Reminder: Reason Senior Editor Radley Balko To Moderate Forensics Panel Tonight


D.C.-area Reasonoids: Senior Editor Radley Balko will moderate a panel of forensic experts discussing the case of Cameron Todd Willingham tonight at Georgetown Law Center.

Non D.C.-area Reasonoids: The event will be webcast live here.


"Bad Science: The Execution of Cameron Todd Willingham and the Case for Forensic Reform"

Craig Beyler, Fire Scientist hired by Texas Forensic Science Commission to review Willingham case

John Lentini, Owner, Scientific Fire Analysis, LLC and Author, Scientific Protocols for Fire Investigation

Juan Hinojosa, Texas State Senator

Stephen Saloom, National Policy Director, The Innocence Project

Radley Balko, Senior Editor, Reason Magazine

Tuesday, March 23, 2010, 7:00 p.m.

Georgetown University Law Center
McDonough Hall—Hart Auditorium
600 New Jersey Avenue, NW
Washington, D.C. 20001

A panel of experts in forensic science and criminal justice discuss the case of Cameron Todd Willingham, who was executed by the state of Texas in 2004.  Willingham was convicted in 1992 of murdering his three young daughters in a house fire that the state determined was arson.

A report issued by Beyler in 2009 claimed that in convicting Willingham, the state used techniques and assumptions that were no longer recognized as scientifically valid and that the original finding of arson could not be sustained.

This event is sponsored by the Georgetown Law Innocence Project.

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  1. And when the head of the investigative task panel into his wrongful death questioned Willingham’s execution, Governor Rick Perry replaced him with someone a little more sympathetic.

  2. Perry deserves to be recalled for his gross negligence during the Willingham execution. It is completely unconscionable that the state allowed an individual who was NOT proven beyond a reasonable doubt to be guilty of the crime he was accused.

    I hope he has nightmares about Willingham on a nightly basis.

    1. Isn’t Perry up for re-election this year? That’s the people’s chance, if they so desire. But the people of Texas may prefer Perry’s tough on crime style.

      1. Sadly, Perry is currently destroying any challengers to his re-election. He has the backing of most conservatives, and the media has allowed the Willingham case to be portrayed as justice served so most Texans don’t seem to have a problem with the outcome. I’ve read some comment sections at the Houston Chronicle about the Willingham case and it is incredibly depressing.

        Perry will most likely get re-elected and will bury this story forever if he does.

      2. There’s a lot of Texans who have no use for Perry. Just not enough of us, sadly.

        I, for one, would never vote for Rick Perry for any elected position, ever.

  3. The problem isn’t with Perry, the Texas justice system, or unethical prosecutors. You’ve nailed the problem when you said “Texans don’t seem to have a problem with the outcome.”

  4. I also think that Perry deserves to be recalled for his gross negligence during the Willingham execution.

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