Congratulations to David Weigel


David Weigel, straight shooter

Congratulations to former Reason staffer (and current contributing editor) Dave Weigel, who has just been hired to cover the right for The Washington Post:

Weigel joins the Post on April 5, and will be launching a blog focused on the conservative movement, tea party activists, and how the GOP's preparing for November….

Weigel will primarily write online, but like Chris Cillizza–and other bloggers–could still contribute to the print edition when needed.

"I've been lucky to cover a really amazing, surprising political story in the remaking of the GOP and the rise of the Tea Parties," Weigel told POLITICO. "I take them seriously; they're building something brand new, something that defies conventional wisdom. If readers get a deeper understanding of these people, their strategy, and their ideas, then I'm doing my job."

Before this, Weigel covered the conservative movement for The Washington Independent, where his blog has been a must-read for anyone interested in the subject. His archive of Reason stories is here.

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  1. Weigel was the biggest Democratic shill Reason has ever hired. How can he cover the Right? I guess he will become a new David Frumm, fake rightwinger who is hired to make all conservatives and libertarians look like radical extremist.

    1. Weigel was the biggest Democrat shill that Reason ever hired. How can he cover the right? I guess he will become a new David Frum, a fake right-winger winger hired to make all conservatives and libertarians look like radical extremists.

      1. Weigel was the biggest Democrat shill that Reason ever hired. How can he cover the right? I guess he will become a new David Frum, a fake right-winger hired to make all conservatives and libertarians look like radical extremists.

      2. You fucked it up editor. You put an extra “winger” in the last clause.

        1. My though exactly. Weigel will be the David Brookes of the Washington Post.

          1. fake right-winger winger Kip Winger Debra Winger

            1. buffalo winger

        2. Can you ever have too much Winger?

    2. Dude, he got hired to cover the right-wing. He didn’t get hired to be right-wing.

      1. I think that’s the part that’s so bothersome…

        It was bad enough seeing politicians glorified covered for libertarians without any apparent realization that his kind of coverage was nauseating to libertarians generally…

        Now he’s gonna cover those he nauseated for the political class?

        He didn’t understand us well enough not to make us sick to our stomachs when he was trying to pitch it straight to us! Now he’s gonna explain what we want to somebody else?!

        It’s hard enough to our my message across without the advantage of his weird vision. I’d rather he were covering our enemies.

      2. While I have a problem with the very notion of hiring someone to “cover the right wing,” to be done properly, it needs to be someone OF the right wing. I haven’t met a liberal yet who had the slightest clue who conservatives are, what they believe, or why they believe it.

      3. Dude, why not hire someone who’s sympathetic? That’s the problem with the MSM: they thought Ronald Reagan was a far-right wing extremist.

    3. I wonder if Weigel will still be getting paid by Nazi collaborator Gy?rgy Schwartz, aka George Soros, while he’s working for the Post.

      For me, this is just another reason not to read the once great but now pathetic government boot-licking Post, not that I needed any more reasons.

      1. Does he know that Alexander Hamilton was not a champion of small-government? That might hurt him as he tries to infiltrate the party bet365

    4. LOL

      I knew what the first post would be before looking.

      Man, its like Weigel-hate only grew with his absence. Not that I’m a big fan of his, I just think the outcry is hilarious

      1. Yeah, but you’re a known idiot in these parts – what else is new?

      2. Weigel is easily my least favorite Reason contributor of all time.

        Er… well, for the past two years at least, which is roughly how long I’ve been reading.

  2. This is great news! Go get em Wiegel. You are the one great libertarian who was most desrevign of getign the call up to the big leagues. The Washington Post must geting really serious about publishing more smear jobs on the tea party conspiracy nut bags. I think you should wait for the next nut bag to kill someone and then do a big in-depth series on how these anti-joo conspiracy nuts are dangerous hate-mongers. Nobody undertsands this movement like you do Dave.

    1. Plus one.

  3. I do miss his politics ‘n prog posts. Matt, hire someone to do that, but without all Dave Weigel’s irritating qualities.

    1. Here’s some accessible kraut prog for you:

        1. The first half of the album is really good, if not so prog. Renate Knaup’s vocals can take a little getting used too.

      1. Outstanding work.

  4. We’re all dead and this is hell.

    1. On the small scale, life is good. But I sit here wondering WTF is happening with my country, and I worry. Especially for my kids, who are going to pay the piper for sure if things keep going the way they are.

      1. …and now I may have to suffer a glance of Weigel on the way to my Redskins and Caps coverage?

        Call it Black Monday.

      2. Oh come on don’t be such pessimists. We need to work at being the party offering something positive. Seriously aren’t you guys happy that even the WASHINGTON POST is now hiring libertarians!? this is great news, it shows how far libertarianism has come. Thank you Reason magazine for building up the feeder system of great libertarian journalist to go work for CIA and Buffet to help promote the military industrial complex, mandantory Gardosil shots for all, a tax code that favors Insurance companies, Pro-Isreali foreign policy, pro-House of Saud foreign policy, Carbon Taxes and the most important issue for all intellectuals…ridiculing UFO conspiracy theories while simply ignoring any lies the government and media have told in the past.

        1. See my post below. With all respect to Dave, his writing doesn’t strike me with horrors of a Dave-driven apocalypse. It’s the government people I’m in despair over. Again!

          I find my tolerance for sock-puppets is shrinking on a daily basis. I don’t give a shit anymore about other opinions. I just want the crap stopped in DC. Right, left, or indifferent, I want limited government. Now. It’s just not a laughing matter any longer.

          1. ahhhh hhhaaaa hhaaaa haa..that is brilliant satire. Acting as if this isn’t just another of 10,000 tiny little steps towards scollapse. Acting as if all the other stupid fucking things the people of this country will accept make a complete kleptocracy anything but a inevitable thing. Sure people could change their minds about ideas, but so far no where near enough have and you preending to be clueless about that is so fucking awesome! good job dude!

            1. Like I said, I grow intolerant. It’s just not even a little funny anymore.

              1. that is awesome…you are playing it so straight! I’ll work with.

                Yes,Pro Libertate, you are right Weigel is a pretty decent libertarian, I’m glad he will be helping provide coverage on our fight against the left. If we can just turn the tide back to the right we may save this country.

                  1. Congrats Weigel, we wish you the best of luck in fighting for individual freedoms. Art-POG and Pro Libertate and I hope you make the case for a more limited government.

                    1. Hey, Art! What happened to the “The”?

                    2. I used a joke handle (The Black Fuhrer of Harlem) and when I filled the field back in, I accidentally dropped the definite article and just left it like that.

                    3. I must advise you that you are diluting your brand. Why, there may be other Arts now that you have relinquished the definite article.

                    4. LOL…There actually was another guy going by the handle Art in this blog. I haven’t seen him around in awhile.

                    5. That’s because you drove him away with your former uniqueness.

                    6. Now you’re just another black libertarian. There are like 5 or 6 of those already.

                    7. Guys, I am here laughing out loud!

                    8. That’s because you drove him away with your former firmer uniqueness.

                      Ftfy. 🙂

      3. This is why I’m not having kids.

        Also because my wife doesn’t want a mangled vagina.

  5. Really looking forward to the comments on this thread.

  6. Maybe next they can hire Chapman for his biting economic insight, or Harsanyi for his thoughtful analysis of Ron Paul.

    1. Also, plus one.

  7. Really looking forward to the comments on this thread.

    1. Well, I wasn’t talking about you when I said I was worried for my children. That was directed at others in the Beltway.

    2. When I was talking about how this must be our punishment in hell?

      I was talking about your writing.

      I grew up in DC. I grew up reading the Washington Post every morning.

      Vandalizing my favorite website wasn’t enough–now you’ll be spewing all over my childhood memories? Great news?!

      In hell. When we turn on the radio? Or the television? Or go to any news website?

      It’s all Weigel telling us libertarians which politicians we should or shouldn’t vote for. …as if politics were the solution to our problems. …in hell.

  8. I’ve been reading Dave Weigel since the days of Mark Prindle. He really hasn’t improved much since the days of embarrassing public masturbation over Suede albums.

    1. Dog Man Star is a good album!

      1. Coming Up is also a good album

        1. The first disc of Sci-Fi Lullabies (aka the B-sides) is better than any album Suede ever put out.

    2. Also, that’s like a 12-year grudge you’re nursing.

      1. As a prominent participant in all those old music reviews (albeit under another name), I have an elephant’s memory.

      2. Dave,
        No one nurses a grudge longer than a music geek. Trust me I am one of them. And I still hold plenty of grudges over music.

        1. Really, John? You don’t seem like the type of person that would hold a grudge.

        2. Don’t I know it. I was a little miffed when Phil Collins filled in for John “Helena” Bonham during Led Zeppelin’s appearance in Live Aid. I’m okay with Phil Collins, but he’s no Bonzo.

          Okay, that was twenty years ago. So the other day, Genesis got inducted into the Rock-n-Roll Hall of Fame. No problem with that. But someone mentioned Collins being like some superb drummer, one of the best ever. So I went and posted “Moby Dick” over at Urkobold out of sheer pique.

          1. Actually Tony Thompson could really play and would have been at least a half assed successor to Bonham. Why they had two drummers that day is beyond me. But it is not like they rehearsed or tried or anything either. What a terrible show.

            1. Do you remember the laughter?

  9. Weigel’s perfect for the Post. A nodding acquaintance with the tropes of the mysterious Outside-the-Beltway tribe, but no particular interest in upsetting the conventional wisdom.

  10. Seriously though, isn’t it just, erm…TELLING that the guy hired by the WaPo to cover “the right” just happens to thread that needle of “non-left but also conspicuously hates conservative values”? Because god forbid the Tea Party have someone covering it who DOESN’T actually hold its values and participants in contempt.

    P.S. Weigel’s friend from back in Texas tells me to say that he was a total douchenozzle in college. FYI.

    1. Upon further reflection, I suppose “friend” is the wrong term to use.

    2. I have a friend who went to grad school with Will Wilkinson. Douchenozzle doesn’t even begin to describe Wilkinson.

      1. My friend, perhaps feeling guilty, adds more: “he wasn’t a bad guy, really, so much as he was intensely, mind-meltingly awkward in public situations. I think that’s why he likes writing so much, it allows him to organize his thoughts perfectly rather than flailing.”

        (Mostly verbatim.) Insight!

        1. I only knew him vaguely, but he didn’t seem like a douchenozzle to me.

      2. I wonder how my college associates would describe me?

        1. Probably much the same way.

          1. Me too. Only strike the “college” from “college associates.”

            1. Awesome to see you ’round these parts again, Stevo.

              1. Thanks! Had to stop by for this at least. I remember Weigel as being a part of my good old days hanging out at Hit and Run. I don’t have as much time to stop in and comment nowadays, but I’m never too far.

                1. Ah. Good to know you’re never too far away. Enjoy the gainful employment/family life (I’m just assuming these are reasons your Hit and Run time’s been cut into).

                  1. Ongoing gainful employment and a change in my online habits. (I’m getting lazier and less combative.)

                    1. Stevo can always be brought back with the appropriate reference. For instance, did the Fremen have socialized medicine?

        2. “Who?”


          1. Ha ha ha, but the weird thing is they all seem to remember me, even if a few of them will avoid me at all costs.

        3. I am sure they would describe me worse, although douche would not be the term. Insane, dangerous, out of fucking mind, annoying, would probably be more common.

          1. you forgot “excellent speller”.

        4. Most of mine say how friggin’ awesome I was when totally blasted. Since I don’t drink much anymore, now they think I’m a douche.

    3. Does he know that Alexander Hamilton was not a champion of small-government? That might hurt him as he tries to infiltrate the party.

    4. Is this Travis? Doesn’t sound like he would say that.

  11. Weigel, were you shooting trap or skeet in that picture? IT MATTERS, so answer carefully.

    1. I always suspected you were a skeet degenerate.

      1. John, I am a trap snob, for your information. Skeet is for monkeys with their semi-auto Benellis and their extra shots. I don’t need extra shots.

        1. You pleasantly exceeded my expectations. My apologies. And yes, there is no need for anything beyond an double barrel.

          1. Yes, but bringing a Saiga-12 to the trap range gets you priceless glares.

            1. Yes, but bringing a 20-gauge for a trap round gets you priceless awe.

              1. I can shoot a rifle or a pistol with good proficiency. But I am a danger to myself and others with a shotgun. I may be America’s worst bird hunter and trap shooter.

                1. Same here. My only use for shotguns anymore is for killing Bambi with slugs.

                  1. You two are Mothra-level douchebags. Hitting a moving target is what’s challenging and fun, not propping your stupid Bushmaster against some sandbags and looking through a scope.

                    You don’t even deserve to hold my shot bag–or any bag of mine.

                    1. Eat shit and die, you horse-fluffing prick. Making tiny groups at 300 yards is a worthy pursuit for a man.

                      Seriously, though, I do need to practice my shotgunnery more. It’s awesome, I just suck at it.

                    2. Go long or go home, Warty. 600+ is where the fun is. Anybody should be capable of decent groups at 300.

                    3. T

                      I have the misfortune to live in Maryland. I think there is only one non-military range within a day’s drive that even has a 600 yrd range and that is nearly 100 miles away in Bridgeville, DE. My gun club is restricted to using downsized targets on a 200 yrd range to simulate 600 yrds – not realling the same. Not that I shoot much rifle anymore anyway. I prefer shotgun: trap, skeet, sporting, whatever.

                      But, training my shorthair is taking most of my time now, though I did shoot a bunch of chukars this weekend while training her.

                    4. The day I finagle myself a lifetime pass to use Camp Perry is the day I start shooting at 600 yards. Unless there are other long ranges in the state of Ohio and I’m unaware of them, that’s pretty much my only option.

                    5. A real man can make tiny groups at 300 yrds AND go clean for 100 at Trap.

                2. I was going to make a Dick Cheney joke, but…nahhhh

                3. John is Dick Cheney?

                4. C’m’on, if you haven’t shot any Texas lawyers you can’t be all that bad.

                5. C’m’on, if you haven’t shot any Texas lawyers you can’t be all that bad.

                  1. But I repeat myself.

                  2. You said this twice because it had to cancel itself out.

                    if you haven’t shot any Texas lawyers you can’t be all that bad good


    2. He loves his people!

    3. “Those were $500 sunglasses, asshole.”

      1. +1

      1. Good answer. What’s your average?

    4. You guys are a bunch of Fudds. Come to Knob Creek in April to see some real guns. Actually, if anyone wants to have a H&R themed meetup at the Creek, I’m game.

      1. What is that? Paintball?

        1. You’re kidding, right?

          1. Dude, that’s awesome. My favorite weapon to ever fire was the M249. Of course, not counting simulators, the only weapons I’ve ever fired are the M4, M16A2, and M249.

            1. If you ever get the chance you should go. Don’t know how close you live to Louisville. It’s about a 7 hr drive from Pittsburgh, where I live.

              1. I’m from Columbus, OH, so I could conceivably make it down.

                1. Well, if you can make it, I’d be glad to meet up.

      2. Guns are for pussies. Swords or nothing.

        1. Also, foils and sabres are for pussies. Epee FTW.

          1. ?p?e? I think you have that backwards.

            1. Meh, right of way is whiny. “Oh, no, you aren’t allowed to hit me, because it’s my turn. You have to defend before it’s your turn to hit me.”

    5. Why no love for sporting clays?

  12. Congratulations to Weigel. If I had any particular use for the WaPo, I’d read his column. Well, it’ll be linked to, so I’ll probably read it anyway. I also miss ‘Politics ‘n Prog’. This is all.

  13. I hope the WaPo won’t be too strict in holding him to his assignment, I would hate for continuing PUMA coverage to go AWOL.

  14. Chad, Tony, and MNG have just been upgraded to ‘highly respected and accurate sources’ for the WaPo.

  15. Because god forbid the Tea Party have someone covering it who DOESN’T actually hold its values and participants in contempt.

    We’re on top of it.

    1. Yeah, but the problem is that the same thing that makes me a Reasonoid makes me gag on a lot of what Fox has to offer. Napolitano is great, Special Report is the only nightly news show worth a damn…but the pandering. The pandering, my god.

      1. Yeah but the pandering is usually done by some hot blond in a short skirt. And that does make it easier to take.

        1. How can you tell if they’re wearing a short skirt? Are Fox newscasters forced to stand up or something? Maybe Hannity wears Bermuda shorts.

          1. The broads on in the morning are always sitting on a coach flashing their legs. I never watch it at night so I guess the others are behind desks. But the ones in the morning are not.

          2. Don’t they sit on a couch when they spout Monica Crowley level idiocy on Fox and Friends?

  16. awesome!

  17. So who’s taking his place? Maybe Yglesias or Huffington are available? How about ‘respected economist’ Megan McArdle? Joe Boyle?

  18. Congratulations Weigel

      1. Give the joo hating teabaggers hell Wiegel! How can we best implicate that people for peace are actualy being racists?

        We can’t let the conspiracy nuts keep spreading their crap, we really need to support the Fed and more wars….these isolationists are starting to piss me off.

      2. Congratulations! 🙂

  19. I don’t get it. Isn’t Weigel “analyzing” the conservative movement kind of like Perez Hilton judging the Miss America contest?

    Is Weigel a conservative? Since the answer is “no”, other than building and knocking down strawmen, about what would he write?

    Oh, answered my own question.

  20. We’re kind of dicks, aren’t we?

    1. Massive dicks. Poor Weigel. I kind of feel sorry for the guy. Here he is getting his dream job and his readers back a Reason are killing him like this.

      1. The Hit & Run commentariat is the portrait in Dave’s attic.

        1. So every time Weigel becomes more debauched, we get uglier? That sounds about right, actually.

          1. Maybe you guys are dicks. I’m completely mild-mannered.

            1. That was a real dick move right there, Art.

              1. Ha ha ha, it totally was.

        2. “The Hit & Run commentariat is the portrait in Dave’s attic.”

          Well at least it’s where no one can see it.

          1. Heh heh heh heh…awesome…but it’s not the same without LoneWacko (for ultimate imerative to hide Hit & Run painting).

      2. First, congrats to Weigel.

        Second, I register one of my rare agreements with John on this point.

        Third, if we’re going to go on about being a bunch of dicks, somebody needs to quote Team America.

        1. You mean along the lines of “There’s three kinds of people…”?

        2. Why, that’s…911,000!

    2. I’m pretty sure Weigel was already aware of our tidal wave level of dickishness here.

      1. We’re the sole reason libertarianism hasn’t taken off. As it turns out, 90% of the population is libertarian; they just don’t want to be associated with the Hit & Run commenters.

        Oh, and congratulations, Dave. Just remember, no matter what everyone else says, the Beltway isn’t the heart of the universe. It isn’t even the heart of this country. It’s a pox, yes, but not the heart.

  21. Does this mean you’ll be invited to Katherine Graham’s dinner parties?
    Try not to confuse her.

    1. Isn’t she dead?

      1. Weekend at Katharine’s.

  22. Wasn’t there a post which featured Graham whining about how some “businessmen” wouldn’t listen to her inane babbling at a dinner party, some time back?

    Was that a different Graham?

    1. I checked. Graham died in 2001. She was the woman who took it over from her dead husband. You are thinking of Sally Quinn

    2. I remember that. What’s the word for when something might as well be directly lifted from Atlas Shrugged?

      1. Pole galting.

        1. It’s a good term to have, since the world is becoming a crudely plagarized ripoff of Atlas Shrugged. You get a +1.

        2. Excellent. We do seem to be more closely approximating Atlas Shrugged month to month now. If anyone from the real world Galt’s Gulch is reading, let me know if you need a chemical engineer with water treatment and power generation experience.

          1. I know Stata and have mediocre brewing skills.



          2. Believe it or not we are in a forest in New Jersey near the Palisades Parkway, come find us, we can always use more people with your enthusiasm.

  23. Wiegel,
    You can quote me. A friend of mine is a huge teabagger, he told me the tea baggers all love Sarah Palin now and that the republicans are so unpopular that she is going to switch to being a libertarian where she thinks she can have the most impact as she tries to stop the mexican invasion which will be her primary focus. I also hear that there is a big convention of racist trying to get Ron Paul to run in 2012…hopefully my research will help you frame your coverage for these two parties over the next two years.

    1. Sockpuppets make me weary.

      1. “Sockpuppets make me woolly” would’ve made me laugh.

        1. Damn it, I wasted an opportunity. Thanks for the save though, Pro Lib.

          1. No problem, formerly The Art.

  24. How much would you need to be paid to sit down to a meal with Will Wilkinson, Ezra Klein and Dave Weigel?

    Any takers?

    I will say Weigel does some great reporting, but he seems like a total dick. Lucky or us we don’t have to hang out with the guy, just read him. So congratulations Dave!

    1. Don’t forget Yglesias. I couldn’t do it for any amount of money without an immunity agreement for punching Klein repeatedly in the face.

    2. You just sent a chill down my spine. Weigel would be the least annoying of the three BY FAR, and I find Weigel highly annoying.

      1. Seriously, now. Let’s give Dave at least a little fucking credit here: he’s nowhere even remotely as obnoxious as Klein and Yglesias. Two stronger cases of backpfeifengesicht I have not seen in forever.

    3. wilkinson and weigel seem like fun. klein? bleh.

    4. How much would you need to be paid to sit down to a meal with Will Wilkinson, Ezra Klein and Dave Weigel?

      Any takers?

      It could be kind of fun, really. You could get in the Guinness Book of World’s Records for the number of wedgies dished out in an evening.

  25. I’d pay $40 to eat a meal with those three. Really.

  26. It would have to be in Boston though.

    1. Whoever you are, this sockpuppet character sucks. Time to kill it and try again.

      1. :::high fives Warty:::

        1. high five::: fist bump::
          Come on dude….don’t leave me hanging.

          1. That must be Cosmo Frat Dork again.

      2. Bring it back as Cosmotarian Overload

        1. funny…that would fit most of the time…I admit it

  27. You are thinking of Sally Quinn

    Oops. Appy polly loggies.

    Whoever it was, she desperately needs a ride on Docteur Guillotine’s surgical device.

  28. Congrats Dave!

  29. I do miss his politics ‘n prog posts.

    I would like to humbly resubmit my idea from about two years ago.

    P.S.: Congrats, Dave!

  30. I cannot help myself.

    I keep looking at that picture of Weigel holding a shotgun, and it looks to me as if somebody walked up to him and said, “Here, Boy, hold this for me while I go take a piss.”

  31. Congratulations, Dave.

  32. Seriously, congrats, Dave. You are now officially at the top of the profession.

  33. That’s awesome, Dave! Congratulations!

    You’ll be great!

  34. Could the Post have done much better? I think they found exactly what they were looking for. Best of luck, Dave.

  35. If I still commented here, I would congratulate him here.


  36. Weigel is a perfect example of that paranoid center you’re always talking about, Jesse.

    1. No, I don’t think so. The lunatic fringe is part of his beat, so he covers it. I sometimes disagree with his take on it, but I think he covers it well. There’s a big difference between him and a Max Blumenthal or a Mark Potok.

      1. Of course he is. Anyone who deviates from the conventional wisdom, to the left or the right, is in Weigel’s sights. He’s a perfect fit for WAPO. Two quick examples:

        1. Weigel in 2003:

        In short, this “anti-war movement,” piloted by hardline communists and populated by walking, talking stoner stereotypes, is a p.r. goldmine for the Bush campaign. He must be doing something right if he’s got these people against him.

        2. Weigel 2009.

        1. Excellent post. I was going to find some examples too but who would it convince.

          Dave’s job description: smear people and movements that are not within the limits of what is published by the CFR. Must be well versed in framing complicated issues into “interventionist” vs. “anti-semite” or “pro-seignorage” vs “conspiracy theorist”.

          Must not be scared to break out oldie but goodie smears like “isolationists” when someone starts asking why the US is supporting the House of Saud. Must not be afraid to call people “extremist” when they start talking about voluntary action.

  37. Weigel certainly looks manly and very right-wing/tea-party/gun-nut with that shotgun conveniently substituting for his manhood.

  38. Congratulations to Dave Weigel.

    I will especially remember his live-blogging here. His wit is quick.

    I’m going to go have a drink for him.

    1. I’m going to sue you.

      1. Maybe like a corrupting our nation’s youth charge? A class action?

        Maintaining an attractive nuisance?

        There’s gotta be somethin’!

        1. On the corrupting the youth charge, a little known fact is that the punishment is still a nice, tall glass of iced hemlock.

          1. Well he might not be guilty of that, but Stevo’s guilty of somethin’!



  39. OMG!?!

    I think this is the first good picture of Weigel Reason has ever published.

    Damn the rules i say drink!!

  40. So Dave’s the new token over at the WaPo, huh?

  41. What are you doing, Dave?

  42. Dear IT Adminis-traitor:

    Think ya got wires crossed btwn reason’s blog comments and those from site of American Opinion Magazine…or maybe American Free Press…or American Renaissance…

  43. Dear IT Adminis-traitor:

    It seems your blog comments have crossed wire w/ blog comments for site of American Opinion magazine, or maybe American Free Press…or American Renaissance?

  44. Looks like reason’s blog comments have got wires crossed w/ blog comments for American Opinion magazine’s website, or maybe American Free Press…or American Renaissance? Call your IT adminis-traitor (get it?)

  45. Sorry I missed this post thread.
    Good luck David. Don’t forget us on the Big City daily HateWatch beat.After all, we’re part of your job!

  46. “I take them seriously…”


  47. Congratulations, Weigel.

    (The only thing missing in this thread for a real retro 2007 feel is LoneWacko’s take.)

    1. It appears in the comments thread for the Politico story (linked at the beginning of the main post)…

      Here’s some background information on Dave Weigel of the Washington Post [link to LW’s site], including some of his lies.

      Perhaps even worse than lying, he violated the unwritten law in journalism about giving someone the right of reply. He wrote about me on his site, and then refused to approve the comment I left in response.

      Posted By: 24AheadDotCom | March 22, 2010 at 04:57 PM

  48. My only experience with Weigel was his coverage of the Libertarian Party debacle in Denver. His reporting was inaccurate and biased. It was pathetic and I wrote so at the time here. Nothing has changed my mind since then. Incidents I witnessed did not get reported accurately by him, he had an agenda of his own that imposed on his articles.

  49. Caption contest:
    “Hmmm. Maybe if I kind of look around nochalantly, I can stratch myself with this and noone will notice…. oh yeah. ahhh”

  50. It all began in the Way-Back times, when David Weigel’s spelling used to rival John’s.

    *sniff* – I get so nostalgic, sometimes.

  51. Is it just me or is that photo of Weigel supposed to look like Lee Harvey Oswald?

    It has that “Hey, look at me! I have a gun! I’m macho, not milquetoast!” aroma…

    Does he have an alibi?

    1. that photo explains a lot

  52. Weigel was the biggest Democratic shill Reason has ever hired. How can he cover the Right?

    Beat me to it. Honestly, how did a lefty like Weigel even get affiliated with Reason? The WaPo might as well have asked Charles Johnson of LGF to cover the right for them.

  53. There’s a big difference between him and a Max Blumenthal or a Mark Potok.

    You must not have been paying attention when Weigel and Blumenthal tag-teamed against James O’Keefe.

  54. when this administration is finally torn down, I wonder if Dave will STILL be sucking Obama’s cock

  55. Jeez, that was short. Were’s the congrats for starting at msnbc?

    This pic makes him pure evil:

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