Will Tiger Master His Old Domain?


As the Masters approacheth, Ron Hart believes in Tiger Woods' next act:

Tiger will get past all of this. No one has been better over the years at getting his balls out of hazards than Tiger. He was always been a good iron player; he just needs to learn to control his wood.

Whether he will ever command the moral high ground it takes to hawk Gillette razors, Gatorade, Buicks or AT&T to gullible consumers remains to be seen.

For now, those Americans who predicate purchases on which sports figure is the spokesman for which product will remain directionless. Somehow they believed that Tiger would really drive a Buick or that he would risk missing a booty call due to spotty AT&T service. But the truth is, they really are clueless to begin with if they base purchase decisions on Tiger Woods' endorsement instead of evaluating the quality of a product against its alternatives. Those folks remain Madison Avenue's lawful prey.

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