Recently at Tucker Carlson on The Daily Caller, Jon Stewart, & Libertarianism


Tucker Carlson has sparred with Daily Show host Jon Stewart, been a contestant on Dancing With the Stars, a game show host, a Crossfire co-host, and a senior fellow at the Cato Institute

Now Carlson is getting into the new media game with launch of The Daily Caller, a site he describes as one part Huffington Post-like news aggregator and one part old school reporting. 

Carlson sat down with's Michael C. Moynihan in The Daily Caller's D.C. office to discuss his "libertarian instincts," drug legalization, why he ditched the Ron Paul "shadow convention," and why, after Jon Stewart accused him of "hurting America," The Daily Show's producer apologized to him. Filmed and edited by Dan Hayes. 

Approximately 10 minutes. Go to for downloadable iPod, HD, and audio versions of this and all videos.

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