Still Dramatic, Olbermann Names Wingnut Author as Bad Person


Lest we forget, Keith Olbermann is back on the air and as dramatic as an Internets chipmunk:

Last night, Olbermann called out recent interview subject and Wingnuts author John Avlon as second runner-up in his Worst Person of The Week bit (the top two were—yawn—Rush Limbaugh and Glenn Beck, which is like nominating Meryl Streep for an Oscar). Not only did Avlon once work for the real America's answer to Joe Smitherman, Rudolph Giuliani, he has the temerity to call leftys and rightys both wingnuts (as Prof. von Olbermann pedantically pointed out, by definition, only right-wingers can be wingnuts, which is really like saying that only Dunkin' Donuts can make donut holes). Anyhoo, watch Olbermann shed some verbiage here.

And watch Avlon here and tell us whether he's such a bad guy.