World Trade Center 7 vs. 1 & 2


If you're wondering why it's taking so long to rebuild on the World Trade Center's main site.


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  1. about 2 minutes of that were interesting…

  2. I don’t think the generic construction worker is allowed to smoke in NYC.

    I am in rare agreement with Trump (he’s no doubt just as stunned as I am). Put the two towers back up.

  3. The hole in the ground is a national embarrassment. Who wants to bet that on the 10th anniversary of 9-11 they’ll hold congressional hearings on why nothing has been done? Our government is incapable of doing the simple shit with endless resources and near 100% support.

    1. Reminiscent of how they do the whole DMV thing, isn’t it?

      1. Gimme my free healthcare, damn it!

    2. The government got it’s own property fixed right away.* It seems to be more efficient at getting in the way of other property than it is at getting in the way of itself.


  4. Za are needingk a lesson in superior socialist construction techniques…..eorgia.jpg

  5. you know if someone were getting rich off of this I’d at least see reason why this is the way it it is. I suspect a lot of people will make their entire middling career milking this… And that is the real shame. Middle level bureaucrats accomplishing nothing

    1. No one is getting rich off of this? That $20 billion dollars spent mentioned at 3:22 went somewhere.

  6. It’s an important story, so it’s a shame that the video production is so very awful. It almost begs, screaming, to be ignored.

    1. +1
      (and the humor isn’t funny)

  7. Hey, it’s a shame that they haven’t rebuilt the twin towers. But, you know what’s a bigger shame.

    It’s a bigger shame that the original twin towers were built on land taken from owners through eminent domain by a public agency, the New York Port Authority, that was acting so far outside of its state granted mandate that it made Kelo look like pure justice.

    Yes sir, these fantastic structures (they truly were advanced skyscraper design) were built as a result of New York’s famous business socialism.

    Uh-huh, scores of business owners had their property seized because Nelson and David Rockefeller were worried about businesses that were leaving the city and moving to New Jersey and Connecticut (not to mention further afield barbaric locations) that they embarked upon a project that would have made the Soviets proud.

    Fuck you in the ear, Trade Center rebuilders, you know what the best thing is that you could do with the site? Give it back to the true free marketers who owned the land in the early 1960s before the Rockefellers and the business socialists stole it from them and let them establish the vibrant commercial community they had then.

    What’s that you say? They’re all dead? Oh, never mind then.

    1. And yeah, it’s a crappy stupid video, too.

  8. That video was a mixture of 51% intriguing & enlightening and 49% annoying as shit.

    Or maybe it was 49-51?

    Crowder: do yourself a favor and learn (1) subtlety and (2) succinctness.

  9. I thought the video was enjoyable, albeit agree w/Wounded that it could be way more succinct.

    I’m left wondering what a ReasonTV video along similar lines, starring The Jacket, would be like….and I get a tingle up my leg….

  10. Almanian, I think this guy is more your type but then again who knows what is under the jacket.
    “Tim Cavanaugh|2.23.10 @ 1:34PM|#
    Oh, I’m dressed in sequins. Nothing but sequins”

    How’s the tingle doing?

    1. Not even flaming sequins can replace the rapture that is: THE JACKET

  11. Man, that was a nice flannel…

  12. Nick, I want to see the video that wasn’t approved. Sounds interesting.

  13. The douchebagery of this video only allowed me 30 seconds. Hey, Reason, why not post a summary of the video instead of just the video?

  14. The Empire State Building went up in one year, during the Depression.

    1. I wonder how long it would have taken someone who didn’t have Al Smith smoothing things out with his cronies in Albany.

  15. Axe Deodorant. Axe Body Spray. Axe Pomade. All at the same time.

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