Senators Press For Green Energy Trade War


trade war

Four Democratic senators have come out in favor of green energy protectionism according to an AP story the New York Times:

A group of Democratic senators urged the Obama administration to suspend an economic stimulus program aimed at financing renewable energy, complaining that money is going to projects that are creating jobs in foreign countries.

"We can't jump-start our economy and pull ourselves out of this recession if we are putting Chinese workers ahead of American workers," New York Sen. Chuck Schumer said at a news conference Wednesday.

On Tuesday, Schumer and three other senators wrote to Treasury Secretary Timothy Geithner to request a moratorium on the Recovery Act program. They asked that the moratorium remain in place until they can pass legislation mandating stimulus aid flow only to projects which preserve and create U.S. jobs. …

"A critical Recovery Act priority is investment in the domestic renewable and clean energy industry, not investment in foreign manufacturers," the senators wrote in the letter, obtained Tuesday by The Associated Press. The letter was also signed by Sens. Sherrod Brown of Ohio, Robert Casey of Pennsylvania and Jon Tester of Montana.

The lawmakers cited a report by the Investigative Reporting Workshop, a project of the School of Communication at American University that does investigative journalism, which found that a majority of the program's grants went to foreign-owned companies, and that a majority of the turbines purchased with the money were built by foreign manufacturers.

Just when you think that Congress can't get any stupider, some would-be lawgivers propose to simultaneously start an economically damaging trade war and make sure that green energy is even more expensive for American consumers than it is already going to be. Just brilliant!

Whole story here.

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  1. “Just when you think that Congress can’t get any stupider …”

    Please, never think that Congress can’t get any stupider, particularly when it comes to foreigners, who, after all, can’t vote.

  2. Just when you think that Congress can’t get any stupider,

    The set of {N} contains an infinite number of negative numbers as well as positive numbers.

    1. I believe you are thinking of the set of integers, {Z}. {N} is only the positive (or non-negative depending on who you ask) integers.

      1. Crap, you’re right.

        It’s been a long time since Math 240.

    2. I think the set {C} would be best suited for congress, owing to the fact it contains an infinite amount of imaginary numbers.

      1. I don’t know. Congress can’t usually handle complex numbers. I would think {C}/{R}

  3. Can we outsource Congress? Getting some Chinese or Indian legislators is bound to be cheaper and they’d probably be better on economic issues.

    And hey, maybe we’d get some Taiwanese style fist-fights. People would finally watch C-Span!

  4. Why am I not surprised to see Chuck’s name at the top of that list?

    1. “Chuck. You know what that rhymes with, right?”

      1. Super Delicious?

  5. and Jon Tester of Montana.

    Tester, you dumbass.

  6. The Democrats are feeling the heat. They could lose control of Congress before completing their dream of completely destroying the American economy.

  7. a majority of the program’s grants went to foreign-owned companies, and that a majority of the turbines purchased with the money were built by foreign manufacturers.

    Something tells me I’d get nothing but blank stares if I pointed out that the Machinists Union has played a major role in driving necessary manufacturing processes out of the country.

    1. What, you mean everyone can’t make $30 an hour and have lifetime job security?

    2. We’re just about to open a big wind energy plant here in San Angelo, TX.

      Owned by a foreign company, of course.

      Built where they will be safest from unions, because those foreign owners aren’t stupid.

  8. And you thought Obama was clueless? Imagine, if you will, President Schumer.

    In addition to his dumbass policy proposals, the idiot sports a backpfeifengesicht.

  9. You can’t deny that protectionism is always good for the economy. Always.

    1. Channeling Chad today, are you?

  10. IMO, renewable energy is a scam, the above Members of Congress are rightfully upset that the proceeds are going to the wrong set of grifters.

    Spain and Denmark have not done so well.

  11. so protectionism is bad when Schumer’s Wall Street boys are consulting companies to offshore their manufacturing. but now it’s good. thanks, Chuck!

    sorta related, does Davis-Bacon apply to manufacturing or just to tradesmen?

    1. Davis-Bacon applies to wage rates for worker on contracts receiving federal funds.

      Various Federal, State and local “Buy American” rules are a completely different issue.

      1. workers, dammit.

  12. “A group of Democratic senators urged the Obama administration to suspend an economic stimulus program aimed at financing renewable energy, complaining that money is going to projects that are creating jobs in foreign countries.

    This is unbelievably stupid, but, but, but…

    One of the backdrops to this is some of the activity of China in recent years. China controls almost all the mines for heavy metals, the ones way out at the end of the table? And there’s been a lot of worry about cornering the market in those metals, and stockpiling these materials that are essential to everything from wind farms to electric cars. If you look for it, you can find all sorts of investor oriented press on this…

    “China supplies at least 95% of the world’s rare earths — 17 chemical elements with hard-to-pronounce names such as praseodymium and yttrium — essential for a wide range of high-tech devices and green technologies.”…..20433.aspx

    If you read between the lines on what China’s doing, however, it’s pretty easy to see that they’re not saying they won’t sell the materials to any foreign manufacturers–what they’re saying is that they are reluctant to (and probably won’t) export any of the materials.

    “China’s goal is to create jobs in China and create goods in China,” Jack Lifton, a U.S.-based independent rare earths analyst. “We need to start producing these metals here [United States] as we did in the past. If we don’t do that, China will be the only country manufacturing devices using rare earths by the year 2015.”


    …so you can still buy the materials necessary to make wind turbines, etc., it’s just that you may have to manufacture those wind turbines in China.

    I’d say I suspect this may be Schumer and Company’s sticking point, but he’s so often proposed solutions about the consequences of things without having any idea of why things are that way, that I think it’s safe to assume he doesn’t know what he’s talking about…

    It’s my understanding that China owns outright or is a majority partner in every one of these specialty heavy metal mines in the world except for one in Australia (where the government figured out that Australia had the last producing mine China didn’t already control and blocked the sale.)

    I don’t know that there aren’t any such mines here in the United States, but it wouldn’t surprise me if there were–it may just be prohibitively expensive or environmentally/politically impossible to extract what resources we have, in which case Schumer and company might want to take a look at why that is. They might find that our own environmental regulations are blocking the path to a green tomorrow.

    1. No, Schumer is talking out his ass, and is saying “China” because it polls better than “Germany” where a good deal of wind turbines are made and are being procurred from.

    2. China supplies at least 95% of the world’s rare earths — 17 chemical elements with hard-to-pronounce names such as praseodymium and yttrium

      IT-tree-uhm or EE-tree-uhm

      Teach your kids phonics, folks.

      1. The hell with that. This is America and we speak English.

        1. No, we speak American. The English speak English.

      2. Ahhhh … reminding me of the awesomeness that was Star Control II.

        Maybe we can harvest some Yttrium by sending a rover one of Jupiter’s moons …

  13. I’m back, bitches! Just in time for Great Depression 2.0!

  14. Fuck you, Chuck Schumer. The day will come when you get your long-deserved gorilla masking.

    1. I’ll settle a Dirty Sanchez from Babs Mikulski, in the Senatorial coatroom.

      1. I’ll settle for him getting…


        1. In typos veritas

  15. Just when you think that Congress can’t get any stupider

    Of all the thoughts that cross my mind in a given day, that ain’t one of them.

  16. Channeling Chad today, are you?

    If Chad did not exist…



    we’d all be better off.

  17. Wait, I thought green energy *itself* was going to bring about economic utopia? Free energy from sunshine was going to bring us just that much closer to the Singularity.

    But, only if it’s built by god-fearing, red-blooded Amurcans, huh Chuck? Not those godless heathen slanteyes.

  18. Ya know, when somebody flips back and forth on whether their Big Project is justified for reason A (greenosity) or reason B (jerbs!), then the real reason for the Big Project is probably something else entirely.

    I’m thinking graft.

  19. I’m thinking graft.

    Oh, i take that as a given as soon as i hear Congressthings are involved.

  20. There is no reason to believe political “contributions” and government contracts are connected. The Congressional Ethics Committee told me so.

  21. Yet more evidence for the green-tards that being Congress’s cuddle-bunny isn’t really where you want your industry to be.

  22. I work in the manufacturing sector. Fortunately for me in a relatively healthy sector that can’t be moved to China in a practical fashion. However all of our suppliers for the equipment we sell have had American workers train Chinese workers how to make the products once made here then shut the factory here. Why? Anyone who clings to the “unions killed manufacturing” or “free trade is good for USA” should read the article on how Ipods are made. They are made in live in factories with 300,000 workers at one site using child labor working 60+ hour weeks for $0.20 an hour. Where factory security through a worker out of 12th story window for stealing an Ipod. USA corporations could care less about USA security, USA interests or USA workers. They care only about short term maximization of profits. If it destroys the company in the process wont matter.

    What the Senators propose is only common sense as the rest of the world applies it. Every other country gives lip service to free trade while trying to minimize imports and maximize exports heavily favoring manufacturing things in their own country. Only here where the citizens have been spoiled by an incredible post WW2 strecth of prosperity do people “want” to and “applaud” the shipment overseas of the real wealth producing sector of the economy. In every other country is understood the importance of making real things.

    Do any of you believe that the USA will be able to maintain for much longer it’s military dominance as our industrial complex shuts down? Can we outsource our military industry to China? For those that think that is nonsense you should read CIA reports available that question with the pace of deindustrialization whether there will be sufficient industrial base to support military industry in near future. The average age of machinists and toolmakers in this country is mid 50’s. Young people are not being trained in the practical skills required in an advanced manufacturing economy such as cnc programming, welding, wiring, tool/dye making.

    If the USA doesn’t wake up soon will be a complete collapse here. people should study history. The USA and it’s manufacturing economy was built on tariffs and protectionism. Our military was built on our manufacturing prowess. Before WW2 we WERE CHINA. the big manufacturing, mass production exporting country. People should read history, prior to 1850 and in 19 out of last 20 centuries China was richest country in world. Their intent is to be our rival, not our cheap labor platform. Wake up people.

  23. Jon Tester is a socialist in step with Barack Obama and the other socialists who have lied to the American people to take office but now go against the will of the people.

    Here in Montana, Tester and his cronies are hosting public meetings about his wilderness bill at health clubs around Montana, among other places.

    Given the subject, the location is ironic: AS IF the topic of Tester’s wilderness legislation is something healthy?the back-to-nature feel of it, all fresh and clean and natural?so let’s all discuss it near those healthy people exercising away on their treadmills, the oblivious glow of exertion in their eyes.

    The health club location is ironic because of the SICKNESS Jon Tester is trying to divert our attention from: THE JON TESTER HEALTHCARE PORTA-POTTY BILL, festering away with disease and stink and bile, Tester’s virulent tax bacteria waiting to crawl out of his healthcare Porta-Potty sewer hole, up into the most vulnerable parts of his constituents.

    JON TESTER and fellow Montana Socialist MAX BAUCUS are screwing the voters over with their healthcare fiasco, and now the voters are supposed to forget all about their healthcare vote against Montana kids and focus on Tester’s grand Montana Wilderness legislation, like we are too stupid to see Jon Tester’s bait-and-switch, like this pretty white “wilderness” horse is going to carry him away to safety in the Montana backcountry, save his sold-out soul from defeat in the next election.

    Yeah, JON, you sold out our kids, and Montanans are so stupid they will divert their senses from the stinking healthcare Porta-Potty you are tipping over in the laps of our children’s future.

    Metaphorically, it is as though you are sticking a hunting knife in our backs and telling us to ignore it and go exercise on a treadmill, like we won’t feel anything is wrong as you drain our blood away.

    You think you can get reelected in the next election by puffing out a bunch of Montana Wilderness smoke?

    You want to cloud our eyes and fog our minds with your diversion Wilderness Bill, like we are supposed to forget about the fatal stab you are giving our children’s future?


    We are going to put YOU and the idiots who work for you out of work and send you straight to the unemployment lines where you are sending our children. We are going to take YOUR PAYCHECKS away because we don’t want to give you our tax money to stab us in the back and dump your bait and switch bile on our kids anymore.

    Yeah, Jon, we’ll look the other way?at your grand, healthy, back-to-nature WILDERNESS BULL and forget about the Porta-Potty mess you are dumping all over us, the knife you are sticking in our backs. You bet.

    During your Furer Obama’s “healthcare summit,” I noticed Nancy Pelosi say:

    “We have to pass this or Medicare/Medicaid will go broke.”

    So Jon the Socialist, you are taking our money NOW to pay a debt for something that happened long ago. You want my kids’ money to fund a system and services that already took place.

    So you are reforming nothing with your “healthcare reform.”

    You are stealing our money to pay for your crap legislation. You aren’t from Montana. You sold us out. You are big sky garbage.

    Here is a picture of the real Jon Tester:,2103d…..g,0,0.html

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