Reason Folks on The Tube: Drew Carey, Nick Gillespie Talking Cleveland on Stossel!


On March 18, 2010, Drew Carey and Editor in Chief, Nick Gillespie, appeared on Stossel to discuss what created 'the Mistake on the Lake' and what can be done to turn Cleveland's fortunes around.

Also appearing: Rep. Dennis Kucinich (D-Ohio), the former mayor of Cleveland, Stephen Goldsmith, the former mayor of Indianapolis, Steve Malanga of City Journal, and Randal O'Toole of the Cato Institute.

Approximately 44:18 minutes.

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Watch Reason Saves Cleveland With Drew Carey here.

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  1. Is it morning in the US?

    Oh well, good morning Reason!

  2. It’s Konbanwa.

  3. Where does Drew stand on the Hutaree, goddammit!

  4. Wow, every week Stossel seems more and more like Reason‘s mole at Fox.

  5. Dennis Kucinich was not amused.

  6. Great SITE for Documentaries check it out,

  7. Nick Gillespie also appears to show up whenever Glenn Beck needs a libertarian on his show.
    Maybe reason should start a rent-a-libertarian service?

    1. There were some here who were concerned Stossel would forget he was a Libertarian because he was on Fox. So far he’s had Libertarians and libertarian thinking on almost every show.

      From what I’ve been able to gather from the various internet sites and from talking to the people I know and meet the show is being very well recieved. This is a good thing since considering the course we are on libertarian social and economic philosophy is about the only thing that will prevent us from becoming a third world police state.

  8. I like how Stossel doesn’t descend into partisan hackery whenever he brings an opposing opinion on. He has too much class to be an Olbermann or Hannity.

  9. The master planners feel they have a patent on reason. Even if they didn’t there’s no way the ego maniacs are giving the power they feel entitled to have. Like the city planner in this video who said she didn’t want a strip joint next to one of “my” day cares. These people feel there is no property except the governments and they are the government.

    The idea Cleveland is comparable to Houston to look at is completely laughable. I’ve been to both cities numerous times. Sam Houston’s city is clean and in good repair, Cleveland is a real dump, it’s down right depressing.

    Of course statists are like locusts and always move onto the undamaged fields to destroy them, and they’ll do their work in Houston in time. That doesn’t change the fact the two cities are obvious examples of what works and what doesn’t.

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