Why Can't Politicians be More Like Luke Skywalker?


Over at PJTV, Glenn Instapundit Reynolds has posted the second half of an excellent interview with pollster Scott Rasmussen, author of the new book In Search of Self-Governance. It's well worth watching, especially for the moment when Luke Skywalker gets invoked (not half as geeky as it sounds).

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  1. With light sabers? I think that would be a bad idea . . . unless congressmen egaged in duels to argue pieces of legislation. Then I would be okay with it.

    1. Would it be better for George Lucas or Michael Bay to be in charge of a greenlighted Untitled Brooks-Sumner Project?

  2. Which Luke? Whiny, wimpy Luke, or Force-wielding god Luke? Or do you mean Incestuous Luke or Luke the Guy Who Beats Up His Poor, Old, Handicapped Father?

  3. I’m blacked out.

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