has been before or ever will be again an activist on behalf of Native Americans.

      1. Would be nice to see the tribes support it. They could get in on the “jobs” and really stick it to Parker at the same time.

      2. Plus i thought Native Americans were more connected to nature or some-shit.

        1. Here is the relevant quote from the article.

          The federal government will continue negotiating with two local tribes over the project’s impact on the sound. The tribes have gotten the sound qualified for listing on the National Register of Historic Places because of its cultural significance.

          “No amount of mitigation will change the fact that this is a site of great historical and cultural significance for our tribe, and is inappropriate for this project,” Mashpee Wampanoag Tribe Chairman Cedric Cromwell said in a statement.

        2. Plus i thought Native Americans were more connected to nature or some-shit.

          The Miccosukee (I believe; too lazy to google) are currently against an Everglades cleanup project that will end up flooding some historic sites. Of course the “restoration” won’t involve restoring habitat to something like its undeveloped state, but rather giving a sugar cane company a BILLION for some land to create ponds to clean the runoff coming from the land they’re still using.

  16. I say we bulldoze Nantucket, put up an appropriate shrine at Chappaquiddick and build the biggest nuclear power plant right on the beach.

    1. Salt water sucks for the cooling towers though 🙁

  17. And it only took nine years of permitting and review by seventeen different state and federal agencies – done twice because Kennedy got the rules changed after all the agencies approved the project four of five years ago.

    How is it that something that creates no pollution or any problems of any kind except being barely visible above the horizon from the mansions of political campaign contributors can be that difficult and expensive to permit?

    This is one case that true libertarians should support the Obama administration for doing the right thing, especially after the extreme abuses of due process on this project from self serving hypocrites of both parties over the last several years.

    1. This is one case that true libertarians should support the Obama administration for doing the right thing, especially after the extreme abuses of due process on this project from self serving hypocrites of both parties over the last several years.

      While I deplore the whole subsidized green energy policy, if we’re going to do it we shouldn’t be playing favorites and things shouldn’t take goddam decades to get started. As with nuke plants (and a waste site), the permit process is a fucking disaster, a giant waste of energy and money that enriches only bureaucrats and lawyers.

      Obama will see a lot more of this from his purported allies as he pushes “green” energy projects elsewhere.

      1. I would be much more impressed if you deplored subsdized fossil fuels. Why do libertarians turn a blind eye to (or even deny the existence of) these subsidies?

        1. Obviously you have not been around here long. Libertarians deplore all subsidies.

          For proof go to the archives.

          1. You’re arguing with a liberal tree-hugging pussy, Pandora. They don’t listen to common sense.

            1. Thanks for the reminder!

              1. Never hurts to weed out the Chicken Littles from the non-handwringing environmentally-conscious types.

          2. Dear God. I have been around here forever. And no, libertarians are only concerned about a very narrow kind of subsidy.

            1. Beats being in favor of shitloads of subsidies.

              1. The subsidies you defend (or willfully ignore) are much larger than the ones I am defending.

                1. Your favorite subsidies are shit, Chad. I say get rid of ALL subsidies. Top *that*.

                  1. So what is your plan for getting rid of all the externality-related subsidies? Cap and trade? Carbon tax? Something else?

                    Or are you going to stick to the libertarian line that the ability to dump your garbage onto public property (or your neighbors) for free isn’t a subsidy?

                    1. So your argument is to stretch the definition of “subsidy” and wonder why libertarians don’t go along? An externality is not a subsidy, unless I’m misunderstanding your point.

                    2. Papaya: I happen to work for a company that generates large amounts of toxic waste. It costs us a lot to dispose of it properly, and it would surely be to our competitive advantage if we could find a FREE method to dispose of it. So please give me your address, and I will petitition my congressman to pass a law allowing us to dump it all on your property or public property, whichever suits us, for no cost.

                      Please explain why the government providing a service for free is NOT a subsidy.

                    3. You work for Congress? Oh, wait, that’s not a company.

                    4. You’re right, the government providing a service for free is a subsidy. I just don’t understand which free government service you think libertarians are hypocritically supporting.

                    5. I happen to work for a company that generates large amounts of toxic waste.

                      and he’s consuming vast amounts of electricity in pointless intartubez kvetching.

                      Sounds like ‘ol Chad is part of the problem.

                    6. Another yawner from Chad.

            2. Dear Chad: It only seems like forever….to the rest of us.

    2. “This is one case that true libertarians should support the Obama administration for doing the right thing,”

      Getting a little ahead of yourself aren’t you. Obama hasn’t done anything yet. And he’s hardly a man of steel. What makes you so sure he isn’t going to back down. My take is this is a little pay back for Scott Brown, a reminder to the people of Massachusetts who owns them. Displeasing master doesn’t come without a price. Now they are naked and helpless, it’s impossible to deny. Next he shows mercy. And the people of Massachusetts respond how? With anger? Resentment? Not likely, they’ll feel thankful and indebted. They will owe him.

      Democrats didn’t invent the tactic, but it’s the same one they used to make practically all blacks Democrats after fighting a war to keep them slaves, Jim Crow, and everything else. They use it a lot. And why wouldn’t they, they have no principles, they’d destroy the nation if that’s what it took to hold power.

      I’m guesstimating a 90% chance Obama delays, and 70-75% chance the people of Massachusetts fall for it.

  18. Before you all assume that everyone on the Cape is rich as our “dear departed Teddy” (hey…. I got that endearment out without laughing… woops…. spoke too soon), plenty of us are busting our butts to live here. I’m working two jobs to hold it together so that I can enjoy what’s left of the Cape for a few hours a week. Like most folks working for a living, I actually have to sacrifice between supporting groups like the Association to Protect Nantucket Sound or Reason and other stuff that I want, even at the “Introductory Level”, and at least I’m willing to put my money where my mouth is. So I’ll stand proud about the NIMBY thing, but check your facts before you assume everyone who cares about where they live is a trustfund baby.

    1. I agree. I live on the north side of the Cape and damn well near cried when I read the news.

      I hope someone sues and ties this up till the next administration.

      1. Oil and coal currently provide us with electricity. If you ignore massive clouds of pollution, the frequent spills, mine collapses, oil platform explosions, tanker crashes, and countless lives lost, fossil fuels are the way to go. Or, we could pollute significantly less by augmenting our grid with wind and solar power.

        Offshore wind farms are beneficial to fish populations because they prevent overfishing in the area (which is a big problem especially off Nantucket).

        Why breathe poison when you could have clean air?

        1. And we CAN have clean air… if we just stop driving cars, using electricity, and living in general.

          1. I can help you with the “stop…living in general” part.

            1. Ask Chad. He feels guilty for living, despite his “I’m carbon neutral” lies.

        2. I lived almost within spitting distance of the Cholla coal fired power plant just outside Holbrook, AZ. Must be blind because I somehow missed the massive clouds of pollution. Damn shame too, I pay hard cash to breath poison, had I realized I could’ve had it for free I’d never moved.

          Care for a cigarette?

      2. Why do you care? They’re just windmills. (No sarcasm, I seriously want to know why this is so bothersome.)

        1. Oh, I didn’t know that the wind farm was going to remove all the poison in the air. In that case, I do apologize for my lack of enthusiasm.

        2. Atanarjuat: Seriously, there are many places they might belong, but a significant part of the Cape appeal (for me) is some of the historic (old by American standards) construction and a reflection of times gone by. (Yes, I drive a car, and have electricity in my house, so I admit to being impure in my actions regarding historic preservation.) In some cases, the contrast might be refreshing, but in this particular case, I find it too anachronistic. The engineering on these things *is* impressive, and in some circumstances I might treat them as sculpture, but just not this case. Further, as a pure economic thing for many who make their living off tourism, there are still many tourists who come to stare at the water and unwind, and the these things may be impressive, but I can’t imagine anyone would come just to see them (I might be wrong on the last point). And that is the first time I have ever conjured up the benefits of tourists, my usual contention is “If it’s tourist season, why can’t we shoot them?”… I guess even the devil can quote scripture for his own purposes.

          1. Living as I do near what is probably the only remaining piece of Florida coastline that hasn’t seen massive development, I see where you’re coming from.

          2. 1. Claims of special knowledge of a subject (ie, the economic status of Cape residents) due to the supposed personal life of an anonymous commenter are going to receive a lot of skepticism. For all we know you’re an Omaha resident just screwing with us.

            2. Even if you are where you say you are, you are working so hard by choice — you consider living where you do to be WORTH all the extra money it takes, as if you’re making enough money to make ends meet in the Cape, you would be making enough money to live quite comfortably almost anywhere else in the country. So please don’t act like you’re not among the wealthy. Talk to a single mom working two jobs to make ends meet living in the ghetto if you want to know what sacrifice is.

      3. And as I said above, I hope we use eminant domain to turn your home into a porn shop, and forcibly relocate you downwind of a coal plant, or perhaps a garbage dump. Screw you, NIMBY.

        1. Or better yet, maybe we should just start dumping toxic waste equivalent to that spewed by the coal plants that you are supporting onto your property? Are you willing to put your land where your mouth is?

          1. Tired argument, Chad.

            1. How quickly perfectly true arguments are deemed expired around here.

              1. Where, Tony? What did Chad say that was “perfectly true”? Hell, upthread he’s bleating about how dumping toxic waste = subsidies. The man clearly does not have all his shit in one sock.

                1. Again, I challenge you to explain why free government services are not a subsidy. How is it any different than handing over cash to pay for those services?

        2. 1. This case doesn’t involve eminent domain, unless you consider the loons and sea-ducks as property owners. Entirely different issue.

          2. Even if it did, eminent domain doesn’t give the government the power to force you to move to a particular place.

          3. If the govt opened up a porn shop in my house, it would at least be saving me a trip.

          1. Can we get a subsidy for that?

  19. p.s. I’m a libertarian, not a fraking liberal! And the closest my family has ever been to being consider “elite” was being the help at some heiresses summer “cottage”.

  20. but check your facts before you assume everyone who cares about where they live is a trustfund baby.

    A) It’s the Kennedy Clan/Deval Patrick, et al. to whom I most object, dictating how the rest of the country should live and not willing to abide by their own dictates. I’ll give credit for voting in Scott Brown though.

    B) Your concern for where you live in admirable, but if your state is willing to vote for all sorts of collectivist horseshit, either move or suck it up. NIMBY my ass.

    Like most folks working for a living

    What you want, a cookie? Most of posters here work consistently, and no doubt as hard as you do, in various professions.

    1. Your logic isn’t very groovy, Maximus. Just because the Kennedy’s live here does not mean we deserve such a fate.

      1. Collectivism within collectivism within collectivism.

        If your majority is willing to vote by the statist sword, then die by it.

        I have little to no pity here, especially the likes of Mitt Romney, who also has blood on his hands (Romneycare) as far as I am concerned.

        Again, suck it up or move.

        1. You do the sucking for me…sounds like your used to it.

          1. Stunning rejoinder, Mr./Ms. Box.

            Enjoy the fruits (sour grapes) of MASShole collectivism. You’ll get used to it. In fact, I am surprised you aren’t already. You libs should know it’s the cause, not the individual, that is paramount.

            Karma’s a bitch.

            1. It is Mrs. Box to be exact, Mr. Maxipus.

              You got me! I’m a closet lib…ertarian.

              1. I think he’s saying “you live in MASS, be a liberal or get the fuck out if you want any semblance of happiness.”

                1. Pretty much Wylie, or to be more precise, “don’t cry now that your pet lamb is in danger from the same wolves that swore to protect it.”

                2. I hate that argument. Where do I go? O.K? Where a woman’s right to choose is constantly under assault? No thanks.
                  Are you saying that a state run by conservatives is better than a state run by liberals? Two sides of the same sucky coin to me.
                  So until there’s an libertarian state along the east coast of U.S., I guess I am staying put for now.

                  1. You’re pretty much screwed in any state you live in, Pandora.

                    1. Alas, it is so.

                  2. Oops. Meant OK not o.k.. My bad.

              2. Thank you Mrs. Box for clarifying and that is Dr. Maximus to you, thank you.

                And I apologize for the the liberal remark, I should not have sullied the label. Progressive is more accurate; I avoid collectivism whenever I can and advocate against nanny statism and enviro-nuts.

                I agree that the wind farm should not be implemented due to the subsidies involved and government mandate; if it was private enterprise implementing the project through free market mechanisms, tough. You appear to object due to environmental concerns and NIMBYism. The end goal is the same, but the rationale of achieving said goal is quite different. The wanting to have the cake and eat it too is the mark of a TeamRed/TeamBlue mindset.

                My beef is with the leadership of MA and the hypocrisy that seems especially onerous and endemic to the state; you guys kept Kennedy in office for 40+ years and voted in Mitt Romney and Deval Patrick.

                Again, if you want to fight this thing, go right ahead. You should know by now that a “progressive haven” like MA will implement this one way or another. Again, you are always free to move or suck it up and deal.

                1. “free market”? lol?

                  Next, you will be claiming that the tooth fairy and easter bunny will cause us to sprout flowers from our arses every time we laugh.

                  Come on, you know damned well the “free market” is a myth….and especially so with respect to energy. The wind farm’s competition is subsidized every which-way to Sunday.

                  1. Which I do not defend Chad. The best sources of energy should be determined strictly by the market place. And I very much endorse nuclear, if people really want to get clean air and green. And EVERY method is limited by storage and distribution of energy produced. Something that plagues solar energy in particular, as well as disposal of spent solar panels (also curiously villified by NIMBYists.) I have seen all the arguments pro and con by presented by you, Sean W. Malone, Hazel and others in addition to my own researching the subject and have come to the conclusion that fossil fuels have the most bang for the buck.

                    1. Unless you favor putting a price on all forms of pollution, you are defending subsidies.

                      So, can I count on your support for a cap-and-trade policy or a carbon tax?

                      Coal kills over 20000 Americans (and nearly ten times that world-wide) every year. If you think that it has a good “bank for its buck”, you need to do better homework.

                    2. No Chad. I am not convinced of CO2 being a pollutant and contributing to AGW. So forget the AGW stuff, it’s been done to death.

                      I said “fossil fuels”, which includes natural gas, petroleum (main source of plastics, without which a great deal of industries could not have advanced, including alternative “renewables”) as well as coal and tar sands.

                      Cite please on your statistics.

                    3. If you are not convinced about AGW, then we have little discuss, because it is proof positive that you are incapable of understanding facts that disagree with your pre-set beliefs.

                      But apparently, you aren’t even smart enough to realize I am talking about regular air pollution, not AGW.

                      I am sure you can google it on your own.

                    4. Your breathing is a form of pollution. How much is it worth to you to keep doing it?

                      BTW, I need a citation on the death toll stemming from coal burning.

                      Also, according to the AMA, nearly 200,000 people die in the U.S. annually from medical mistakes and infections acquired from hospitals during medical procedures. I demand a repeal of the newly passed Obamacare as it will inevitably lead to more of these types of deaths.

                    5. I love Obamacare for precisely the same reason you demand its repeal.

                      mmmmmm..death tolls.

                    6. Wrong. Apparently you failed 2nd grade science, and don’t understand the carbon cycle yet. Either that, or you believe I drink oil and eat coal.

                    7. Still no citation? And since you didn’t get the joke, you breath stinks enough to qualify as a nuisance and hence a form of pollution. I never said anything about the carbon cycle dipshit.

                      You’re a classic case Chaddie, working for a company that you admit creates massive toxic waste and preaching about pollution. How do you live with yourself?

      2. The question is though, as always, in who’s backyard would you rather the windmills be placed? What part of U.S. coasts are so ugly that placing dozens of windmills there won’t impact the wee creatures and Native tribes who live there? Which grasslands or deserts, which purple mountains majesty? I know, we’ll do what we always do, find the poorest, least politically aware suckers out there and set the damn things right over their houses.

        This has reminded me of another question I’ve had. Can anyone tell me what happened in the quest, immediately post-Katrina, to spread our oil refining out and away from the Gulf coast? Wasn’t it a priority because of possible ramifications to national security and economic stability should a hurricane once again threaten fuel supplies? Anybody?

        1. Put one in mine. Go right ahead. I don’t care a whit.

          If my neighbors whine, relocate them into a cesspool and let them whine there.

          1. “Put one in min…..” Nah, too crass and too easy

            1. Chad’s contempt for humans is so… contempty.

      3. Just because the Kennedy’s live here does not mean we deserve such a fate.

        Maybe not. But you keep electing them, so it’s all good…

        1. I didn’t know *I* kept electing him. Damn those voting booths with those complicated black markers.

    2. Groovus:

      Regarding Teddy, I always thought the deal was that when Jesse Helms retired (croaked), we were supposed to retire the big windbag from Hyannisport to keep the balance in DC. Many of us *did* try. I apoligize to the rest of the country that we could not unseat Teddy in time before he did his worst damage. Who are your senators and can we count on them to fight for Liberty?

      Regarding voting for the “liberal”-fascist crap that Obama/Deval/Teddy & Co. dream up, there are a healthy number of us who do get out to the polls to try to at least keep pruning it back.

      Regarding the cookie, you may keep the cookie and enjoy it too, all I want is to be left to try to live my life quietly without alot of outside meddling… pretty much the same as most reading this page I expect. I simply get tired of the assumption that everyone who lives on the Cape is either rich or a “liberal”. Aside from that, I get just as much pleasure as the rest of you out of seeing the Greenies tripping over the “Liberals” and vice versa on their way to trying to rule the world.

      1. You do know what the fine is for being reasonable on the blogotubes, don’t you?

      2. My senators are Jim Inhofe and Tom Coburn. Are they perfect? No. Inhofe did not vote for any bailouts and has a very good record of exposing environmental myths. He has been there a long time and perhaps it’s time for fresh blood. I have mixed feelings in Dr. Coburn, as he voted for TARP, and I still hold that against him. Otherwise, his votes for fiscal responsibility are consistent and he has earned a reputation of being a vocal critic of pork. He is a social conservative and both are TeamRed and they are both “strong on national defense” and both voted for the Patriot Act, major dings against both.

        I apologize to you if you if I have painted you with too broad a brush and for the snark. And don’t forget Romney, you guys really got suckered there.

        Regarding the cookie, you may keep the cookie and enjoy it too, all I want is to be left to try to live my life quietly without alot of outside meddling

        Good, I already ate the cookie anyway, being the stereotypical greedy libertarian. I wish the same as well.

        1. Groove, I have lived a stone’s throw from Oklahoma for most of my life. You aren’t getting anything other than team red/so-cons, regardless of party. So take the fiscal prudence, and be happy.

          1. Bolivia

  21. I am simply so happy this might finally going forward. Everyone should see windmills are beautiful and good for all. Studies have shown birds and fish adjust and do fine. Now bring on the jobs!!!

    1. Link the studies please.

    2. I bet you a million dollars that the jobs, ha ha, come from out of state.

      1. You wanna bet on the countries of origin for all the components that will make up the windmills?

        1. China.

          1. Oh surely not. The wise and great leader has assured us that green jobs will lead us to the promised land.

          2. For the dynamo magnets at least…hell, who am i kidding, the Chinese will wind the coils and mold the cases and propellers too. And there’s no doubt they’ll provide the grid-tie-inverters too.

  22. when the federal government is intent on trampling the rights of Native Americans and the people of Cape Cod, we must act

    Nice touch, the Indians bit. Not at all cynical.

    1. Under the circumstances, I at least appreciate the shout out.

  23. And they’re setting that Gulf oil spill on fire tonight. It’s an enviro-hell twofer!

    1. Wow. There’s really no way to collect and re-refine that oil?

      Hey, its cool. Lets just eliminate resources to no avail. Lets sink a couple thousand tons of copper at the site too, maybe throw some gold and semiconductor-pure silicon in the ocean too!

  24. Image alt text:

    No one light a match!

  25. Kind of the definition of irony here. So I guess they prefer getting their power from nuclear or fossil fuels? I don’t see a bunch of solar panels around there either.

  26. I think a Teddy Turbine would be a good use of that wind power.

  27. Reminds of a couple of years back when a judge let a puget sound indian tribe to go on a traditional whale hunt.

    1. Yeah, they brought a .50 cal. Just like the old days.

      1. Yeah, they brought a .50 cal. Just like the old days.

        And rode in fiberglass boats with outboard motors just like their ancestors did millenia ago.

  28. Hyannis and Cape Cod are totally blighted. Use eminent domain to take all of it and turn it into a huge wind farm to provide energy for South Boston.

    1. I’ll give you Hyannis, as long as I can look out at Nantucket Sound sans windmills.

      1. I think the Washington monument should be converted into really deluxe mega wind turbine next. But since you’re being generous we can do Hyannis first. Just as soon as Nantucket is finished.

        1. But is there enough hot air in DC to spin it?

  29. Who owns the land these windmills are going to be built on? Is this state land or private?

    1. The land under the water?

      1. The windmills will float on barges?

        1. Offshore beyond the low-tide point is owned by the Federal government, out to about 200 miles. They generally cede authority to the locals out to the breakwaters (where the ocean swells turn into waves) but that’s about it.

  30. For people who are the habit of expecting sacrifices from the rest of us, and aren’t bothered in the least doing it, they’re sure crybabies when getting what they’ve wanted involves making the smallest sacrifice themselves.

  31. Opposition to this project isn’t NIMBYism. The Beacon Hill Institute ran multiple cost-benefit analyses on the project and found no plausible parameters under which the project passed. It’s massively subsidized by tax dollars, like all wind projects.

    Like most biofuels, most large-scale wind and solar projects are both economically inefficient and environmentally harmful. The only ones supporting them are those sucking on the federal teat and the voters they have successfully misled.

    1. Cato had a study with much the same conclusions about 6 years back, I wasn’t sure if the technology had improved enough to tip the balance, so I tend to leave that tidbit out. Thanks for the info.

    2. lol, right-wing crackpot groups? Please, can you tell me how many lives these turbines will save when they displace coal power, and what price beacon hill or cato put on those lives? Oh, they ignored that stuff, didn’t they?


      1. 1. Kill about half of the world’s population.

        2. Force 90% of the survivors to live an agrarian, no-tech lifestyle.

        3. The ruling class gets to keep their jet planes, limos, air-conditioned buildings, and toilet paper.

        All on the unlikely chance that mankind, shy of global thermonuclear exchange, can actually destroy the environment.

        1. Wrong. I vehemently argue against that line of reasoning. I like people, and want to maintain our population at the maximum possible sustainable population.

          1. ALL of the line of reasoning, Chad?

      2. Coal killed people? Why haven’t you reported this and handed over the evidence to the government?

    3. It annoys the Kennedys: That’s good enough for me.

  32. No capes!

  33. A modest proposal: Why don’t we just stick a large turbine generator shaft up ole Teddy’s ass, let him THINK that the windmill farm is going up, and stand back. Years and years of (relatively) clean energy as he spins away.

    1. This idea has been pursued but estimates are that he’d just about run Al Gore’s house.

      Unfortunately “spinning in his grave” develops relatively little torque severely limiting the power that can be generated.

      1. I dunno, once you get that much mass going, that’s a hell of a lot of kinetic energy.

        Of course, you would have to build some sort of containment for the flying fat globules, scotch mist, and 77 years of shit he was full of.

      2. Bonus: you could collect the scotch mist, and market the ethanol content, thereby saving some corn for the rest of us to, you know, eat. Burning the fat globules would definitely not be “green”.

  34. Wrap Kennedy’s body in magnets, surround it with wires, and the spinning will produce electromagnetic energy for years to come.

    (Okay, so that’s stolen from Scott Adams.)

    1. Mr. Adams might be on to something there. Let’s convert all U.S. graveyards to power generation. Wire up all the corpses. For the grand opening, someone just needs to whisper, “your great-granddaughter is f**king a ni***r.”

  35. I like the idea of seeing windmills in the distance from the beach. Assuming I can see something that’s a minimum of 5.2 miles away.

  36. My observations of wild animals, especially birds, is that they may shy away at first, but once they notice that humans and their structures aren’t threatening them, they come back and resume their normal behaviors. You don’t think they’re really fooled by the blinds used by nature photographers, do you? Don’t shoot and kill them, and they pretty much ignore you and go about their business.

    1. Exactly. Ironic that ostensible nature-lovers don’t understand how much risk animals will take to find something to eat.

  37. Teddy is spinning in his grave? Nail a pulley to the end of the casket, run a belt between it and a portable generator, and use the juice generated to light up an old folks’ home. The Swimmer can finally do something USEFUL now that he’s dead…

  38. only when its in their backyard is “green energy” considered “a corporate giveaway to private industrial energy developers.”

  39. I guess my response is different from most on this. This is just another green energy / union labor wet dream in which taxpayers will “invest” for the next 40 years. Schemes like this have no chance of actually generating meaningful amounts or cheap energy. The only thing this will generate is photo ops and press releases for various politicians.

    Like most green energy projects this one has the probability of staying in business directly related to the amount of subsidies applied. Politicians will talk about their courageous stance for green energy while transferring cash to favored groups from unfavored taxpayers.

    I agree there’s some justified schadenfreude in the Cape Cod crowd getting shafted on their views. But make no mistake, it’s the taxpayers that really get the shaft on these schemes.

    1. of course. The problem is, despite a few Cape Cod folks posting here (not exactly your typical CC resident), the people of CC don’t give two shits about subsidizing green energy. They would be absolutely ecstatic if they stuck all of this in Mount Hope Bay, or somewhere in Narragansett Bay away from the rich Rhode Island homes, or East Boston. They’d be bragging about how progressive Massachusetts is.

  40. if he is spinning – can we harvest some energy – he would finally have served some purpose in his life

  41. If Ted is actually spinning, why let that go to waste? Couple that gin soaked cadaver to a generator and make some eloectricity with it!

    Meanwhile, though it is very satisfying to know that the wind farm will ruin the untammeled vistas of these useless tools for all time. Unfortunately, that is likely to be the only product, as wind tubine generated electical power is, to put it mildly, not very economical. Just ask the Danes how theirs worked out.

  42. If he’s spinning in his grave maybe they should strap a generator to him. Careful to avoid any open flame though.

  43. Massachusetts Audubon Society has approved Cape Wind. That’s good enough for me.

  44. Thanks for sharing, really like your view. Waiting for some more great articles like this from you in the coming days.

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