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Don't Put Disadvantaged Shrimps on the Barbie (Or Something)


Whatever you do, don't slip an extra shrimp on the barbie in Perth—where the ad below was spotted a few days ago—for any minors, excluded persons, or vulnerable or disadvantaged groups. 

paging Michelle Obama

More ridiculous warnings from the Institute of Public Affairs blog Hey…What Did I Miss? can be found here.

Via Instapundit.

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  1. Help, help, I’m being repressed by my appetizer!!

    1. I thought we were a puupuu platter?

  2. “excluded persons”?

    That sounds racist.

  3. That sounds racist.

    It actually does.

    “Excluded persons” is in the classic black-guy-trying-to-sound-fancy-and-getting-it-wrong voice. Managerial language is where that voice went into hiding when it fled from comedy.

    Institutional racism: no myth.

    1. But what the hell does it mean here? “Our advertising is not directed at black people”?

      1. If I were an excluded person I would feel rather slighted at this. What, am I too stupid to properly interpret or react to an ad?

  4. a racist stereotype:”the classic black-guy-trying-to-sound-fancy-and-getting-it-wrong voice.” That is fucking racist.

  5. It’s Australian.
    Bloody Abos!

  6. I can imagine that Australian dwarfs are aggreived. Can’t even go into a bloody pub without some bloody larrikin picking you up and tossing you across the bloody room.

  7. Fuck Australia. Australia sucks.

  8. This comment is not directed at minors, excluded persons or any disadvantaged group.

    1. “This comment is not directed at minors, excluded persons or any disadvantaged group.” I guess you enjoy shouting in the wind;-)

  9. It makes more sense ? in a ridiculous, twisted way, of course ? if you understand that this is a flyer for a ‘licensed establishment’, i.e. a bar. The disclaimer has nothing to do with shrimp, but with the fact that members of ‘disadvantaged groups’ are assumed to not have the brain power to resist the siren call of advertising. Particularly advertising for liquor! Those ‘disadvantaged groups’ don’t have the brain pan, you see, to abstain from drunkening liquors, unlike the white man.

    The general belief behind such things seems to be that only white, middle-class men have any free will; women, ‘minorities’, the poor, etc. all are incredibly stupid and must be saved from themselves. Tell me, when exactly did the Klan take over?

    1. The Klan? The Klan wants to suppress or exterminate minorities, not protect them from themselves. The intellectual social democratic white man’s burden is a progressive thing.

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