Nick Gillespie on WNYC's Soundcheck at 2PM ET, Discussing Arts Funding. Update: Now With More Nick-is-Like-Hitler Comments!


I'll be on Soundcheck, WNYC's radio show about music, discussing public funding of the arts in the midst of a recession.

Go here for more info, including how to listen via the Interwebs.

Update: Now with Hitler analogies, courtesy of listeners:

Nick's arguments were weak and his general way of expressing his ideas was particularly unpleasant. I wonder how he came to form such distorted views of the role of Art in society,and why if he claims to have dedicated his life to study literature he ends up sounding suspiciously like a frustrated artist.History has shown that failed artists could be very dangerous and bitter towards the rest of humanity.To Hear him was frankly…Scary.

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