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"My fantasy…is to auction off the government buildings to private enterprise, with me as the auctioneer. I'd go down in front of Health and Human Services, then over to the Labor Department building, then down the street, and all of a sudden, we would have disposed of all the buildings and reduced government by 80 percent at least."

'""Reason Interview: Ron Paul"

"There is no such thing as something for nothing. The astronomical stream of worthless IOUs issuing from Washington will never be repaid. In reality, they are nothing more than tax receipts disguised as IOUs."

'"John A. Pugsley, "How to Ride the Dollar"

"Microcomputers, like the six-shooters of a century ago, are proving to be great equalizers.…Whichever computer you choose, be certain it has the ability to display graphs. The computer should also have two disk drives and will need 256k of internal memory for the most powerful software, although many popular programs need as little as 64k."

'"James B. Powell, "Profits On-Line" '"June 1985