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These were the most popular columns last week:

Pre-Crime Policing: Allegedly "disgruntled" man has his guns seized, and "voluntarily" surrenders to two SWAT teams and dozens of police officers for a crime that hadn't been committed, by Radley Balko (3/16)

The Obama "Narrative" Narrative: Imagine what the president could do if only he had a better bumper sticker! by Matt Welch (3/18)

Politicians Smother Cities: How to bring life back to great American cities, by John Stossel (3/18)

'You Cut Spending': Former New Mexico governor and possible presidential candidate Gary Johnson talks about Obamanomics, ending the drug war, and climbing the highest mountains, by Nick Gillespie & Matt Welch (3/16)

Actually, The Process Does Matter: Why the Democrats are wrong to "deem and pass" the health care bill, by David Harsanyi (3/19)