Where Have You Gone, Phil Donahue? Or, Sensitive Men of the '70s Need Not Apply


Writing at Splice Today, Diary of a Manhattan Call Girl author, pro-prostitution advocate, and anti-feminist feminist (got that?) Tracy Quan reflects on the meaning of disgraced and defunct grope-a-holic Rep. Eric Massa (D-N.Y.):

One of the more appealing American archetypes—despite modern feminism—is the man who will physically protect us. It's impossible for me to imagine this of a man who files an official complaint when his masculinity is challenged by an embarrassing jerk. As financial parity becomes a reality in our culture, as women sometimes even out-earn men, it's more crucial than ever for masculinity to retain its integrity. We need to feel something primal and irrational—it's called admiration—in order to respect the men around us. Too many women find themselves shacked up, legally partnered or otherwise connected with men they don't admire.

Whole thing here.

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  1. Too many women find themselves shacked up, legally partnered or otherwise connected with men they don’t admire.

    And whose fault is that?

    1. One hundred thousand years of oppressive male hegemony?

    2. Men. Duh.

    3. I don’t understand why either sex would be in a serious relationship with someone they don’t admire. Not sure what masculinity would have to do with it, but I judge both sexes on their ability to reason, act and speak honestly, and reflect on their experiences. Things like that should be expected from both sexes.

      1. I don’t understand why either sex would be in a serious relationship with someone they don’t admire.

        Are you kidding? Money and sex. Duh.

        1. why either sex would be in a serious relationship with someone they don’t admire.

          Because the serious relationship outlives the initial admiration?

    4. Since Miss Quan admires macho assholes, she’ll probably appreciate my abuse of the threaded comment feature to promote my new blog post about her article: “According to Tracy Quan, a self-respecting man takes abuse and humiliation quietly.”

  2. Sugar Free call your office.

  3. Women were sold a bill of good by first wave feminism. I know lots of “sensitive, nice guys” who are married to shrewish domineering women. And I think the shrews are even more unhappy than their cowering husbands.

    1. Have you ever told one of these women that she’s a shrewish harpy? The explosion is comedy gold.

      1. I work with a guy who is as nice as the day is long. This guy’s wife is some radical vegetarian. Made him become one. He doesn’t even believe in it. He just did it to please his wife. We will go to lunch and he will refuse to order meat. And you can tell it is not because he doesn’t want to. He is just so beat down by his wife that he won’t even eat meat when she is not there.

        I could understand not eating meat at home just to shut her up. But no way in hell would I stop eating meat when she wasn’t around. What I eat alone is my business.

        1. Coming home late at night smelling of steak and sauteed mushrooms.

          1. “What’s this on your collar? A-1?!?”

            1. “News at 11: Woman found stabbed to death by steakknives. Husband caught attempting to flee the state with a side of beef.”

            2. My wife knows how to cook 3 things: boneless, skinless chicken breast, chili made with tofurky (ground turkey breast) and underdone pasta.

              Needless to say, when left to my own devices, I eat like a raging carnivore.

              Mt daughter likes her steak rare (“red and juicy” she will say), which drives the chickenarian wife nuts. One time she asked her, on grill night “Do you know what that red juice is on your plate?” hoping to gross her out. “Yeah,” my spawn replied, “blood!”

              Pwned, solidly, by your own kin. It was a proud moment.

              1. If I had a heart, I’d feel sorry for you, JW. I really would.

                1. Why feel sorry for him? He’s got a kickass daughter!

                  Keep up the good work JW.

                2. That’s OK. I have have enough self-pity for both of us.

              2. I married an Italian specifically to avoid that problem. It has its drawbacks, namely that she is 1/4 Sicilian and using a knife in anger is in her genes. But hey, she can at least cook.

                1. Sicilians aren’t Italians, John. They’re Sicilians.

                  1. Yeah, I married a Jew. They’re great cooks as long as someone else is doing the cooking.

                  2. 1/2 Italian still leaves room for the 1/4 Sicilian and 1/4 Irish parts.

                2. My mom is Sicilian. I’m not going to marry any Italian, or Greek either (I tried dating a Greek for 2 months, it was pretty much the same except even more church. How is that possible?)

                  1. More Church than a good Italian girl? That is impressive.

                  2. Not to mention more hair. A lot more.

              3. It’s not actually blood on the plate. It’s myoglobin.

                /annoying pedant

              4. Is she your ex-wife now?

              5. Tofurkey is actually a soy-based, meatless product that approximates turkey. “Tofu” + “rkey.”

                It even has fake skin.

            3. My wife is a vegetarian and makes occasional remarks about “murdered animal.” Yet she eats fish, shellfish, and–wait for it–turkey.

              1. And this is why i’m single. I just couldnt put up with that kind of mental disconnect.

                I’d slap the food out of her hand everytime she went to eat an animal, “MURDERER! *SLAP*”

                1. Luckily, my wife’s only food hang-up is her hatred of mayonnaise. This is not much of an issue in our relationship.

                  And she doesn’t cook, which suits me just fine. I fucking hate doing the laundry. And she mows the grass.

                  1. Given the awesomeness of horseradish I can see how this is not a problem.

                  2. I hate mayonnaise too. Your last three sentences pretty much describe my relationship too, hah.

                  3. How long till the clones of her are ready for market?

                    1. My sister-in-law and her husband hate mayo too. More deviled eggs for me then…

                      No clones. We couldn’t even get her sister to work out right.

                  4. Why are either of you mowing the grass? That’s what Mexicans are for.

                    Oh, wait, I get it: “mows the grass”. OK.

                    1. I want to use a lawn service, but she’s too cheap. Whatever. She has no understanding of the efficiencies involved in a division of labor.

                    2. I want to use a lawn service, but she’s too cheap.

                      Are you looking at the fully loaded cost, there, SF?

                  5. You’re my hero SugarFree… “And now she mows the grass.” Ahh, to dream…

                  6. Why would anybody like mayonnaise??

                2. Well, it’s not like that. She’ll make the occasional remark like that, and I’ll make fun of her seeming hatred for Meleagris.

                  Marriage is about such compromises.

              2. …she eats fish, shellfish, and–wait for it–turkey.

                Um, then she’s not a vegetarian. I mean, that’s pretty much all the meat I limit myself to.

                However, I do not blame you if you don’t point that out to her. In a relationship, there are some arguments worth having, and that isn’t one.

                1. A highly selective omnivore, then.

                2. However, I do not blame you if you don’t point that out to her. In a relationship, there are some arguments worth having, and that isn’t one.

                  I suck, cause i just couldn’t let that one pass.

              3. Then she’s not a vegetarian.

              4. I don’t understand why people who eat the flesh of any living animal think they are vegetarians. If your wife eats turkey, she is not a vegetarian. If she eats seafood, same thing. Some who eat seafood but no mammals call themselves “pescetarians.” Whatever.

                1. I am a humanitarian.

                  1. And if I’d had time, I’d have been a pedestrian.

            4. My wife just doesn’t want to eat anything cute.

              I abstain from veal to keep the peace, but I still eat lamb and tell her how cute the animal probably was, and how it died missing it’s mother.

              1. As the great Tony Bourdain says, if you are slower and less intelligent than me and you taste good, you have a problem.

              2. I married my wife because she loves to eat and knowing her mom and grandmother I saw the predisposition to being thin no matter what she gorged on. She puts up with me railing against the government and doesn’t expect me to go to church with her.

                She’s afraid of germs and flying, but we’re working on it. Life is good, except we’re poor.

              3. Ugh – my wife has the ‘nothing cute’ thing going on too. I don’t care that much about the veal b/c American veal is largely crap anyway, but I do get lamb and rabbit when eating out as often as possible. She’s also convinced that domesticated pork is terrible for your health, but since that manifests as her getting at me to go boar hunting I can’t complain.

                After reading the comments on this thread I am reminded once again that I am a very, very lucky man.

        2. Hey babe, have some meat. Hope you like sausage.

        3. I worked with a guy who had spent years pretending to be a vegetarian because his wife was one. He’d eat meat when we all went out to lunch, but it was his deep, dark secret.

          Some other coworkers were always threatening to leave slim-jim wrappers in his car seat for his wife to find.

          1. Seriously… to each their own…

            But I wouldn’t stay in a marriage like that for one fucking second. Really, how to do get to that point?

            I am child-free, so I guess that’s a factor I can’t calculate, but fuck living a lie every single day of your life over something that silly.

            1. Really, how to do (sic) get to that point?

              I was going to make a snarky answer until I realized that I so don’t know how to answer this question, that I can’t even make a good, biting joke about it. JW, can you help us here?

              1. Sug answered his own question. Basically, divorce with kids equals financial ruin for both parties, but more so for the guy.

            2. I think he lied to her when they first started dating, and now he’s stuck with it.

    2. Women were sold a bill of good by first wave feminism.

      I had no idea you were so against women getting the right to vote. What with first-wave feminism being made up of women like Susan B. Anthony, Mary Wollstonecraft, and the other suffragists. And having ended by World War II. The group that you’re making wild generalizations about without having read any of their work was Second Wave Feminism. You’re not nearly as smart, or as well-educated as you think you are, John.

      1. First-wave feminism was also vehemently pro-life.

        Unfortunately, modern day feminists are to Sue B. and Liz Cady the way that Jesse Jackson and Al Sharpton are to Booker T. and Freddie D.

        1. Not as vehemently as you might think. Margaret Sanger was a major part of the first-wave, after all, and she was pretty far from anti-abortion. There was general anti-abortion sentiment, but it was of a very different kind than what we’re used to today. More of the “I don’t like it, but as long as it’s done quietly and not too far along, I’m not going to make an issue out of it” variety. It didn’t become a huge public issue until the 60s and 70s.

          1. Margaret Sanger didn’t come of age until the 1920s, decades after Seneca Falls, and her views on abortion and contraception were grounded more in concerns about eugenics than women’s rights. Indeed, she was all for government coercion of the “reproductive choice” of mentally substandard women.

      2. Good thing you wasted four years and untold thousands getting a gender studies degree. This might be the first time it has ever actually had any value. And being mistaken on the minutia of gender studies is just a sign that I spent my time doing more productive things like jerking off and drinking too much and puking.

        Seriously, aren’t you embarrassed to admit you got a gender studies degree?

      3. And I also thank you for showing up at just the right time to provide a perfect example of the type of woman I was referring to.

        1. I disbelieve that “Pedantic Gender Studies Major” is or ever was a gender studies major. I also think it’s probably a male.

          1. You’re right on both counts. I’m both a dude and was never a gender studies major. I have read a fucking book, though,** which makes me qualified to teach a doctoral course when compared to John up there.

            **Bonus: It was even about first-wave feminism. Actually getting an education about a subject is so much better than relying on thirdhand talking points from AM radio.

            1. Wow. You are just the saddest sounding person on the planet. Stop laughing at him, people. It is not nice.

  4. As long as he left good money on the nightstand, Tracy Quan should STFU.

    1. +1. Shock. Hooker doesn’t admire the Johns she sleeps with. Hooker has a bad view of men.

      1. Biggest shock of all: hooker has daddy issues.

        “My dad is one?much to the chagrin of my mother, who nonetheless encouraged her kids to respect him.”

        1. I just read the whole article. It is worse than the post makes it out to be. She basically says men should take whatever abuse is dished out to them quietly and never complain or use any of the grievance procedures available. Women of course are free to file a federal law suit every time someone stairs at their ass.

          1. Man up or bitch out, sucka!

          2. Stairs at their ass isn’t towing the lion, John.

            1. I realized that after I typed it. Preview is for wimps.

          3. It’s a stupid article. Its point is that men should not seek legal redress for legally cognizable personal injury. Why? Because they are men. This makes no sense.

            1. It makes plenty of sense, if ones brand of “feminism” actually equates to plain ‘ole sexism. But hey they were oppressed, so its cool.

              The master/slave reversal effect, where the liberated slaves embrace all the values and attitudes that they hated their masters for.

              1. Frank Herbert harps on that reversal effect a lot.

                1. Where you think i got it? Herbert put a lot of reality into his work.

          4. That’s the stairway to heaven.

          5. I like ass on the stairs. One of my best positions.

  5. She only respects you if your pimp hand is strong.

  6. Get your bitch ass in the kitchen and make me some pie.

  7. As if there weren’t pussy guys and domineering women before feminism.

    Any guy who is dumb enough to think that he’s going to get lots of action if he acts like Alan Alda, well, he is his own problem. You don’t have to act like Ponch on steroids; the line isn’t that hard to see.

    1. You only say that you were always more of a Larry Wilcox kind of guy.

      1. Your fantasies about me are so strange, I can only assume they are NutraSweet-inspired.

    2. Yeah, unless you are actually Alan Alda, acting like Alan Alda means a lot of dates with Pamela Handerson.

      I imagine a list of things I would tell my 15-year-old self, one of them is “what women want and what they say they want aren’t necessarily the same thing.”

      1. I imagine a list of things I would tell my 15-year-old self, one of them is “what women want and what they say they want aren’t necessarily the same thing.”

        The goal is access to their vagina, the only useful part of their bodies.

        1. You sad, sad man not to have heard of oral or anal sex.

          1. Course, you could get those from men and avoid women altogether.

          2. Oral is a poor substitute, and anal is fucking disgusting. I have never understood the appeal.

            1. HOMOPHOBE!

            2. Maybe you just needed to relax. Warty says that’s the key.

              1. +10. Rarely do I actually laugh out loud over a post. But that one did it.

              2. “Ass to ass! Ass to ass!”

        2. Sodomy…

          (perfectly safe for work, except that it’s a song about sodomy–with puppets! Thank you Peter Jackson!)

  8. Awful lot of hate in this thread.

  9. “bring back the double standard”
    How about blow me and 1000 other random guys in apology for the shrewish BS you have inflicted on every man you have breathed near for the last 10 years. after that, we’ll talk. Until then, have a nice warm glass of STFU.

    1. There’s already a “double standard”, domo, and it’s going to stay around in one form or another, because it’s part of human inter-gender behavior. It’s nothing to get worked up about. Right now, it still takes the form of that if you don’t pay for dinner, you’re a jerk. That will probably change, but those subtle interactions between the sexes are always going to be around in some way.

      I mean, would you want that to change? Would you want your interactions with a woman to be just like with a guy? I wouldn’t.

      1. Just like with a guy? No. More like a guy? Yes.

        Women who can crush their own spiders, and actually care about operating their car and computer properly. Strength and Competence. Also, maybe chicks could uncorner the market on crazy.

        They could be more like guys in those ways and still be Sexy Ladies.

        1. I’m nursing a semi, just at the thought.

        2. Fag. Turn off that Harley, it’s annoying me.

      2. Oh, not at all. I want women to be women, and men to be men. I still object to there being a double standard – ie. women want to be treated like men in some circumstances and like women in others. I just think they should be treated like women always. I routinely ignore feminazi’s in conversation. I just pretend they dont exist, and flirt with the nearest cute blonde with big tits instead. drives em nuts every time.

        1. Sorry, but a woman who is as capable with tools as she is in the sack is as close to the perfect woman as you can get. One of my regular flirts is super cute, slim, sexy and one helluva a carpenter. No idea about her sack skills. :::kicks pebble:::

          Add being a gamer into the mix, or at least tolerating gaming, being cool with motorcycles and porn and you have reached nirvana.

          I don’t even think about getting a libertarian woman. Sug and TWC snared both of them.

          1. That’s why Kari from MythBusters is pinned up as much as your average supermodel despite the fact she has only slightly above average looks and body.

            1. Why do only the top 0.1% of chicks get to be on pinups?

              And what if i think Kari is 100x hotter than Cindy Crawford? (i have no idea who the current super models are. maybe if they ate a sandwich….)

              1. Dig that rack . . . of ribs.

            2. She is better than average. And the photographers at FHM can use their photoshop and air brushing skills to turn average into amazing. But point taken.

          2. I don’t even think about getting a libertarian woman. Sug and TWC snared both of them.

            “all two of them” might’ve been more clear, but still the funniest thing all day.

            1. … “all two of them”… yep got a laugh out of that for sure…funny…

              Like most funny stuff anchored in truth. Yes, there are definitely few, but more than two, and I got one. Has a .357 mag, eats bloody meat, knows more about computers than me, knows her way around a toolbox, runs her own business, is taking flying lessons (in a tailwheel airplane – take that faux-macho nosewheel pilots!) and haggles with sales people. And, in addition to all that she’s a blue-eyed blonde with a figure.

              We each had practice marriages, and are together now on our third. Seems there are fewer libertarian types (men or women) in their 20’s and 30s! For us it took experiences of marriages, elections, and entreprenurial business ventures to turn our ideas toward reality, and away from the illusions of justice, equality for all, and other “rainbow unicorn” entitlement crap we grew up with.

              1. You give me hope for the future, in spite of our masters.

    2. It’s the typical lie that women are victims because of their size. It does not matter that study after study has shown women are far more violent toward their children, that in couples where BOTH hit, the man gets injured far worse. Nope, facts are not important to her.

      1. That’s probably because men are reluctant to fight back.

        1. Doesn’t alter the fact that their size doesn’t impinge on their violence.

  10. What happened to people figuring out what works for them, and not dictating how other people’s relationships should work?

    1. its not nearly as much fun as bossing people around.

      1. So you’re officially a Democrat now?

        1. only when the right people aren’t in charge.

    2. The union of 2 people has traditionally been the business of the community, moreso than the people who’re actually being joined.

      I mean, thats what marriage is: the community OK’ing your union.

      If you dont give a shit about the community, you elope or get a justice of the peace kinda union and move on with your life.

  11. There are lots of dumb cunts out there.

    If you are offended by that, then you probably are a dumb cunt.

  12. I hear this from women all the time. It’s true that (most) women want men to be strong. The key question: what rights would she give up in order to revive the double standard?

    If the answer is “none,” then she’s just spending someone else’s money.

  13. So I guess we can assume there’s a whole lot of ticklin’ goin’ on at “Reason” headquarters?

    1. Sounds like somebody’s jealous! Won’t Nick tickle you if you ask, Vanneman? I bet he would.

      1. Nick could tickle me any time of the day…what!?!?

        1. Dennis: Timmy, will you recite for our husky friend here the little courtroom speech we prepared?

          Timmy: I have a friend, his name is Wendell. He showed me funny movies with furry naked people in them. He gives me juice boxes that make me sleepy.

          Wendell: All right, I get it.

          Timmy: He’s silly. He’s a tickle monster!

          Wendell: Listen, kid, I said I get it, OK?

          Timmy: He makes me taste things I don’t want to. He puts things in my hiney.

          Wendell: Goddammit, will you make the kid stop? Please, come on.

          Dee: Yeah, I think that ought to do it.

          Dennis: Yeah, that’s good, Timmy. So you’ll leave?

          Wendell: Yeah. I’ll leave. [winks at Timmy as he closes the door]

    2. Shut the fuck up, Vanneman.

  14. Yes, but what does Annabel Chong want in a man?

    1. Just one?

      1. My assumption was that whatever it is, it must be pretty common…

  15. “or strong silent street thugs who, despite their virtues, aren’t appropriate mates for the middle class woman.”
    They have virtues?

    1. No. Untermenschen rarely do.

      1. Oh, I get it! bmp is a nazi. You clever bastard, you’ve completely disarmed him rhetorically! Shoot.

        1. I was being serious. And using it in the classic sense, not the perverted “modern” one.

          1. You know who else was serious?

            1. Recognizing that there is an underclass that is composed almost entirely of street gangsters and their sycophants and enablers is hardly what I would call a controversial statement.

              1. Underclass? When was the last time they let you in to the club?

                What I thought.

                Poindexter overestimates his social standing.
                One day to his detriment,
                it will be a branding.

          2. Since I Godwined like a stupid moron, enjoy: Hitler was a sensitive man

            1. AxCx has a song for any occasion.

              Especially if that occasion is a godwin in a thread about feminism.

            2. Godwin is dead.

          3. Well, I’m impressed. You’ve managed to find a word “in the classic sense” that will agitate people even more than “niggardly.”

            1. I do what I can. I see that speaking in definitions private to oneself can lead to misunderstandings. I suppose this is one of those traits that gets men labled as either insane or geniuses.

    2. Street thugs aren’t silent. Or strong. This cunt is dumber than most.

      1. This is true. They are loud and play their crappy music right outside my window.

        1. One of the more conspicuous manifestations of a lack of self-esteem.

      2. They are in her Harlequin Romance novels.

  16. Writing at Splice Today

    What the ‘eff, Nick? You couldn’t link directly to the article instead that technicolor abortion of a home page? Jeez. My eyes need bleaching now, and I just finished bleaching them to get the rictus grin of Pelosi out!

  17. A girl gave me attitude yesterday on the L train… for offering her my seat. I was like, LADY, this has nothing to do with your vagina.

    She had bags!

    And anyway, I like dudes.

    What a frackin’ world.

    1. I offer seats to anyone on crutches, old people and pregnant women. Full stop.

      You wanted equality. All of you, including your feet, gets it.

      1. Equality: It doesn’t end at the reproductive organs.

        Equality: It does a body good.

        anyone else care to take a stab? (and hopefully do one that’s way funnier, pls)

        1. Equality: STFU.

          Equality: All the time, especially when it’s inconvenient.

          Equality: Sucks, doesn’t it?

          1. Equality: Good luck dodging the next draft, ladies.

      2. Despite what they like to say online, I’ve never had one woman complain about me holding open a door.

        1. If I’m the 1st one to the door, i hold it open for anyone else who’s going in or out while I’m there.

          It’s a courtesy that should have no basis in gender whatsoever.

          1. True dat, wylie.

          2. Same here.

        2. When I lived in SF, I held open a door for a middle aged woman at work. After she walked out, she said, “20 years ago I probably would have told you off for holding the door open for me. Now, I appreciate it a lot more.”

          1. And i’m sure her selfsatisfaction level went up 10pts, as she considered how much she’d grown up.

            Instead of feeling a touch of humility for the stupid bitch she used to be.

        3. Back in the eighties I recall one complaint.

          I replied back, ‘my grandmother would smack me up side the head if I didn’t hold this door for you, ma’am.’

          1. Grannie was one of the scariest people you would ever have the pleasure of meeting. She nearly choked her minister to death when he told her not to vote for JFK because he was a Catholic.

    2. I’m reminded of an incident when I studied in Moscow many years ago. I got on a crowded metro (subway) car with two shopping bags in hand, and sat down in one of the few remaining seats, only to be accosted by a mother with her kid, who lectured me about proper etiquette. She was right of course, but that didn’t make me any more satisfied.

      A few stops later, I get off to transfer to another metro line, and the woman and her kid get off too. I transfer to another train — and wouldn’t you know, this woman and her kid get in the same exact car as I do.

  18. What exactly is she suggesting? That real men let themselves get groped, that they punch the sucker in the face, or that they quit? The first is a pretty horrid expectation, the second will land the guy in jail and ruin his career, and the third is fine for him, but kind of sucks for the replacement, who still gets groped. Complaining to a superior means that the problem gets resolved. And if your boss isn’t the end of the line, it also means that somebody gets out for essentially stealing from the company (since you have to pay employees more than they’re worth to have them put up with the groping).

  19. Taking advice from hookers is your first mistake.

    1. Unless you’re trying to get into the trade of course.

      1. or playing rugby.

  20. “We want you to be tough and protective manly types. Except when we don’t. No, you won’t know until it’s too late.”

    Nothing to see here. folks.

  21. Yes, but what does Annabel Chong want in a man?

    I don’t know about that, but I can tell you what I want in a woman.

    *wink wink nudge nudge*

    1. Warty, that was very gallant of you.

  22. Equality: it means what I say it means.

    1. Equality: for everyone…else

  23. I’m going to adjust the alternator belt on my Porsche, and take my pistol to the range.

    I will do these things all by myself. Woe is me.


  24. men should not seek legal redress for legally cognizable personal injury

    What about legal undress?

  25. “As financial parity becomes a reality in our culture, as women sometimes even out-earn *me*, it’s more crucial than ever for masculinity to retain its integrity….” [emph. added]

    I thought that was a fantastic line, but then I clicked through and the version there has the much less interesting “…sometimes even out-earn *men*”.

    I choose to believe that Gillespie took the initiative and improved the pull-quote for her. Bravo, sir.

    1. Boo, stealth edits. The original was way better, people.

  26. I guess it depends on one’s definition of courage. Seems to me a man has to have balls to take his boss down publicly rather than accept being groped with a sheepish grin.

    Legal action isn’t the only strategy I would respect. I would respect any strategy that (1) doesn’t back down and (2) requires more brains than brawn. This is where the street thug approach gets ruled out. So you can punch someone in the face, so what does that say? Just that your frontal lobes aren’t fully engaged.

    But then, the only way that stupid men (and women) can compete with intelligent men is to call them girly. This has been going on for a hundred thousand years — and yet human evolution keeps favoring brains over brawn. A smart girl might prefer a jock for a prom date, but when it comes to a baby-maker, she chooses the nerd with his own start-up company.

    Moral of the story: Idiots (both male and female) repeat endlessly that women want cavemen. Sure — in the same way a guy wants a hooker. Not for the long run.

    1. so im sure that prom queen won’t complain later in life when her start-up owning nerd decides to buy himself a side piece at that conference in Las Vegas while she is at home with his three kids. She shouldn’t, cause she got nailed by her high school football team, right?

      1. She shouldn’t care if she didn’t sign a prenup. Now, if she did, she might get upset.

    2. This has been going on for a hundred thousand years — and yet human evolution keeps favoring brains over brawn.

      …until the brainy men and women started being “responsible” about their number of offspring (read: not enough to jeopardize their wealthy lifestyle), I would agree.

    3. Only stupid people buy into the commonly held myth that there exist a negative correlation between violence and intelligence. Most of us, I mean, most sociopaths happen to have both traits to a greater extent than the societal norm. Yes, criminals tend to test lower than the norm on intelligence quota test, but those are pooled only from those who get caught.

  27. What about the Barack-Michelle dynamic?

    1. He walks into doors a lot, but the White House makeup people are very, very good. They recruited them from Desperate Housewives.

    2. He sneaks smokes and she angrily “gardens” to relieve stress.

      I don’t know why some fools persist in thinking it’s a model marriage. Being too afraid of your wife to cheat on her is not laudable fidelity.

      1. although in her case, at least the fear is understandable.

        1. I bet she growls like Predator.

      2. Being too afraid of your wife to cheat on her is not laudable fidelity.

        Oh. Shit.

  28. Keep in mind that the caliber of a publication’s readers directly affects public perception of the publication itself.

    1. That is correct. Go suck a gallon of liquid shit through a hose, you prick.

      1. Liquid? You must be in a generous mood, Warty.

    2. Unless you’re part of the Mainstream. Then your readers are not applicable to the same standards, right?

    3. Totalitarian mindest in action, folks. He’ll be here all week in every post. Change his name around a few time, Morris some days, Martin somebody, on others.

      There was an little segment on one of the news shows a few weeks interviewing those who work for the DNC who do these kind of ‘outreach’ programs.

      One way you can tell the independent liberal blogger from the lackeys, the independents rarely bother with this shaming into submission type bullshit, but for the for the scummy flunkies, it is their bread and butter.

  29. I can’t remember the lines exactly from The Sun Also Rises about Robert Cohn, but it’s something to the effect that ‘though he was not homosexual he suffered with men and though he was not (something or other) he suffered with women’. I am Robert Cohn. I have been obsessed with women my entire life and have suffered greatly because of it. I am the type femi-nazis all have secret contempt for.

    1. “I have never seen a man in civil life as nervous as Robert Cohn–nor as eager. I was enjoying it. It was lousy to enjoy it, but I felt lousy. Cohn had a wonderful quality of bringing out the worst in anybody.”

      1. Hey, that’s me. Bringing out the worst in anybody. Maybe I dreamed that quote, but I know there is some Hemingway line about a guy who suffered both with men and women though he was neither gay or something else.

        1. Here’s my recommendation: Get seriously tight, then attend a bullfight. Better yet, fight a bull yourself.

    2. Not sure about that quote you’re referencing, though.

      Cohn is literary backpfeifengesicht.

    3. Ditto here, bro. But the swagger is coming, day by day.

      1. Have you read Richard Feynman’s account of taking relationship guidance from a real ladies man? Essentially it amounted to treat them like shit and they’ll follow you anywhere. Feynman followed his advice, largely to test the theory, and found that he was vastly more successful with women. I don’t mean just acting confident and secure, I mean treating them with contempt and disdain. It apparently worked like magic. But Feynman gave it up after confirming the hypothesis because he didn’t like doing it that way. Here’s a clue to the women who are repelled by milquetoast types – virtually all men could be dicks to you if they chose and wanted to. It’s not hard. But most of us don’t want to do it that way.

        1. Find women with higher self-esteem, then.

  30. “A smart girl might prefer a jock for a prom date, but when it comes to a baby-maker, she chooses the nerd with his own start-up company.”

    Actually, a fair amount of the time a smart girl chooses the nerd for her husband and provider, but a jock/ macho/ guido type for the actual baby-maker. surreptitiously, of course.

  31. Pity the men of libertarianism, so dreadfully oppressed by the women in their lives. Poor, poor men.

    1. We’re experts on oppression, Jennifer, so we knows it when we sees it.

      1. Indeed, and I am shedding delicate feminine tears of sorrow at the very thought. Poor guys.

        1. Most people on here seem to be saying their wives are not shrews. But that they know plenty who are, which seems about right.

          1. I’m quite fond of my wife. We’re pretty much on equal footing, though I grant her the usual Cosbian deference on matters that I don’t want to fight over.

          2. And I know plenty of men who are assholes. People in general are often wont to be jerks, and whether their naught bit is an innie or an outie has nothing to do with it.

            1. Sure lots of men are assholes. But in our society that is kind of the man bites dog story. We live in a society where we only talk about the flaws of one side.

            2. Make that dog bites man story.

            3. And a lot of women are emotionally abusive as hell to their husbands. The opposite of course is true to. But the men who are abusive seem to suffer social approbation for it. The abusive and shrewish women not so much.

              1. I think you mean “opprobrium“, not “approbation“, John.

          3. Most people on here seem to be saying their wives are not shrews.

            I am.

            If not for the kids, I would jettison her for a woman who did not drive me to drink (nor complaint). Sadly, staying with her is the lesser of evils.

            1. Sorry to hear that. Take heart. Some day the kids will be raised.

              1. Oh, believe you me, I have that date circled on the calendar.

                1. Just curious, does she know the marriage is doomed?

                  1. Yep. We’ve come close a couple of times, but then came to our senses when the $$$ spoke up.

                    I’d love for it to work, hell, I’d love to have 2 pleasant days in a row, but that train left the station a while back. Still, I do what I can to make it not horrible.

                    1. do you want your son or daughter to think what you have is ok?

          4. My wife is awesome, aside from not wanting to eat baby-cow-in-a-box.

            She’s purty and feminine, but still likes to reload magazines while we watch “Dawn of the Dead” after a day at the range. We’re a great team.

            I’m just here to point and laugh at people who get married to domineering dicks/harpies.

          5. My wife is one of those passive/aggressive type shrews. Part of the art of manipulation is to pretend not to have an agenda.

    2. Pity the men of libertarianism, so dreadfully oppressed by the women in their lives. Poor, poor men.

      What women?

  32. This thread is disgusting.

    1. So’s your mother.

    2. I take it you’ve seen /b/ on a good night.


    3. I take it you’ve never seen /b/ on a good night.

  33. This thread is disgusting.

    Write NICE THREAD on it.

  34. My ex-wife was a halfbreed American Indian. Ash-blonde hair, and cheek bones to kill over. She was also a California girl, sociobiology grad student, Ayn Rand fan and vegetarian.

    I tried the later when we dated. It didn’t last long as I have mentioned before. She never got onto me about it so that was a mark in her favor.

    Current gal is some fucked up half Puerto Rican and half Irish combination that is only slightly less an abomination than my own gene pool(you try living with my hair on humid days). Needless to say, we are both very good with knives so peace is obtained through mutually assured destruction.

    She is also apolitical to an extreme. Usually any headline, or view point whatsoever gets a ‘fuck that!’ growl out of her.

  35. Massa could have avoided this controversy if he had a slightly larger vocabulary. All he needed was an extra word.


    You grappled with your male employees, not groped them, you dim wit. Even though the difference is only semantic, it makes all the difference in the world when it comes to how male on male horse play is interpreted.

    Whenever my cousins and I wrestled and it got on my grandmas nerves she would yell out, not, ‘stop that wrestling’, no it was, ‘stop that ass grabbing.’ We immediately pushed away from one another as that was the last thing we wanted to be accused of doing.

  36. Since Miss Quan admires macho assholes, she’ll probably appreciate my duplicate comments to promote my new blog post about her article: “According to Tracy Quan, a self-respecting man takes abuse and humiliation quietly.”

    1. +1

      I don’t take advice from women who run fast in high heels.

    2. Why should I take it quietly? I’m as loud as possible so I get my money’s worth.

  37. the hysteria that gripped Washington for an entire week


  38. Brian Sorgetz, here’s what I actually wrote:

    “There are men who risk getting sacked to defend a principle. My dad is one… And I know others for whom losing a gig is a normal risk, a cost of doing business with your professional ego intact. Men who are unwilling to take this risk need to do some soul-searching”

    I didn’t say you should take abuse quietly. I say very clearly in the piece that you should stand up for yourself. My comments about integrity and courage have been recast by you as promoting cruelty and “humiliation.” Brian, I cannot imagine why you projected those curious notions onto my column, but thank you for reading it and linking to it, anyway.

    1. Better late than never, the commenter formerly known as Brian Sorgatz (not “Sorgetz”) responds. It’s very glib of you to recommend “standing up for yourself” without specifying how. Think it through. How “principled” or “courageous” can it be to run away from the problem by quitting? Would you find it romantic if you had to pick your man up from jail because he had punched his boss? (Dear God, I hope not.) If you must swoon over tough guys, like Scarlett O’Hara at a comfortable distance from the battlefield, at least have the decency to understand the real difference between cowardice and courage.

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