Income Tax Day: May As Well Get Drunk


Fortunately, our superb local purveyor of wine, Market Street Wineshop, alerted us to the perfect vin rouge with which to ease the pain and to drown our despair—1040FU. See label below:

The 1040FU website explains—with sentiments that any libertarian will appreciate—why this particular product of the grape was created:

Face it, drinking 1040FU wine is political revolt in a glass!  It's your way of telling your friends that the government is squandering the hard earned money of taxpayers. 

1040FU is conscientious objection to waste & the current political process.  Drinking 1040FU questions the wisdom of a Stimulus Bill that at best created pick & shovel jobs.  Toasting with a glass of 1040FU asks the question of how you can revamp health care for 30 million additional people but not add more doctors, nurses or address tort reforms.  Opening a 2nd bottle of 1040FU signifies your acknowledgement that the government is socialist and the new 3.8% Medicare Tax on dividends and draws combined with an additional tax rate increase from 36.9 to 39.6% in 2010 are just the beginning.   And buying a case of 1040FU shows that you're a dammed good CPA and that you have some of your own FU.

For more about 1040FU, go here.

Disclosure: My wife and I just purchased half a case and plan to enjoy a bottle after we mail in our income taxes tomorrow.