Reason Staffers on the Tube: Nick Gillespie on Stossel Talking Food Police, Fat Taxes, & More


On January 29, 2010,'s Nick Gillespie appeared on Fox Business Channel's Stossel to talk about the "food police," childhood obesity, and the ever-growing nanny state. Featuring a legendary battle between Gillespie and junk-food prohibitionist MeMe Roth.

Approximately 8.30 minutes.

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  1. Hey so H&R should feature this story….._lifeStyle

    so that MNG, Underzog and Suki can go at it.

    But srsly, I would like to hear what the regulars have to say about it.

    1. I’m just glad the fucker is dead.

    2. First of all, I’m undecided about whether this is Israel or not. Israel has been doing this for years, it seems like they wouldn’t make such stupid mistakes.

      Second of all, I support Israel on this one. Assassinating terrorists is a whole lot better than invading the country they’re in and killing innocent civilians.

      1. i have a soft spot for people who smuggle weapons.
        I mean i think the Israelis were right to hunt him for killing Israeli soldiers, but i find it hard not to sympathize with a weapons trafficker .

  2. I saw The Jacket on Red Eye the other day. He’s becoming a FNC regular!

  3. MeMe could stand gain 5 or ten pounds, I’d say.

    1. What kind of loser would call girl scouts liars?


      1. Second attempt:…..tt2008.jpg

      2. The kind of loser who equates BMI with morality and one’s worth as a human being.

  4. If I was a woman, every time I saw The Jacket, I’d get panty puddles.

  5. Fat tax! Hilarious. I’m sure there will be generoud exemptions for the inner city “food desert” inhabitants. In fact, we can give them refundable credits ala earned income credit. Let’s spend a few hundred billion to start urban victory gardens and hire the inhabitants.

    Michelle O can lead the charge.

  6. Awesome clip.

    SCENE: INT. Roth household. MeMe Roth is hanging a sweater up in her closet when she notices something odd.

    MeMe Roth: Hey, I don’t remember owning a leather jacket ARRRGGGHHH

    1. And that’s because the Jacket owns you, MeMe. And Nick Gillespie did a number on you as well.

  7. The Jacket!!!

    1. MeMe incurred the full wrath of The Jacket…arms crossed and voice raised. Stupid, stupid woman with a stupid, stupid name.

      1. The name is probably apropos… it’s all about “me me me me me me…”

        Seriously, does she really think just endlessly repeating, “but its for *the children*” is a form of reasoned debate?

  8. I still maintain that that entire exchange was fueled by sexual tension.

  9. OMG, look at how new Gillespie’s jacket is. HAW HAW! Thanks for posting this ancient footage Reason. It’s always a hoot to see what we once thought was important. Gosh, were we ever so young?

    1. Thinking about coming up with my own look. What would be good for a dump 52 year old male?

    2. Nick’s fight against the food police leaves him vunerable to an attack from the fashion police!

      Go get ’em girlfriend!

  10. I’m watching this muted. You can just tell from her body language and the look of fear on her face that Meme is getting owned.

  11. She’s hot!!! But I doubt she would let me eat the taco bell I love so much

  12. Me Me Roth, really? 😉

  13. Has Gillespie always been so mellifluous?

  14. Kill me…for the love of God just kill me…

  15. Roth’s arguments that obesity is “contagious” reminds me of the Boston Legal episode where Denny Crane fires a fat associate and justifies it by saying that he was afraid her obesity was contagious and that it will pass to him.

  16. I don’t think she was serious when she thanked Mr. Gillespie for the career advice.

  17. At the beginning, there was a L.A. city councel member saying that there is no one opening up grocery stores in South L.A. Isn’t this the same city counsel who effectively banned Wal-Mart superstores from opening in L.A.

  18. I think Gillespie came off as a condescending prick and that jacket must smell.

    1. But is he wrong?

      Or is life simply a style contest?

      1. He’d be wrong naked. That’s not a jacket, It’s a security blanket. He reminds me of Linus.

  19. I like that Nick went on the show and ripped someone a new one for wanting to tell other people (and/or their children) what they can and cannot eat. I like that Stossel gave the councilwoman all of 3 seconds to tell her retarded story. I can’t wait to hear about how the men on the show were verbally inconsiderate to the women on the show. That is my expectation because what every beatdown evolves into is the person who was beaten down (or their felators) to change the subject to avoid the truth.

    1. If Nick were a truly respectable person he wouldn’t debate people with whom he disagrees; instead, he’d follow the MeMe Roth method of calling a press conference to publicly insult the appearance of an overweight teenager, and then he’d tell himself insulting teenage girls about their weight proves he’s a kind and caring fellow.

  20. After her drubbing, MeMe drowned her sorrows in a huge tub of celery sticks.

  21. WTF, “You You, Me, Me” I get it now. He’s a caveman.…..&l=dir?=

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