Attn, NYC-Area Reasonoids! Two Chances to See Ron Bailey Live TODAY & TOMORROW! TONIGHT!


Get yer Baileys out! Longtime Reason science correspondent Ronald Bailey will be making two speaking appearances in the greater New York City area next week, at Princeton Univ. and at The New York Salon.

Info on the Princeton gig:

What: A lecture on "Freedom versus Bioethics," by Ronald Bailey

When: March 8, 2010, at noon

Where: Princeton University, New Jersey, Wallace Hall 300

More info: Chuck Crosby

Info on the New York gig:

What: "Hardwired for Life?": a NY Salon public discussion featuring Reason's Ronald Bailey, The Atlantic's David Shenk, Univ. of Birmingham's Stuart Derbyshire, and The Albert Ellis Institute's Kristene Doyle and geared around the following topics: 

Researchers in the field of behavioral genetics have asserted claims for a genetic basis to numerous behaviors, including homosexuality, aggression, alcoholism, and nurturing. Furthermore, a growing scientific and popular focus on genes and behavior has contributed to a resurgence of behavioral genetic determinism—the belief that genetics is the major factor in determining behavior. Just recently commentators have blamed the international economic crisis on the innate greed of our consumer "have it all now" society.

Are behaviors inbred, written indelibly in our genes as immutable biological imperatives, or is the environment more important in shaping our thoughts and actions? What are the social consequences of genetic diagnoses of such traits as intelligence, criminality, or homosexuality? How much of our behavior can be attributed to our hardwiring?

When: Tuesday, March 9, from 6.30pm to 8.30pm

Where: The Albert Ellis Institute, 45 E65 St (between Park and Madison Avenues)

RSVP: The NY Salon's Jean Smith, who will also moderate the event.

Get more info at the website for The NY Salon, which is constantly putting on some of the best intellectual shows in The Big Apple.

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  1. I didn’t realize that Ron Bailey was in Tootsie. He looks really good for his age.

  2. Goddamn do something in tacoma.

    1. Hell will freeze over before you get something in Tacoma before we get it in Seattle.

  3. Sounds like more of the old “nature vs nurture”, with a genetic twist. I think the term being used is “genetic predisposition”. I’ve had some training in addictions therapy. It seems the consensus is, that there’s a combination of factors which may or may not include a genetic predisposition, combined with a imbalance in brain chemistry from prolonged use, and possible psychological conditions, which may be inborn or the result of a traumatic experience(s).

    When you refer to “greed”, I’m assuming you mean “instant gratification”? Genetics, or a process of indoctrination, that buying things males us “feel better” about ourselves? Sure, buying things things gives us a sense of accomplishment. But when one needs something now, regardless of whether one actually earned it, it’s not accomplishment that is the driving factor. So what is? Good question. I won’t be able to make the lecture. If you can, post a link to the video, if it’s being taped.

  4. I read? a study on instant gratification in children as it relates to their ability to succeed in school. I think it is a favor to delay awards to children but It seems to have become a standard of parenting to give them what they want and toute suite. They get their sense of accomplishment from attaining goals independently from parents.

    1. Tish, that’s French! You know what it does to me when you speak French.

      1. Bad French. Tout de suite

        1. I only learned to write in english at 12 years of age. Native french is much more casual than the textbook language taught in schools. Btw, incorrect use of the word bad. If you can’t spank it, it isn’t bad.

          1. Sorry Zoltan, I inadvertently put your name in the wrong box.

        2. Those French, they have a different word for everything – Steve Martin

  5. I wonder if joe p. boyle will show up to heckle.

  6. Too bad I won’t be home next week…

  7. When’s he coming to Phoenix?

  8. Sweet! I’ll be there I live 15 mins from Princeton.

  9. Big swathes of bioethics seem to be rationalizations for denying people choices, so the title is appropriate.

    In the patient care setting, in particular, bioethics is, to my mind, almost entirely dreck. If the patient wants it and its available, they should get it (with the issue of whether they should have to pay for it being a decision for the provider).

    In the public health setting, there may be some room for looking at whether a particular technology or approach presents public health risks (along the lines, perhaps, of the emergence of antibiotic resistant infections). Beyond that, though, I don’t see any place for it in a free society.

  10. Oh wow, now that is one really cool dude. I would love to see that. Too bad I live on the West coast 🙁


  11. I plan to be there.

  12. Urban Dictionary defines “get yer Baileys out” as…

    Take it away.

  13. Anybody know a good bar nearby? I’m going with a buddy.

    Maybe Donohues Steakhouse… 845 Lexington Avenue. There’s really not much up near that area that works as a place to hang out and have a drink. Not until you get to 1st ave that is.

    1. Take that back… that joint looks tres exclusive, like much in the area

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