Where Have You Gone, Phil Donahue? Or, Sensitive Men of the '70s Need Not Apply


Writing at Splice Today, Diary of a Manhattan Call Girl author, pro-prostitution advocate, and anti-feminist feminist (got that?) Tracy Quan reflects on the meaning of disgraced and defunct grope-a-holic Rep. Eric Massa (D-N.Y.):

One of the more appealing American archetypes—despite modern feminism—is the man who will physically protect us. It's impossible for me to imagine this of a man who files an official complaint when his masculinity is challenged by an embarrassing jerk. As financial parity becomes a reality in our culture, as women sometimes even out-earn men, it's more crucial than ever for masculinity to retain its integrity. We need to feel something primal and irrational—it's called admiration—in order to respect the men around us. Too many women find themselves shacked up, legally partnered or otherwise connected with men they don't admire.

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