Dramatic Olbermann vs. Dramatic Chipmunk


No one is more self-dramatizing on cable news than male hysteric, unsolicited janitor of Cooperstown, and Countdown host Keith Olbermann, who includes more special effects during his Castro-length "Special Comment" segments than Mikhail Kalatozov did in I Am Cuba (one cinematically exemplary rant remains Commandante O's multi-camera denouncement of Hillary Clinton during the 2008 campaign).

When Olbermann is not ripping "tea-baggers" (get it, har har har) or slagging honest reporters such as Miami Herald TV critic and Reason contributing editor Glenn Garvin (who committed the unpardonable crime of reporting that Olbermann donned a Bill O'Reilly mask and did Nazi salutes in front of a room full of TV critics), he is courageously taking a stand in favor of English-only at schools, judging Rupert Murdoch's Fox News as "worse than Al Qaeda," and extolling Sen. All Aboard Amtrak, Joe Biden, who embodies the Holy Trinity of Olbermannia: "passion, detail and eloquence."

Countdown—it's like Rupert Pupkin finally did get a talk show that could broadcast far past the paneled walls of Mom's basement and reach most of the neighborhood—is must-see TV, as riveting as a nail gun powered by nuclear energy on steroids, the sort of can't-turn-away-from-car-wreck-like commentary usually associated with CNN hosts who have actually been in car wrecks (like this guy and this one).

And yet, even (or perhaps especially) in Obama's America, where Dick Cheney is still making millions of ill-gotten gains by keeping unemployment high and sending troops to the Middle East and Central Asia to secure Haliburton's ultra-lucrative tapioca concessions, there are signs that this world was never meant for one as beautiful as Olbermann.

"Has the countdown begun for the end of 'Countdown with Keith Olbermann'?" asks The New York Post. "With his ratings in free-fall, and his hateful histrionics reaching new highs, even Olbermann's former supporters on the left are tuning out." Indeed, The Los Angeles Times reports, "In the most desirable TV demographic of 25-54, which Keith will soon outgrow himself, 'Countdown' lost 44% of its audience from the beginning of President Obama's term until this year."

As a public service, and before Keith Olbermann joins the likes of failed talk show hosts such as Jerry Lewis, Chevy Chase, J.D. Hayworth, and former ESPN colleague Craig Kilborn, it's worth remembering just how damn good Olbermann was before he lost the pop on his bat and could no longer backpedal with the sun in his eyes.

Like some small-screen, basic-cable Capt. Queeg without the strawberry fetish, Olbermann was staying up late and counting and recounting his vote for the Worst Person In The World (surprise! Bill O'Reilly won again!) while the rest of us were tearing it up on the playing fields of Princeton the Xbox version of NCAA Football. While the rest of us were arguing about politics, going to work every day, paying our taxes, protesting stupid policies…who was standing guard over this fat, dumb, happy country of ours, eh? Not us. Oh, no, we knew you couldn't make any money in the service in cable TV. So who did the dirty work for us? Queeg Olbermann did! And a lot of other guys. Tough, sharp guys who didn't crack up like Queeg Olbermann.

Before he descends to that green room below, the one where you have to do your own makeup and bring your own Evian (which is really tap water poured into a bottle you found behind the local 7-11) and use a Johnny-on-the-Spot (or better yet, just hold it until your 30-second spot is over and you can use the can in the nearby Waffle House, as gross as it is), gaze upon Olbermann throwing down against the single most dramatic figure on this damnable series of tubes we've come to rely on even more than latter-day Eric Sevareids and low-rated, histrionic opinion journalists.

And as Olbermann fades from memory even though he's still on the air, like Diagnosis: Murder or DeGrassi Junior High, The Joe Franklin Show, and Oliver North's War Stories, all of which may well be producing new episodes, ask yourself: Didn't he take it to the chipmunk (which is not really a chipmunk, we know) like a pro? Go tell the Spartans, or at least Roger Ailes, that this was one Cool Hand Luke who could really take a punch!

For downloadable iPod, HD, and audio versions of "Dramatic Olbermann vs. Dramatic Chipmunk" go to Watch the video at YouTube channel (subscribe to it and you'll get automatic notificatins whenever new material goes live!). Approximately 13 seconds long; produced by Meredith Bragg and me.

Nick Gillespie is the editor in chief of and

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  1. Olberman is Cosell reincarnated: pedantic, condescending, loquacious.

  2. Well someone has just sowed up tonight’s “Worst Person in the World.”

    1. ah, but do we even know for sure if Keith actually visits Reason or has visited it EVER? Or does he only visit right-wing blogs and sites he hates just to get madder and left-wing sites that he loves?

      1. I am pretty sure REASON is an entirely foreign cocept to Olbermann. This guy is a hack of the worst kind. I love football but his very presence on NBC’s Sunday night games makes me turn the channel. I can’t even stand to listen to one word of him

        1. +1

  3. sewed = sowed

    1. Reap it for what it’s worth.

      1. Reap it and weep?

          1. reap the weed

            1. Don’t fear the weeder.

        1. Reap the Rape!

          1. Sow the Rape. Reap the Rape for the sow.

            1. STEVE SMITH, that’s your cue.

    2. Not in my dictionary.

  4. I think Olberman was highly overrated as a sports broadcaster. He could be very funny as a Sportscenter host. But really he was only funny for about three or four years in early 90s. Buy the mid to late 1990s, his humor had gotten so mean spirited and nasty that it just wasn’t very fun anymore. And while he is the ultimate baseball geek and does know a lot of stuff about that sport, he never seemed to have the gravity and seriousness of his partner Dan Patrick. He was always the geeky obnoxious side kick to Patrick. He was really kind of the Chris Farley of ESPN. And like Farley, his act grew stale pretty quick.

    1. Agree 100% with John.

    2. If it wasn’t for Patrick, Keef woulda got shot.

    3. I didn’t know the mid to late 1990s, were for sale.

    4. “And while he is the ultimate baseball geek and does know a lot of stuff about that sport”

      Spend some time at sabermetric sites (even very, very left-leaning ones like Baseball Think Factory) and see how much respect we have for Keith Olbermann’s baseball insight. His recent mock-Hall of Fame ballot was laughed out of the room, and pretty much killed all of his credibility for us. The man simply is too stupid to understand the statistical complexities of baseball.

  5. What would it take for me to be called out as the Worst Person in the World? It has to be the closest thing to the Nobel that the political right has.

  6. The only thing more boring than a sports broadcaster is a cable news host. And by boring, I mean horrible, so Hyperbolberman has that shit sewn up in spades. Which makes Howard Cosell the most evil man in the universe, and Rich Little even more evil for his impersonation.

    1. Crap.

      1. Dennis, you’re just over the hill.

  7. Reading Nick’s post in Olbermann’s voice is the most entertaining thing I will do all week.

  8. Ironically, Obama’s election is the worst thing that could have happened to Olbermann. Unlike truly talented crackpot Rush Limbaugh, whose truth-telling occasionally breaks through all the off-the-cuff bombast–and who has weathered both Democrat and Republican regimes–Olbermann’s nemesis and raison d’etre, George Bush, is gone from the scene, leaving Olbermann to sputter and rant over his and Cheney’s ghost. The legitimate target of an honest man’s wrath, President Obama and the Democrat Congress, remain largely untouched by Olbermann’s hit squad of lefty bomb-throwers and malcontents.

      1. I don’t like Olbermann, but there is no difference between him and Rush. Both are eloquent, both occasionally walk face first into some sort of truth and both are known for being mean spirited. Whatever hateful thing either of them might say at any given moment doesn’t seem all that bad as long as you agree with it.
        All cable news operations narrow-cast to their particular niches. Too many would rather have their opinions validated than actually have to contemplate facts and form opinions for themselves.
        I am on this website looking for what it advertises “Reason” not more of the same crap that you get on cable news. I thought the YouTube clip was funny but sadly the article that followed it is just more of the same.

        1. One big, big difference between Keiffie and Rush – listeners.

          Oh yes, and Rush has a brain.

        2. Ed has a point. Rush has survived 30 years – through both Democrat and Republican administrations. Without someone to rail *against*, it doesn’t look like Olbermann will come close to matching that track record.

        3. Another thing Rush and Olbermann have in common: neither will go face to face with an opposing viewpoint on their respective shows.

    1. While I blame Obama and the Democrat Congress plenty, I’m not letting the Republic members of Congress off the hook either. I mean, come on. Most of them suck just as bad.

      1. I blame Bush

        1. I blame bush too.

          1. I blame you

            1. I blame you all and withhold a good chunk of the blame for myself.

              1. I blame Rumsfeld, Cheney, Bush, Paulson, Iraq, Iran, Saudi Arabia, Obama, Geithner, Pelosi, Reid, and the Jews

                1. The people get the government they deserve.

            2. I blame Global Warming.

        2. In Soviet Russia, Bush blames YOU!

    2. Limbaugh kicks everyone’s ass. I think MSNBC tried to make Olbermann his challenger but it was like watching Mike Tyson knock out Michael Spinks.

      Call me nuts, but not everything Limbaugh says is insane or even off the mark. Not to defend the guy. But give the guy his props. 20 million listeners? And growing apparently? Fox “most trusted” news organization? They must be doing something right, no? Or is the left just dismissing it as a bunch of ignorant nimrods being duped?

      Has anyone heard Limbaugh say things as mean-spirited as Olbermann? If Limbaugh had said half the things The Exaggerator has, the media would have lost its fucken mind.

      Just my observation.

      1. Quite correct, Nice.

      2. Nice, you are nuts.

        1. No, Nice is correct. You however; (wind) are a freaking dunce.

          1. JohnD, I knew you were an expert on homophobia but your expertise knows no bounds. Reminds me that I need to organize my closet.

        2. I didn’t get Rush for years… I’d listen to him for a few minutes, get mad, and turn him off. Now I do get him, though. About half of his schtick is pure comedy – fake arrogance for humorous effect; the rest is conservative red meat. He sometimes engages in hyperbole. He is almost never actually mean-spirited. Take “femi-nazis” for instance: that term, so often pilloried on the Left, referred to a particular brand of feminist, the ones who really did behave like fascists: who tried mightily to stifle dissent, to remake society in such form that maleness was not just unsavory but automatically suspicious and potentially, at all times, criminal. He was NOT talking about women with jobs or opinions. (I am one.)

          The problem is that you do have to listen to him for a little while, preferably continuously, before you get him.

          1. Jamie: Marry me. I started listening to him on purpose. Anyone who pisses of the left and MSM like he does deserves a chance, no?

            Anyway, I came away with pretty much the same thing as you did. A lot of it is shtick. He mostly reacts to what’s being said in the “State controlled media” and hardly goes off the deep end like Olbermann does.

            Another thing I’ve observed, since I listen, is the media blows his comments waayyyy out of context.

            He’s a radio personality. We’re all big boys and girls. We can all filter what we don’t like and like. So it goes with Limbaugh.

            I imagine, that being said, he’s a polarizing figure among not just lefties but conservatives as well.

          2. Jamie:
            Nice fuckin’ name! I have a penis.
            Anyway, LOVED your analysis of Rush’s show. It was spot-on.
            I have listened to him for almost 20 years, all through the Clinton regime. I thought he had peaked then, but the man is on fire now with this nightmare (night = black! Racist!) in office. He has almost totally abandoned his social conservative agenda for searing demolitions of the lying lunatic Obama’s scorched-earth economics. It is a great pleasure to listen to him today, moreso than at any time in the past.

          3. A “feminazi” is a woman who has a hard on for Hooty’s Johnson….or golf course, or something like that – see Kim Gandy.

          4. “He is almost never actually mean-spirited.”

            Michael J. Fox respectfully disagrees with that assessment.

            1. Michael J. Fox wants to eat your babies.

      3. They are both A-holes, Rush is just your A-hole

        1. I’d hate to have A’hole as big as Rush

          1. I think the saying goes: “Opinions are like assholes, everybody’s got em'”.

        2. I’d rather have a beer with Rush and his ego than one with Olbermann and his full-of-shitness.

  9. He’s Howard Beale without the sanity.

  10. I was hatin’ Keith Olbermann before it was cool.

    1. You and America’s straight women.

  11. Never mock DeGrassi. Never.

    1. I got a weird thing for girls who say “aboot.”

      1. They don’t say “aboot.” The particular Toronto dialect to which you refer uses a sort of weird, palatalized, scottish umlaut. To pronounce it, say “a yi yi” like Ricki Ricardo but after the first “y” substitute say “oo” as in “boot” thusly “uh b ayoo t”. Don’t pronounce the “i” don’t even think it, it’s not there. And don’t say “bay” followed by “oot” either. If you get it right you can make fun of them and they don’t even know it. I know because I lived amongst them briefly.

        1. …and this is why those of us who live in border states just abbreviate it as “aboot”.

          Thanks for the technical dissertation, windbag.

          1. LOL, you’re welcome shorty.

        2. I disagree that it is peculiar to Toronto. Seems to me it is prevalent across the entire eastern half of Canada (at least when English is being spoken). My sister-in-law is a French Canadian who grew up in northern Ontario and she definitely pronounces it that way. I have picked out many a Canadian in locations all over the US strictly based on their pronunciation or “aboot” and they weren’t all from Toronto.

          1. ‘Aboot” is an Atlantic Canada dialect. I live in Quebec so it’s another dialect alogether so what do I cris de tabernak know?

            1. There are regional differences. Like Nice says, the “oot” is more an Atlantic pronunciation. In Ontario and other regions (some prairie areas) it’s more like “a-boat” but with just a teeny bit of the “oo”. And the prairie provinces are the ones most likely to use “eh”. And, tell ya what, eh, I never did get pumped aboat DeGrassi.

            2. Hey, oestie, we’re do you live in Quebec? And as for aboot, I know a friend who’s from Vancouver who pronounces it that way. But I have rarely heard it in Montreal

              1. It’s actually spelled, ‘Hostie.’ And I live in Munch’treal as we non-Francophones pronounce it.

                Then your friend, the guy in ‘Couver, is actually from Nov’Scotia or the new land they found.

                I’m sure Reason is really impressed with this portion of the thread. Canadian regional dialects and annoying spellings of Canadian provinces and towns.


                By the way, was I the only disappointed Earl Camembert wasn’t asked to light the torch?

                1. I’m interested! And reasonable!

      2. Some midwesterners say “aboot” too — and stuff like “they’r’s uh gooooat in mah scoooot” (“There’s a goat in my International Harvester Scout SUV”).

  12. I thought for sure this was Cavanaugh’s work, but – SURPRISE! – it was N Gillespie. Well done, Nick, well done.

  13. Msnbc obviously wants to be the Fox of the left, and Olberman took that and went way overboard. To the point where i dont think he has once criticized Obama, at least for anything meaningful.
    Its fun to see him fail.

    1. A major difference between FOX and MSNBC is that lefties are often invited to participate in the discussion at FOX, whereas at MSNBC, and particularly in the far-left shows of Matthews, Olbermann and Maddow, you can count the right’s representation on one finger. They know it’s poison, they refuse the invitation, and as a result the shows become a boring, abrasive, predictable echo chamber.

      1. Exactly. But I thought the only reason that KO didn’t have anybody on his show from the “other side” was that he is gutless and would be shown up by having to actually defend some of his positions with logical arguments rather than bombast.

        1. The dumb bastards that watch MSNBC wouldn’t know a logical argument if it was shoved up their ass.

          1. “The dumb bastards that watch MSNBC wouldn’t know a logical argument if it was shoved up their ass.”

            Hmm. Has anyone ever tried?

      2. I noticed that too. Lefties are too “smart” and “cool” apparently for that sort of stuff. I do enjoy Dennis Miller. I may not agree with the politics all the time but the guy always keeps a civil discourse going. Plus he’s damn sharp and funny. He could never bring his humor down to the masses. That’s a good thing.

        1. We used to get Dennis Miller’s radio show here in Wilmington, NC and whenever I had the chance to listen to it he never came across as a leftie. He’s always struck me as about as pragmatic as talk-radio show hosts go. Plus awesome soups-of-the-day. And some good ol’ All-American sports talk and old movie discussion thrown in. I enjoyed it.

          As an aside, if I knew that putting a lit cigarette out on my balls would cause Olberdong the exact same amount of pain…not sayin I would do it, but I would have to sleep on it.

          1. Jayrad, he’s definitely conservative. However, like you said, he’s civil about it – or as Bush sr. used to say, he’s “not a nut about it.” That’s the key to his show being a great listen. And the content goes beyond politics.

        2. Damnit! Finally, I’ve only heard Limbah and Olberman by coincidence of my proximity with a radio or TV carrying the programs. Rush: drums his fingers it carries via the mic and it’s very annoying habit. Other wise I can’t testify I have heard him say anything mean spirited or give the impression that beyond the tic he has issues.

          Olberman: This individual has some serious issues that most likely go beyond simple neurosis. Although I’ve seen even less of him than Limbah and was more focused on his outbursts which were obviously not play acting and less on the words he was way over dramatically delivering it is obvious the man has some very serious problems and I’d be very surprised if those problems allow him a personal life off the show with any semblance of normality. Usually these people have incredibly difficulty in personal and sexual relationships since the negativity and hatred is beyond their control and can’t just be switched off. Kinky can be and most often is fun. Scary is usually not going to be considered fun and unlike women and abusive men it would take an incredibly dense female, or male if he’s gay. I don’t mean to disparage the man, I really know zilch about him, He could be happily married, kids, dog, the works and what I saw was just an act. It didn’t look like acting to me.

          Now Dennis Miller, hell, he’s great, smart, well adjusted, the man can think for himself, not a crowd follower, or some one who is driven to irrational actions his negative emotions controlling him instead of him controlling his emotions.

          Miller I will take the time to watch if he comes on somewhere. He doesn’t so much look at life as us and them, and he more will approach the negative and malevolent characters and actions of others with his oft sarcastic humor.

    2. The same thing Air America was supposed to be to talk radio. And we see how that worked out.

    3. Does MSNBC want to be FOX on the left, or does it want to be the left’s caricature of FOX on the left?

      1. Whatever their strategy, they’ve alienated much of America by doing the very things they accuse FOX News of doing, but ten times more egregiously.

        1. Psychologists call it “projection” — Olbermad constantly accuses Fox & O’Reilly of stuff he does all the time but they don’t actually do.

          Like, carrying on about how awesome today’s Whitehouse press releases were, Bill O’Reilly Worst Person in the World, and a new poll shows Sarah Palin is dumber than you think! Meanwhile over on CNN and FOX the top stories are Iran and China and protests against the deficit . . . Olbermad notices nothing that happens anywhere outside of Washington DC and whatever’s on Fox (as long as it’s not an inconvenient story Fox is covering like, you know, Iran!)

    4. He’s still not Eleonore Clift. That chick takes the cake. She may as well just quit Newsweek and go PR and spin away for the Democrats.

  14. Now that’s a Gillespie-style rant! I’ll be sporting my leather jacket today, inferior though it may be to The Jacket.

    1. What the hell is it with the Gillespie worship?

      1. Admiration for style is not worship.

  15. Does anyone else remember his first MSNBC show, immediately after his ESPN gig? The few times I watched it, he would lament all the time and attention spent on the Clinton/Lewinski stuff and then dedicate his entire hour to guests talking about nothing but that.

    I vaguely remember that show being an epic flop and lasted a very short amount of time. I was amazed that MSNBC gave him another show. They should feel lucky they got as much run out of round 2 as they did.

  16. Great clip. Hope it has a squeakuel.

  17. I love Olbermann, and you know he’s touching a nerve when the rightwing nutburgers/teabaggers/racists throw a tantrum over something like this. He’s almost as hysterical as Glenn Beck, but without barking like a dog,like Glenn does so darn well. lol!

    1. “I love Olbermann”

      You and two others….

      1. “I love Olbermann”

        You and two others….

        Yes, Rachel Maddow and Barry O.

        1. Is it a case of “man love” with rachel madcow?

    2. I love nutburgers/teabaggers/racists , and you know they’re touching a nerve when Olbermann throws a tantrum over something like [whatever he yells about every night].

      lol! lol! lol!

    3. Maybe, but Alex Jones does the rooster thing pretty well. I kinda like that more.

    4. I would prefer watching Nancy Pelosi barking like a dog before I would watch Olbermann.

    5. Who could better qualify for being a “barking dog” than the foaming-at-the-mouth “Dolbermann”? You can almost see rabies-laden spittle flecks flying from the screen anytime he does one of his Bush Derangement Syndrome -inspired diatribes. So uncharacteristic coming from a guy who is fond of reminding us that went to an “Ivy League school”. (Actually, a satellite campus of Cornell, but who’s counting, eh, Keith?) Of course, his audience is a testament to his popularity:

      Cable News Race Tues. Jan. 19, 2010

      FOX NEWS Hannity 6,809,000
      MSNBC Olberman 1,274,000

      Keep up the good work, Keith!

      1. And Bush went to two Ivy-league schools, so does that make him even smarter than you, Keith?

        1. And Dopermann didn’t actually attend the ‘Ivy League’ side of Cornell either. Douchbag…

      2. Dolbermann loaf-Pinscher.

    6. In Chicago, you never put ketchup on a nutburger.

      1. Unless you’re a child. We forgive children for acting dumb.

    7. Olbermann bears a striking resemblence to Max Headroom.

    8. timpundit: another idiot who thinks everyone who didn’t vote for Obama is a racist.

      1. I’m starting to play along with it, it’s more amusing that way. There is definitely a joy you can get out of playing along with other’s delusions. But at the same time, it’s like making fun of the retarded with out them realizing it, so you feel a little guilty afterward.

    9. I believe you can tell that it’s Keef’s nerves being touched when he gets as rabid as he’s been lately.

      And really (wo)man? “nutburgers/teabaggers/racists”? Garofalo! Is that you?

    10. I love Olbermann too and he definitely touches a nerve. He gets on every nerve every time I watch him. It’s great practice for my quest to be zenmaster. I must remain calm in the face of the worst vitriol man can conjure…then my enemies will never unnerve me!

    11. It’s telling how KO gets to these guys, they hate him because the facts aren’t on their side and his is a fact based program. These guys get their little feelings hurt, these guys who hate PC sooooooo much. No one here can claim KO isn’t a great journalist, they just don’t like that he’s sooooooooo meeeeeaaaaaan. Aw poor babies.

      1. No one here can claim KO isn’t a great journalist

        We’re up to about 380 posts of refutation to that awesomely stupid / trollish statement …

      2. If that wasn’t jokingly sarcastic or an exaggeration in an attempt at trollery, then you should seek help.

        KO doesn’t even fit the basic definition of journalist, not that fitting that definition would be positive anyway… But seriously, I doubt he considers himself a “journalist” – what news stories does he break?

  18. Hey Gillespie! Stop stealing my lines!

  19. As on a hundred other commentaries, Nick is accurate. But here’s the thing: I like Olbermann. I watch him maybe six times a year. It’s a hoot and generally aligns with my politics. And he’s a moron sometimes.

    Lobbing hand grenades from the sidelines of politics is fine, but you can only eviscerate someone once. Then the damage is done.

    No one in the limelight will remain indefinitely unworthy of evisceration. Everyone is imperfect, short and long term. I wish Reason did more policy thinking and vocalizing and less poking fun/scab picking/treating the big cast of public figures, left, right, and center as an endless stream of deserving Goliaths. Everyone eventually will be worthy of a Gilespie takedown. But then what’s left?

    1. “I wish Reason….”

      This is border-line but – drink?

    2. “But then what’s left?”

      the ashes of

    3. I want more “poking/scab picking/treating the big cast…as an endless stream of deserving Goliaths.”

      That’s one of the reasons I come to…Reason.

      1. Fair enough. I don’t. It’s a balance, naturally. But when an organization or movement is primarily a grenade tosser, not an idea tosser, it gets perceived primarily as a whiner. And how fast do people grow sick of whining? (Pretty fast, I think. And then they stop listening.)

        Nick and Matt are first rate minds. On par with the best out there. Put it to use on solutions. Least ways that’s what I want.

        1. Wait, Dogface. You like the father of Miss Precious Perfect, because he is thoughtful, purposeful, in line with her views and rational and Gillespie is a granade tosser??

          Please notify me upon your return of your vacation off the face of the planet.

          1. Care to repeat in English?

    4. Hey dog faced boy, the dog wants his brain back.

      1. You’re an idiot.

    5. Everyone eventually will be worthy of a Gilespie takedown. But then what’s left?

      Hopefully a society that realizes that government power is corrupting in and of itself and we should be ever vigilant of those who seek it and those who seek to increase it. Also, a society that understands that every government action has unintended, or perhaps intentionally unspoken, consequences.

    6. Have you ever read the Libertarian platform? It’s an unworkable plan to bring the United States back to the 19th century. If I were Reason, I’d stay away from policy discussion too.

      1. Really? Please point to the parts in libertarianism where they discuss reversing current technology or even where they discuss “slowing” down so fewer people are left behind?

        Just a couple writers would be enough… but no reason to go look as you will fail.

        As a side note…. I thought I’d let you in a double-super-secret: those stupid barbaric 19th century thugs are responsible for you being here today.

        On second hand, maybe they do suck….

    1. All hial Hawkbot!

      Just kidding. You are my shining star.

    2. Oh my brother, a fine takedown, nice and horrorshow.

    3. Hell yeah!!!!!

    4. Beautifully written iowahawk!

  20. I love Olbermann, and you know he’s touching a nerve when the rightwing nutburgers/teabaggers/racists throw a tantrum over something like this. He’s almost as hysterical as Glenn Beck, but without barking like a dog,like Glenn does so darn well. lol!

    Oh, for fuck’s sake; Ron Hart’s sockpuppetbot is working for Olbermann, in its spare time, now.

  21. Olbermann is just another leftist blowhard.

    He has an empty head and a big mouth.

  22. Sir,
    I have read, and am insulted by, your calling Keith Olbermann an “unsolicited janitor.” I am a janitor, and I resent you comparing that idiot to people in my profession. Now, had you compared Olbermann to a public toilet, I would not have objected. As a professional toilet cleaner, I can bear witness that Olberman resembles very much a public toilet.

    1. Sir, I am a toilet and I take umbrage at your assertion that Olbermann in any way resembles myself or those of my kind. One notable difference is that Olbermann consistently spews from his mouth that which I am designed to collect and dispose of.

      A Toilet

      1. Sir, I am a piece of feces and I take umbrage at your assertion that what Olbermann spews resembles myself or those of my kind.

        1. Hey! Quit fuckin’ with me.

          1. Hey!!

              1. Oh God, I haven’t laughed with such abandon in too long. Thank you thank you thank you. I can die now with no complaints.

                1. This is why I always read the comments at Reason.

                  I haven’t laughed that hard in weeks.

              2. Brilliant! Abso-f’in=lutely brilliant >)

  23. Like the rest of the PMSNBC lineup, Olberdork is like most leftist lunatics who manage to conceal for it for a short time but ultimately lose the ability because of the lack of brain power.

    PMSNBC is the affirmative action channel for leftist loons like Rachel Maddow who couldn’t hack it on Air America, so some leftist “genius” thought it would be a great idea to bring her and her 10K listeners over to national TV. Then they are shocked to find that she runs off the few remaining viewers.

    What is it about total and complete failure which signals to a braindead leftist that a person is a good candidate for advancement? You can see it at PMSNBC and in the Presidency.

    They simply adore failures!

  24. I think it’s time for Olbermann to try out a new format:

  25. “it’s like Rupert Pupkin finally did get a talk show ”

    You one cruel mofo, Nick!

    1. I agree, very cruel….I like it

  26. OK, I admit it, I have actually turned to Olberman several times in recent weeks. In fact, the bigger the blow to the Kenyan and his corrupt machine, the more fun it is to watch Olbie.
    He blathers about nothing important, blames Bush (or, Cheney) and loves to assault Palin. You can’t call Olberman an empty suit because you know there is an assh**le in there.

  27. Olbermann stuck that chipmunk up his ass!

  28. I see two small-brained mammals conferred worldwide fame through unintentionally flattering perspectives.

  29. Craig Kilborn a failed host? He walked away from The Daily Show at the top of his game and the fact Comedy Central to this day refuses to put his clips up on their website in fear they might put to shame their current cash cow tells you all you need to know about his performance there. His CBS Show wasn’t quite as good, but hardly a failure. He youngened up the demographic nicely and again left on his own accord.

    1. Ditto. I enjoyed his show on CBS. Funny guy. The person who relaced him sucked so much I can’t even remember who it was. Maybe Carson Daily?

    2. I used to watch the Daily Show when Kilborn was host. I don’t think I have been able to force myself to watch a complete episode of The Daily Show since Stewart took over.

      1. Then you’re an idiot. Jon Stewart and for that matter, Olberman, are the only ones who effectively make clear the ongoing lies of your trio of anti-Christs Limbaugh, Hannity and Beck. To buy into their bullshit is simply pure stupidity and says frightening things about a third of the population of this otherwise great nation.

        1. good grief,Get a room. Beware the chipmunk though, I hear he’s pretty butch and demands to be on top.

        2. I find it sad that so many have invested so much of themselves in a bunch of inflamed asshole pundits and newsreaders. You guys own lots of stock, or something?

        3. Jon Stewart is funny because he’s actually a smart man who sees the innanity that persists in political reality. KO (who I once appreciated) is now a howling schizo denouncing anything outside his echo chamber—which is exactly why I force myself to watch his show…to remind myself just how unappealing a spiteful spew of ad hominum drivel really is.

    3. I liked Kilborn and watched the show. I thought Stewart was nowhere near as good and stopped watching a while after he took over. For whatever that’s worth.

      1. He reguarly pissed off Liz Winstead, which makes him an OK guy in my book.

  30. You think Joe Stack is going to be above or below Nick Gillespie in Olbermann’s “Worst Persons in the World” list tonight?

    1. That depends. Did he divebomb Bush’ or BHO’s IRS? Let the spin continue.

  31. Pretty harsh considering that dozens of loyal viewers watch his program whenever they can.

  32. Olbermann is a curious figure; his attacks on Bush during those 8 years will be remembered fondly by leftists and libertarians alike. But, his insistance on being a left-wing O’Reily (hardly a worthy aspiration) makes me want to laugh and sigh. MSNBC on the left, Fox News on the Right; between these two sources of lies and viciousness, this country will remain the dumbest country in the world.

    As for me; the only sources of real news is:

    -The Daily Show
    -The Colbert Report
    -news shows on PBS

    In descending order; it’s a sad state of affairs when the best news anchors in a America are comedians.

    1. Get off this site, you lefty wacko.

      1. Fuck you right wing brainless twit

      2. Okay, jackass, just so you know I am as libertarian as you.

        @TomB: Colbert and Stewart are bad, but better than the rest of the competetion

        1. lol – how about reading real analysis…

          Just so you know: the only thing you prove with a statement like, the only good news is now presented by comedians, is how little you really know altogether.

    2. this country will remain the dumbest country in the world.

      As for me; the only sources of real news is:

      -The Daily Show
      -The Colbert Report
      -news shows on PBS

      Sweet Jesus, you admit you get your news from a comedy show, and then have the gall to call other people dumb?!

      Irony, thy name is Tristan.

      1. Like Fox is a news show you tool

        1. How insecure one must be to read a statement about comedians not being the pillars of journalistic value someone else had implied and you heard that which no one said, “Like fox news…”

          You’re funny.

      2. Amen, no wonder Obammy won

    3. “Olbermann is a curious figure; his attacks on Bush during those 8 years will be remembered fondly by leftists and libertarians alike.”

      Not all libertarians. Some of us like a little intellectual honesty in our pundits. Olbermann wouldn’t know intellectual honesty if it crawled up his ass and bit the chipmunk.

  33. I love to watch olberman during commer- icals on fox newses bill orelly so I can see the evil side of broad- cast news

    1. “…the evil side of broad- cast news

      You does realize nether Olbermann nor O’Reilly are news shows, don’t you?

  34. How many thousands of cards and letters were sent in to get KO off of the NFL broadcasts?

    1. None. Proof?

  35. Since no one’s said it yet: yo, fuck Keith Olbermann.

    1. Xeones,what you do with KO is your business.

  36. Keith Olbermann IS Squirrel Nutkin.

  37. There really is no such thing as Olbermann; there’s just an actor playing the role. I’m convinced the Left looked at Fox’s phenomenal success and said “hey, let’s try the same thing with a Left wing tilt” and voila! Olbermann was created. Sort of a Leftist version of Limbaugh/O’Reilly/Hannity. In fact, all of MSNBC is basically the anti-Fox…they just do what Fox does, but with a radical Left spin. “Olbermann” the media invention will continue to exist as long as the ad revenues (audience) justify his existence. Once MSNBC can no longer make money from him, Poof! “Olbermann” will vanish back into the void from whence he came.

    1. it’s spelled viola

      1. Yes, it is a big violin.

      2. I hope you’re not serious PR… Unless you think that JohnR meant to proclaim his eureka moment with an alto clef string instrument…

      3. Hmmm no, its voila. Its one of the easiest french word you can learn buddy

        1. keep towing that lion frenchy

        2. only 3? i gotta work on my hard count

    2. Not true, the NYT hasn’t said uncle yet and they’re way past broke. They’re gonna take it right up to the end, so will MSNBC

  38. Countdown with Keith Olbermann is basically just Keith Olbermann masturbating to the sound of his own voice for an hour.

  39. More verbiage than that douche bagger is worth.
    The chipmunk looks the more intelligent of the two.

  40. Sir – that was exceptional. Thanks.

    One thing I can say for Olbermann, his show sucks less than the “Ed Show”.

    1. I think you mean the “retardED Show.”

      1. The Ed Show is so bad, they’ve pre-empted it for girls’ ice hockey.

        1. And the last time I watched MSNBC was to see the US womyn beat up on the Russian womyn 13-0.

          “Know your audience”

        2. Schultz is the mirror-image of Limbaugh. Matter and anti-matter, though I’m not sure which is which.

  41. I for one hope Keith O stays on the air forever! We all look like less of a dick when he’s around.

  42. As for me; the only sources of real news is:
    -The Daily Show
    -The Colbert Report
    -news shows on PBS

    This certainly proves we have some really dumb viewers. It’s just perfect that one would illustrate it in print.

    1. While I am sure TB was being sarcastic, my ex-GF’s daughters probably DO get their news from the first two shows. They also both voted for Obama because he was “exciting.”

      I didn’t really want to get dumbed by the GF, but knowing that I don’t have to have anything to do with her daughters anymore kind of softens the blow a bit.

      1. Go Navy, “I didn’t really want to get dumbed by the GF” Please don’t tell me you followed Peter Suderman’s romance advice:…..-going-out

    2. Why’s a person dumb if they don’t get their news from one of party mouthpieces? Personally I use realclearpolitics (as well as the Daily Show), and I find that I am much more informed on the details of policy than those educated by Fixed Noose, Communist News Network, or MSDNC.

      1. Stratfor? Economist? Cato? NBER? & many, many more…

  43. It’s not a chipmunk, you squirrel. Gopher, beaver, ground hog, prairie dog. But not a chipmunk. No stripes on back, not chipmunk. Got it?

  44. MSNBC is available on my cable service only at premium level so I never see KO. Ain’t that grand.

    1. “a premium service”

      Really? My cable company reduces my bill $0.25/month to have it among the available channels.

      And still no one watches.

  45. Now I just feel sorry for Olby. He’s like a bad rash. Someone needs to scratch him.

  46. Olbermann is a gutless coward and the biggest hack in the history of television.

    1. And yet he has managed to hoodwink an entire corporation. For years.
      RIP NBC.

  47. Nick, for that video (almost) all your sins are forgiven.

  48. Olberdunce is so full of himself that it is amazing that he does not reach over and suck his own dick, live on tv. He thinks that he is Edward R. Murrow, when he is in fact Edward R. Moron. And every night he comes up with delusions and paranoia, then has a gang of fellow leftwing loons to back up his mania: Richard Wolffe (who has the biggest head on tv, and whose book went straight to the dollar bin), Jonathan Alter (worst bald head/toupee in tv history), Eugene Robinson, who substitutes as a racist thug each day, Howard Fineman, for whom the word “putz” was coined, and Lawrence O’Donnell, international Socialist asswipe – among others. When you hear the utter crap that Olbernuisance pounds out each night (“And tonight, Rush Limbaugh is the worst person in the world because he said bad things about the President!”), you wonder how anyone can be so dense as to waste an hour of their time watching this drivel. And, worse yet, following up with Rachel Maddow, another loon who is the only woman on tv with a pronounced Adam’s apple.

    1. Not to quibble but I don’t think Wolffe’s head is so huge. Rather, it is shaper like a lightbulb. Check it out next time you watch he effete mectrosexualism in action and I’, sure you’ll agree.

    2. Rachel Maddow is a female? I thought for sure a dude taking estrogen therapy in preperation for a plumbing change.

    3. You are truly wacked

    4. Nice sum up. Here’s the thing. I think the conservatives are winning the ratings battle because they truly believe in what they’re saying; people feel that. On the other side, you don’t get the sense liberals truly buy into what they’re saying. They’re just – screaming and acting smug.

      It’s not a question of who’s right or wrong but who’s presenting their arguments with more force and believability.

      Again, just my perception lying here in the middle.

      1. It’s not just liberals, but people of all stripes who act as if they don’t really believe…. & it’s usually because they intuitively know that they can’t stand up to a reasoned & logical challenging of their positions.

        & Instead of standing up to that pressure anyway to make yourself stronger… society goes one final step further and just doesn’t allow discussions about politics/morals/etc in “polite discussion”.

        So now, you are free to live in your echo chamber and become more and more strident and confident all while knowing how little facts and logic back your position.

  49. The only way to tell them apart is by brain size.
    The chipmunk’s is bigger.

  50. And here’s some interesting stuff on fellow gutless thug Maddow:


    Book delay
    Where is MSNBC news anchor Rachel Maddow ‘s book?
    In 2008, when she was a rising political analyst without her own show, she inked what was believed to be a low-six-figure deal to write about the shifting role of the military.
    The book was delayed beyond its 2009 publication date, and now it appears the original idea has been scrapped.
    Random House’s Crown imprint referred calls to Laurie Liss of Sterling Lord Literistic. “She’s been very busy lately,” the agent said. “Hopefully, she will hand something in by the end of this year.”
    The topic, she said, has “changed so many times. It’s non-fiction and it’s definitely not a memoir.”
    Rachel Clayman — who edited Barack Obama’s “Audacity of Hope” — is the editor.


  51. Besides Ann Coulter.

    1. That is not an adams apple, it is one of the skinny bitches vertabrate sticking though.

      1. Ann Coulter does have an Adams apple. The aliens mistakenly included it in the spy robot sent to destroy our civilization by inciting world war. They just didn’t understand all the details of human anatomy.

  52. “One thing I can say for Olbermann, his show sucks less than the `Ed Show.'”

    They had two other names for that program before they settled on “The Ed Show.”

    First was “The Mr. Ed Show,” but why tie poor Mr. Ed in with a schmuck like Ed Shultz?

    Second was “The Dead Show,” but that would imply that Ed Shultz had no audience, which he doesn’t.

    1. If dan was any more homophobic, he could start selling books on ‘the cure’

      BTW…I’ve got some counseling that can cure you dan, small upfront fee of $1000 dollars, then God will love you again.

  53. “Besides Ann Coulter.”

    At least Ann wants to have sex with men, as opposed to Maddow, who wears more men’s shoes than some men, and gives the term “butch haircut” a whole new meaning.

    1. Psst… homophobia is so 2004.

      1. “Psst… homophobia is so 2004.”

        Who is homophobic? Because I call out Maddow for looking like a man is not homophobic. At least Fox News has women on who you want to look at – unless you are a fruit.

        Megyn Kelly vs. Rachel Maddow…which one would you rather look at (forgetting that Kelly is beautiful and brilliant and Maddow is neither)?

        1. The scary thing is that Maddow looks that way after makeup. Not that there’s anything wrong with being butch.

        2. I am not the seed-bearing structure of a plant, but I do like cock, so Fox and its bimbo brigade have little influence over my ability to tell fact from fiction. How many Rhodes scholarships does Kelly have, btw?

          1. Their jobs are to present the news. Which one do you think is more appropriately prepared for a job where you go on television in front of millions of viewers who WATCH these shows: A piece of eye-candy who knows how to say what she’s told to say, or an angry butch who cloisters herself in the classroom and thinks she’s better than everyone?

          2. Rachel Maddow, aka Ralph Maddowitz, is the youngest son of Ira and Maddeline Maddowitz of Brooklyn, New York.

            1. Rachel madcowitz is the product of a failed abortion. They stuck the scissors into her brain but didn’t kill her, damn it.

          3. So, only people with Rhodes scholarships are qualified to opine?


            1. Considering that Bill Clinton was also a Rhodes Scholar, I suspect that the criterion for getting such an accolade has more to do with 1. The population of the state you live in (note that they give them out by state, so a Rhodes Scholar from Alaska has a tiny fraction of the competition as a Rhodes Scholar from say… California) and 2. (Like all scholarships…) The time honored ability to write bullshit into essays and say the “right things” in interviews that successfully fellates those in charge of giving out the awards.

              1. Wow! No wonder Tony put so much emphasis on the Rhodes thing in the earlier post, then!

      2. Researchers believe they have isolated a gene that causes certain people to confuse “fear of homosexuality” with “revulsion of gross deviancy from basic human norms”. They have named it the sodomy gene.

        1. Have fun humping your fat wife in the missionary position. How’s the 1950’s treating you!

  54. I’d rather watch the chipmunk.

  55. Rest in Peace Olbermann because you are one whack-job from the super left.

  56. Olbermann is Glenn Beck with facts, but we lefties don’t like being preached at. I prefer Maddow’s calmer, kinder style.

    1. “Olbermann is Glenn Beck with facts…”


      You have to be JOKING.

      Glenn Beck has his facts, which is why millions watch his show and get educated, and why hundreds watch Olberdunce and get dumber because of it.

      More facts? Olberfruit wouldn’t know a fact if one hit him in the ass.

      1. Ick a freeper… I feel dirty.

      2. I hate to burst your bubble but Beck had Nial Ferguson (Harvard history professor apparently looking to destroy his “brand” by going on Beck’s show). Beck made a comment about how he was a student of history and 30 seconds later mistook Yeltsin for Gorbachev.

        Beck is a tool. I’m far from a lefty but Beck is the opposite side of the Olbermann coin.

        1. Not so much.

      3. Unfortunately it only means that millions have their collective heads up their ass.

        1. You’re proving your theory, J… by posting on here.

    2. Seriously, Beck with facts? You say that without irony.

      Wait, I forgot I was talking to a leftist, you’ll need to look up the meaning of the word ‘irony’.

      hint: it’s not rain on your wedding day.

      If your comments are going to be so empty, at least be more economical. Just scream ‘RACIST!’ and be done with it.

      1. I was gonna say the Glenn Beck of the left, with facts. But that would be redundant. The left, unlike Beck and his sheeple, don’t see facts as optional.

        1. A list of some of KO’s least factual ‘facts’ of 2007.

          And if you perhaps think he’s turned over a new leaf since then, he still has a habit of falsely applying the ‘right-wing’ label to any source that isn’t verbally fellating him.

          1. It’s enjoyable to see so many sites that skewer Keith ‘the shit stain’ Olberfudd.

            1. Please don’t do that to Elmer. The immortal Elmer is just too good a guy for Keith to be compared with in any way, form or fashion. Elmer is smarter, and far more entertaining. Anyway, don’t you think Foghorn Leghorn, would be a better comparison.

              1. You’re right. My apologies to Elmer, and I refuse to throw Foghorn under that bus.

        2. Like how Olbermann contends that every tea party attendee is a racist?

          I’d like to see the data he uses to draw that conclusion.

        3. Keep ’em coming! Hee-larious!

    3. By “calmer, kinder” do you mean annoying elitist smugness?

      1. Its difficult to watch Maddow because he blinks 60 times a minute—-besides annoying, its a sure sign of dishonesty.

    4. You’re right, Tony… you lefties prefer to DO the preaching.

      At taxpayers’ expense, of course.

    5. Tony – which orifice do I put this in?

    6. Oh fuck, Tony. Please tell me you wrote this while your mouth was full and was preoccupied. If so, it’s all good. We’ll disregard the last comment. ;

      1. That was supposed to be a smiley/winky face there.

  57. If you really wanted to infuse your assiduous prose with Olbermann’s style, you should not, SIR, have used any punctuation at all.

    No periods or commas, all one long run on sentence.


    1. What about hyphens? are hyphens okay?

      1. No, SIR< they are not OK only in a world where the viperish tendencies of millions of racist fascists are hyphens ok that one would suggest otherwise is to suggest that we would want to not use them otherwise in a fashion of Bertolt Brecht or IF Stone and Stoneian composition impinging upon the freedoms we hold so dearly as Americans

        Good night and good luck

        1. millions of racist fascists


      2. Depends on how much you value virgins.

  58. The Chipmunk is smarter than the fellow on the network no one watches, and the furry fellow probably has a larger audience.

  59. What is with the really tight zooms? I mean, it’s like hes’ fucking Godzilla or something, they are just trying to make him look bigger than he is.

    A friend played a game of softball with him once, said he is built like Grimace.

  60. I fear that people might be getting too flippant about Keith Olberman. He’s obviously undergoing some kind of personal crisis, and shows many of the signs exhibited by the people at Columbine, Fort Hood, and the University of Alabama. In the event he kills someone, we’re all going to feel ashamed of ourselves for allowing this program to continue (then again, I’d hate to be the guy who tells him his show’s being canceled).

    1. That’s why he is still on. Many are refusing to draw straws to see who tells him, he is finished.

    2. With luck he or someone else will kill you

      1. You’ve worn yourself thin already, Ruben. Go back to DemocraticUnderground where you belong.

        Or stay here and show your assedness. It’s borderline amusing.

    3. LOL!!!!

  61. Hey, I liked Diagnosis: Murder!

  62. Like watching the proverbial train wreck, the worse the news is that day for Pres. Bongo, the more likely I am to watch Queef Ogremann.

    There’s something exhilarating about watching a metrosexual lard ass go stark raving mad from the safety of your living room.

  63. “Ahh, but the racists that’s… that’s where I had them. They laughed at me and made jokes but I proved beyond the shadow of a doubt and with… geometric logic… that racists in the tea party DID exist, and I’d have shown that if they hadn’t of pulled me out of action. I, I, I know now they were only trying to protect some fellow tea partiers…”

    1. Olbermann is one of those who think every tea partier is a Klansman sans white bedsheet and flaming cross.

      1. Well… they ARE!

  64. Like effete movie critics who couldn’t actually make a movie if their lives depended on it, Olbermann is the guy who belittled and ridiculed the failures of genuine athletes… but who himself is unworthy to carry their jockstraps.

  65. the chipmunk is much better looking . . .

  66. Dan Tanna..what you said! Funny and accurate. Edward R. Moron is a perfect descriptor for Olbermann. And let’s face it guys, he was way too full of himself on Sportscenter. As for the Sunday Night Football spot, I liked Cosell better and, yes, even Tony Kornheiser on MNF. Cosell was intelligent and entertaining, Olbermann is neither.

  67. My bet is that the chipmunk could give much more reasoned commentary, and he does the faux “shock” look better. Time for chipmunk TV.

  68. at least the chipmunk’s hair is real . . .

  69. after only 2 days on YouTube, i’m sure the chipmunk already has higher ratings . . .

  70. Herschel, stop w/ the chipmunk TV idea, or MSNBC will cancel Olby . . .

  71. I didn’t think I would ever see a segment more bizarre and insane than some of the Glenn Beck clips they’ve had on here. But we have a new winner – that ‘roid rage rant of KO’s about Hillary daring to use the word “assassination” during the primaries that Nick linked. KO didn’t seem to notice the irony of damning Hillary for saying “assassination” by repeating “assassination” 100 times, listing all the political assassinations in US history, and even showing a clip of RFK to go along with it. It’s truly creepy that there’s a brain out there that works like that.

  72. What a joke, this guy is an idiot who should go back to sports broadcasting where he belongs. (And I’m not refrring to the chipmunk)

  73. I gotta say after viewing the clips of KO, he looks like a great cure for imsomnia.

    1. That’s because you’re simply stupid

      1. lol – effing idiot, but you make me life. Like when the monkey’s through feces at each other… disgusting, stupid & childish, but funny.

  74. For what its worth I think Olberman is brilliant. A top class journalist.

    1. Tell us you’re not serious, Jon.

      1. He sounds serious…

      2. Tell us you’re not a complete idiot shit head

        1. You must have me confused with Olbermann.

          1. I think J. has himself confused with himself.

    2. Well now, that changes everything.

    3. I can see why they named you after a toilet.

    4. Funny. You don’t find any claims that he makes stuff up like Rush, O’Reilly, Beck, et al. You white guys sure are funny when you’re feeling all threatened by anyone who doesn’t look like Opie Taylor.

      1. What’s funny is making this statement just one hour after someone posted to sites showing examples of Olberman’s lies… you should learn to read before posting.

        In case you are actually honest – here’s the comment.

  75. I have watched Keith’s show one time, and not for long at that. It was so funny, watching Keith and Mr. Hard “tingle up his leg” Balls, the night Scott Brown won his race. this should have replaced Saturday Night Live that week. But it got old fast, 10-15 minutes is all I could take. I didn’t want to see them crying, and watch their make-up running everywhere, so I turned back to the network everybody seems to be watching, just to watch the smiles. Goodbye Keith, hope you can get a job on Air America, You deserve it. LOL

  76. Good news, everyone!

    The Ed Show won’t be back on until after the Winter Olympics.

    In the meantime, watch his fellow nutburger, Keith Olbermann.

    Now, get off my lawn, you damned kids with your robots and whatnot.

    1. The network decided that women’s curling was far more compelling.

  77. Olbermann is a self-aggrandizing jerk. Nobody takes himself more seriously or displays more affectations. The whole dramatic thing where he takes off his glasses in an obvious imitation of Cronkite is hilarious. He is such a tool. He probably doesn’t realize that most of the country is laughing at him.

  78. It must be tough to be an empty headed jackass. You get off the sight dick head!!

    1. It’s not YOUR place to tell people to get off this “sight”. It’s still a free country… for now.

    2. It must be tough to be an empty headed jackass

      It seems to come quite naturally to you.

      1. Well it would – only one with an empty head would think Olberman is anything other than a tool & then they have to be a jackass to tell everyone else they’re right…. but someone I think for Ruben all of this contributes to his happiness and confidence.

        I mean if you don’t know you’re an idiot – how would you ever know people are laughing at you?

        1. Preview… but someone should be but somehow.

  79. The chipmunk, compared to Ubbermann, is a freakin’ candidate for an Emmy.

  80. The chipmunk, compared to Ubbermann, is a freakin’ candidate for an Emmy.

  81. The chipmunk, compared to Ubbermann, is a freakin’ candidate for an Emmy.

  82. The chipmunk, compared to Ubbermann, is a freakin’ candidate for an Emmy.

  83. KO is a douchebag of the worst order. He takes douchebaggery to levels heretofore unseen. In a lifetime spent dealing with douches like KO, he makes all other douchebags seem somehow less so. Just reading – I can’t stand to look at him on the telly – his douchelike screeds makes me want to douche. Il Douche makes me want to scratch my eyeballs from my head and douche my eye sockets. Repeatedly. Why the f*ck would the douchebags at MSNBC put Il Douche on night after night? Do they hate us so much?

    God, I need to douche.

  84. Of the two, the chipmunk looks more intelligent.

    1. Of the two, the chipmunk looks IS more intelligent.


  85. Just love the common sense of the American cable viewer as exempified by his poor ratings. Any moron could have done Olbermann’s monologue. Just make sure that whoever you were describing that you used the following descriptors: racist, homophobic, pediphile,right-wing radical, warmonger, teabagger and sexist. No wonder his ratings have fallen off the cliff……paraphrasing Spiro Agnew’s famous sayings, “you see and hear one Olbermann’s shows, you’ve seen them all”.
    I always wondered if Olbermann had to take off his WH Press badge before he did his show. Between Chris Matthews and Olbermann,I thought of sending them a special GPS system so when they were done pissing on each others legs, they could use it to find their way out of Obama’s posterior. NBC has been doing the cable viewing public a major disservice by not cancelling these shows earlier. I beg of you to euthanize them now!!!

  86. Why all the negativity?, Ko’s head would be a great float next Thanksgiving in the Macy’s day parade

  87. WOW, seems Olberman has managed to upset Mr Black Leather Suit. Maybe Nick should morph into a libertarian and see the Tea Baggage for what it really is.

    1. How is disagreeing with moron’s use of the term “tea bagger” indicative or supporting the movement to which the insult was meant?

      1. “How is disagreeing with moron’s use of the term “tea bagger” indicative or supporting the movement to which the insult was meant?”

        Because you are supposed to insult anyone and anything you disagree with. If you don’t insult it, you de facto must agree with it. Every good Lefty know that.

  88. Out of all the critters on the cable channels, I’d have to pick Chris Matthews as the one I can jive with. For all his crazies (male-pig eruptions are my favorites – he’d be in big trouble on Fox News with the eye candy over there), the guy genuinely likes politics and the nuts and bolts of it, more than the ideology. I watched him tear down some Donk congressman over what exactly reconciliation in the Senate is and how it works. It was good stuff, and its why I watch his show on occasion.

    A problem with non-thinking talkers (Limbaugh, Beck, Maddow, etc.) is when their totalitarian brand of choice is in power, they become buffoonish and shrill in defending it. As Olbermann’s and Maddow’s ideology has done this past year, so have their shows, and so has their credibility.

    Speaking of which, I’d love to see some smarter-than-average FOX guy (Shep Smith or Stossel maybe) invite Rushbo on their show, and then grill him with what I am sure are some choice sound-bites of him defending a lot of this police-state shit under Bush that he now has a problem with when its Obama’s police-state shit. It’d be AWESOME!

    1. A problem with non-thinking talkers (Limbaugh, Beck, Maddow, etc.) is when their totalitarian brand of choice is in power, they become buffoonish and shrill in defending it. As Olbermann’s and Maddow’s ideology has done this past year, so have their shows, and so has their credibility.
      And yet Limbaugh flourished. I think you better think it out again…

      1. Limbaugh made his name on Clinton, and if anything took two steps back for every one he took forward under the Bush regime. Now that the Big O is running things, Limbaugh’s a growth industry again.

        Another good example is Air America. Being badly run and such, it could barely hang on during the Bush years. Having to become and Official Tool of the Establishment (like all the other lefty media) with the Donk’s ascendancy killed them off in a year.

    2. I think you need to rethink this. Matthews is not a thinker.

      “I forgot he was black for a minute…”

      In that one, little sentence reveals his entire mindset.

    3. “…invite Rushbo on their show,…”

      I seem to recall that Rush has lost his hearing (?), which would make interviews or debates a little more challenging.

  89. “[Olbermann’s] [s]ort of a Leftist version of Limbaugh/O’Reilly/Hannity. In fact, all of MSNBC is basically the anti-Fox…they just do what Fox does, but with a radical Left spin.”

    If X is a success, and Y a failure, how exactly is Y just doing what X does? What does Fox News just do?

    MSNBC and Fox News are opposite sides of a coin only if you count a nickel glued to a dollar as one coin

    The right is good at talk radio and cable news, and the left isn’t. It’d be nuts for the right to assume that, given a irreverent ironical guy and a TV camera, it could vie with Stewart and Colbert. Different ideologies flourish in different environments. For example, mine flourishes in the forest

  90. I am the greatest! The less seriously people take me, the more seriously I take myself.

    I once had a humble insightful thought – but I crushed it for the racist, right wing, Tea Bagging, demon possessed voice of reason that I knew it was.

    My favorite philosopher is Tokyo Rose.

  91. Dude, i can watch a 10 second clip of Olby…but 10 minutes of “Special Comment has me looking for a heavy blunt object to bash into my skull repeatedly…it’s “special” alright…

  92. Slobberman and Crybaby make me sick. Guess who Crybaby is and it ain’t Johnny Depp from that movie. Though one actually admits his love for big fuckament, while the other pretends he is on our side.

  93. Wondering how much of Obermann’s dwindling viewing audience like myself is tuning in from time to time merely for good yucks over the sloppy, sputtering and spitting nonsense.

    1. Oh, I think both of you are, so 100% by my calculations.

  94. The best part is olberdoodle has burned so many bridges in the industry he can’t even get a job as an assistant outside of NBC.

  95. Let’s be fair though — Olberman is at least more entertaining than Madow.

  96. But, regardless of his antics, and possibly overly jealous attitude, how many instances of him being factually wrong can you cite? (Unlike conservative shows of a similar genre.)

  97. “How many instances of his being factually wrong can you cite? (Unlike conservative shows of a similar genre.)”

    Are you serious, sir.

    1. The fact that you didn’t respond to the meat of his argument means you know you’ve already lost.

  98. Yeah. you go on and on about Olbermann’s style. What you can’t do is challenge his factual accuracy, and when he gets the facts wrong, he corrects. Could you say the same thing about Rush and your Fox buddies?

    1. AHHHH HAHAHAHAHAHAHahahahahah…

      OHhhmm… Yeah. That’s funny.

      (PS. We’re not a right-wing site, Max, so Fox News isn’t really filled with our “buddies”, got anything else you want to be a moron about?)

        1. A perusal of the commments here proves your wrong. This site is replete with angry white guy conservaties who watch FOX. I know from experience that Libertarians are just Republicans without the stones to admit as much in polite company.

          Regarding Oblermann: so you can’t give me even one example of KO being factually incorrect and not owning up to it? Pretty pathetic. The website you offered in lieu of doing any actual work is just a round up of the typical conservative foot stamping about him going after their sacred cows. Not a single thing challenged the factual accuracy of KO’s reportage. In short, you have failed.

          1. MaxThrax opines: “This site is replete with angry white guy conservaties who watch FOX. I know from experience that Libertarians are just Republicans without the stones to admit as much in polite company.”

            With omniscience like that, I’d think you’d have better things to do than comment on stories about Keith O. I mean, from a selfish standpoint you could win the lottery. From a world peace standpoint you might want to let us in on what Iran’s leaders are thinking.

            1. But I’m bored. So you agree with everything I wrote? GOtcha.

          2. Ok… Well… Bullshit on all counts “Max”

            I’ve never been a republican, never voted Republican, never thought about or considered voting Republican and I don’t watch any cable news (which I generally consider to be the worst source of information imaginable), so I definitely don’t watch Fox.

            The Website I offered has dozens of instances of factual inaccuracy.

            I don’t really give enough of a shit about Keith Olbermann to keep a running tab of his stupidity, though I did create a short film a while back where I used a particularly retarded rant he gave a few months back about how there was all this violence in the town-hall protests instigated by protesters – when in fact the only violence that has really happened so far has been by union assholes directed against the protesters.

            So, he was pretty fuckin’ wrong about that.

            But then, most of Olbermann’s problems aren’t facts – since most of the “reporting” I’ve ever seen of his show (which as noted above, is pretty rare since he too is on cable… and fortunately also often on YouTube) has been mostly him making assumptions about people’s motivations and calling people names.

            So, first off, no… I definitely didn’t fail. But secondly, and more importantly, you’re missing the point about what’s fundamentally wrong with Olbermann in general.

            He’s primarily engaging in polemic & hyperbole and the worst thing he does on a daily basis is take whatever someone happened to say or do, and then twist it into a confirmation of whatever venom he’s been spewing lately. It’s all confirmation bias, and most of his factual inaccuracies have to do with him reinterpreting something to line up with his views.

            I don’t give a shit about conservatives’ “sacred cows”. I don’t give a shit about this left/right red vs. blue horseshit you’re so caught up in, Max. What I care about is news people who actually report news, and public discourse that isn’t dominated by ESPN rejects.

            Olbermann is one of the least intelligent voices I’ve ever had the displeasure of listening to. For that matter, so is Sean Hannity. So what?

            Just cause Fox has some people on the network who are retarded does not suddenly make Olbermann worth a damn.

            1. Oh yeah… And there’s the fact that Olbermann has for about a year had no insight into anything that’s happening in the world and resorts to calling people racists at every possible opportunity:


              Now, the funny thing about racism, is that it’s one of those things that you can claim about anyone. But you don’t really have to back it up with anything substantial. You count that as factual errors? I do.

              Alternatively… There’s this:

              “So Olbermann had four errors in 78 seconds:

              1) Olbermann falsely claimed Jesse Watters’ microphone wasn’t cut off, when it was (as was, temporarily, Deneen Borelli’s);
              2) Olbermann falsely claimed Jesse Watters audiotaped the Q&A session;
              3) Olbermann falsely claimed that Watters lied when he denied taping the meeting;
              4) Olbermann falsely claimed that one of the two persons who asked about CNBC was representing Fox News.
              That’s one error every 19.5 seconds.”

              How’s that?

              At any rate, I’m assuming that you are going to continue to have your mind entirely closed on this point… Though i’m not really sure why you’re so emotionally attached to Olbermann.

              I’m really happy I it doesn’t ruin my day when people insult news shitty talking heads on TV.

              1. I’m with you – one of the best things I’ve done in my life, is to stop listening to all news & political radio shows.

                I still read a lot of news, research, etc, but I honestly think watching it is likely to make you dumber.

                & I include in that watching people with whom I agree of just find entertaining. Whether the funny and entertaining Jon Stewart or effing moron that is Kieth Oberman, using TV for your news will result in the exact opposite of the theoretical goal; you will become more ill-informed the more consistently you watch.

                But hey – it’s easy and I laugh, so the logic must be correct and when the audience laughs, I guess that means his point was correct too? Goody, no more need to contemplate.

                1. “But hey – it’s easy and I laugh, so the logic must be correct and when the audience laughs, I guess that means his point was correct too? Goody, no more need to contemplate.”

                  Dude, you just hit the nail on the F’ing head. Stewart and Colbert can be downright hilarious but in the end, the cheapen the process, make it even more shallow (which I thought was impossible) and convince a lot of people they know what’s going on.

                  But Olbermann, well, he’s just an intellectually dishonest douche.

          3. I know from experience that Libertarians are just Republicans without the stones to admit as much in polite company.

            You’re more than welcome to come suck my stones.

            So, anyone figure out which progressive site linked to this – the trolls are thicker than flies on shit.

          4. Max,liberals like you are just Communist Party USA members without the guts to admit that you only vote Democrat because the CPUSA can’t get on all 50 state ballots.

  99. LOL at all the pejorative commentary of KO….he’s a coward!(no proof offered)….he’s a hack!….ooooh, he’s a janitor!, no! you’re insulting janitors! On and on you go without saying anything or offering anything of substance. You can’t say KO is factually incorrect. Instead, you little boys just call names. Oh Rachel Maddow is a non thinker! Oh yeah baby, that’ll show em! Especially from a deep thinker like you! Seriously Libertarians are a poor joke and every time I think I could make common cause with you, all I have to do is come here and be confronted with the same ‘woe is me’ white culture panic I expect from Repukes. At least Republicans have the courage(hee hee, okay I couldn’t think of another word so ‘courage’ will have to suffice) to at least admit they’re Republicans, a distinction from which you Libertarians all run. Then again, I shouldn’t expect much from people who see Atlas Shrugged as anything but comedy.

  100. Just for laughs, I will detail the complaints against KO on the laughable site you provided as ‘proof’ that KO is factually incorrect:

    Lots of stuff about his ratings and how FOX beats him. Uh, something about Gibson calling him ‘bubble boy’. There was a graphic that misspelled ‘Republican’, a disputation of the ad revenue flowing in to MSNBC, they take issue but provide no proof, a prediction that Comcast will fire KO once they take the reins, KO had too many Democrats on one night.


    Now Sean W Malone….don’t you feel stupid?

    1. No… I sure don’t… Your “detail” is surprisingly lacking in details.

      Incidentally, why don’t you try checking the provided links on one of the articles from Olbermann Watch – you know… Or use Google.

      Try again, fan boy… Or don’t… It won’t be worth my time to read.

  101. Wow. That was easier than I thought. I think I’ll come here more often to knock down your ill conceived, factually incorrect notions. I can just imagine the sad face on the other end of the compy as you fail time and time to adhere to ‘reason’, cuz that’s the last thing being exercised here. Is the name of this site supposed to be ironic?

    1. MaxThrax brags: “Wow. That was easier than I thought.”

      That sound you hear isn’t Libertarians conceding your point. It’s the sound of people ignoring a jackass when they encounter one.

      1. Except you haven’t, proving you wrong again, but you’ve grown accustomed to it?

        Care to provide me of proof to counter my claims? Of course not.

    2. DRINK!

  102. Emporer wears no clothes, let me say that though you said nothing, had no argument to proffer or facts to counter any assertion I had made….you did so with panache and elan. So you got that going for ya.

    1. huh?

  103. let me just help you out max,

    everyone left the thread but emporer a good deal before you started spouting off your nonsense. you are crowing about your brilliance to an empty room.

    but that is the only room you can dominate, isnt it?

    1. And I only came back randomly because I happened to reopen Chrome to the same tabs I had opened earlier today… Max was talking to himself for a long time.

      1. You did well padawan, you were fairly pwned. I sense strong self esteem issues….don’t go back…not pretty.

        1. Oh, forgot to mention, the website you offered as a response to KO factuality never challenged KO on any factual issue. They’re just really, really upset that he’s mean to Sarah Palin. Not a single challenge. I saw you offer up Newsmax as evidence….you have officially jumped the shark Gomer. Go back to banging you sister and souping up that Challenger in the backyard ‘for Boss Hogg catches yer ass!

    2. You responded thought didn’t you hillbilly boy?

      1. “You responded thought didn’t you hillbilly boy?”

        Is that even a sentence?

        Is it worth mentioning that I am about as far from a “hillbilly” as you could get, having spent my entire adult life in urban areas like Los Angeles & New York City and traveled extensively throughout the US and the world?

        Probably not.

        Oh well, don’t worry Max, in your mind you’re still a winner. In fact… In you’re mind, my guess is that you’ll never ever lose… So it’s probably best to stay wrapped up in your own little confused world.

  104. just to sate your curiosity as to why i am here, max, i read this article yesterday, but i was not in a position to watch the video, then i saw your awesome responses to your own posts.

  105. Hey, I find MSNBC and Fox to both be laughingly simplistic and more importantly incredibly boring, but credit should be given where it is due: Olberman was great on ESPN while O’reilly was just as bombastically stupid on Inside Edition.

    1. I’ll leave you your opinion on ESPN, but I couldn’t agree more about MSNBC vs. Fox, MNG. Well said.

    2. “Hey, I find MSNBC and Fox to both be laughingly simplistic and more importantly incredibly boring..”

      People generally don’t find entire networks boring as the shows offered vary in quality.

  106. Keith is the gift that keeps on giving. Thanks for the reply.

    Shameless plug – watch for me in the upcoming porn hit “Millions of Fellating Rapists”, staring me, Tex Ulberdong.

    Ya’ll come, now, y’hear?

    1. “reply=replay” – tough to type one-handed, if you know what I’m sayin!

  107. I see we have a new source of entertainment. Thanks be to Max.

    You can sit over here with Tony, Choad,and Flounder.

    1. Don’t forget Jugdish!

  108. Okay, Nick, now the joke is getting stale. I don’t want to see Olbermann’s mug anymore.

  109. Let’s see, Limbaugh (King of the Rednecks) is an uneducated full-time liar who has 20x the audience of Maddow, a Rhodes scholar while on AM radio.

    Facts are boring – America knows that.

    Morton Downey, Jr started it all. Rush (King of the Rednecks) should buy him a memorial.

    1. Yeah, I don’t know what Walter E. Williams sees in that gasbag. Maybe he’s halfway decent off air, I don’t know.

    2. Facts can be fun; and lefties can be entertaining. Jon Stewart I would say is a left-of-center guy who spews lots of facts, but is entertaining to watch and funny.

      Rachel Maddow’s problem isn’t her love of facts (or America and its ignorant distaste for facts), its that Rachel Maddow sucks.

      One special dysfunction that the MSNBC folks share with fellow troglodyte Rush (and something the FOX bunch don’t do) is they have constructed their shows to be nothing but echo chambers. From their (limited pool of) guests to their format, its just a screed from beginning to end.

      Don’t blame America for the commercial failure of Rachel Maddow’s media endeavors. Blame Rachel Maddow.

      1. Maddow touts her repeated invitations to conservatives and Republicans. They rarely come. Why should they? They can just go on Hannity and be told how right they are.

    3. Lets go over the over errors in assumption. Shall we.

      king of rednecks != Rush Limbaugh
      king of rednecks ? Willy,Lynard, popcorn Sutton, any NASCAR driver
      education != increased factual basis
      disagreement != a lie on the other party’s behalf.
      facts are not inherently boring you dork
      (i.e. Dork is the actual name for a whale’s penis. The largest penis on the planet. See that wasn’t boring.)
      Morton Downey Jr. Didn’t start anything. Before him it was Elvis on The Ed Sullivan show, and before that freak shows on boardwalks, and before that…fuck you can find examples back to ancient Greece.

      So lets recap.
      Right about the audience (although not sure it’s 20X)

      You’re not exactly batting 500 on that post.

      1. over #2 = overt

  110. hey strike, Rush could destroy your simpleton mind in a nanosecond.

    1. Rush Limbaugh is an intellectual coward of the highest order. He engages in “debate” in a format where he controls not only who he debates, but how long they are allowed to speak etc. It kills me when people think Limbaugh is some great debator. Anyone can win arguments under those conditions…

      For the person who says “what does Walt Williams see in Limbaugh” I imagine it is a paycheck. Williams is surely compensated for doing Limbaugh’s show and he gets to reach a wider audience than usual, it’s all good for Williams. A person does not have to repsect or like his/her business associates, they just have to pretend to when the latter are around 🙂

      1. You’re not wrong about working for money, MNG – but I think there’s probably more to it than that with Walter Williams… *Some* of what Limbaugh discusses isn’t all that bad, economically speaking.

        But to be fair to Limbaugh re: the first point, and I’m not really sure why I am doing this, that set-up is unavoidable as a host of any show… Radio, TV, live call-in…

        Doesn’t matter… Hell, Newspaper editors have the same stacked odds.

        I don’t know how you actually make that situation better with a different format. People tune in because they like the host from week to week, or the writer, or whatever… Since that won’t change, the odds will always favor that person. Now, if he was to just be a pure moderator and have 2 other people debate… maybe.

      2. Damn traitor GM professors, he should be teaching how government will save you not how they rob you. That damn Sowelll guy is the same way. There seems to be a slight hint of race being an issue. I’m pretty sure if he was just another Hayek fan you would just write him off as another libertarian tard. But it’s a black man saying these things, the very embodiment of who the liberals proudly proclaim to be the saviors of. Therefore he must have motives outside of intellectual rigor for hosting such a show, he must be doing it for the bottom line or the dollar. The sentiment isn’t overtly stated, but there sure seems to be an underlying theme or connection. God knows there’s a historic precedent for the sentiment among the more liberal political movements.

        Intended or not your post smacks of a higher than thou attitude as if the man just does it for the dollar. Williams is syndicated and reaches lots of people, I’m sure he gets a boost from hosting Limbaugh’s show. But either way I’m pretty sure someone of his stature and achievement doesn’t do it for the dollar. You’re using the same argument that liberal pundits and politicians use for going on Fox when defending the action to their piers. The argument falls apart since Willaims isn’t trying to sell a bill or work as a part of a political machine, he’s offering economic insight and opinion on a current situation. There’s a slight difference of motive.

        The DNC and GOP do the exact same thing with debate. They lock out any form of debate they can’t control and ensure that only the people they want talking are talking. The difference is Limbaugh owns his production company and doesn’t hide behind the guise of being all inclusive and not driven by ulterior motives like the Commission on Presidential Debates. The argument that the show he owns is run the way he wants it is something improper is bullshit.

        The real intellectual cowards are the ones that justify going on a show or station the despise in their private circles yet embrace when it benefits them.

        1. So concerned with race…is your dick THAT small? Ah what do you care, you’re a bottom anyway.

          1. You are obsessed with penis.

  111. Is the two minutes hate over yet?

    Who knew that minor TV personalities with so few viewers (and thus presumably little influence) could inspire such visceral reactions.

    1. That’s Libertarians for ya… we are so efficient, get our “2 minute hate” over in 13 seconds.

      Union employees need not apply…

  112. It’s funny reading frat boys making fun of KO, but unable to detract from the truth, which is, KO runs a fact and reason based program, unlike your heros Rush and Glen. Nothing pisses off conservatives and Libertarians than facts that they cannot account for.

    Hey I saw your boy Ron Paul won all the love at CPAC. Your hearts must swell with pride to have your hero accepted by the dumbest white people this side of ALbania. Did ya notice he kept his mouth shut vis-a-vis foreign policy. Guess he learned from Barr’s mistake. Ahhhh, what interesting bedfellows you Libertarians have. So funny.

    1. You are a marvelous lil’ troll. You’re so cute when your angry and going all fanboy up in this bitch. So young and so angry, I blame that damn rap music.

      1. Rush is the draft dodging junkie….not me, maybe Rush’s favorite artist is Lil Jon?

        1. I like pie.

          non sequitur is non sequitur

        2. I though circa 1968, draft dodging junkies were cool?

        3. Clinton didn’t serve, either. But that’s okay, right?

  113. Don’t listen to rap Opie. You’re soooo cute when KO hurts your little feelings….maybe you should ask mommy to make smores for when you and your little friends are done playing ’24’ in you backyard.

    1. That was a loose quote made by a dog from a recent shitty Eddie Murphy movie. It was sarcasm aimed at making fun of you, not literal. I know it’s confusing, but at least try to keep up.

      1. Whatever micro penis hillbilly boy. Too bad your sister doesn’t have a dick, you might be happier.

        1. If my sister had a penis wouldn’t that make her a him and my brother?

          You seem a tad homophobic with some gender issues. There is someone here that can help you with that. You might want to search him out.

          1. Naw, you hillbillies play all sorts of games with gender identity. I know that you white boys are experiencing some issues regarding white women’s preference for melanin cock(ie: big), and that it’s a tough time for you because of it. I only say it’s a problem because you still have to find a beard somehow. My only problem is with closet cases, then again, without you closet cases where would the WWE be? Freud could have written reams about you conservative white boys.

            1. Hillbillies… white boys… gosh, you liberals really know how to forget to be politically-correct, like you expect everyone else to be.

              Now, what was it Rahm said about you folks… let’s see… it REALLY fit a lot of you…

              1. I am pretty sure Mr. Thrax doesn’t represent the “liberal” community. Let’s get MNG’s take…


                Are the people you want representing liberalism this incapable of understanding even such basic concepts as a political philosophy that doesn’t fit into their binary preconception of “republican vs. democrat” or “msnbc vs. fox”?

                Do most liberals on online forums – or at least most of the ones you want to identify with – make wild assumptions about the race and sexual orientation of the people they claim to be arguing with? And if so, why does it matter so much to them?

                Thanks in advance MNG 😛

    2. Come on Max, you know you’re a rappin’ fool. It’s where you get your gravitas!


      1. Shouldn’t your name be Jimmer Cracker Corn?

  114. Everyone else is inferior to me

    1. I agree wholeheartedly

  115. No, really, I totally pwn you guys.

    1. I agree with your comment and would like to subscribe to your newsletter.

      1. Is the newsletter free?

        1. The blow jobs are free. Newsletter you have to pay for.

          1. You really are penis-centric.

            1. You really are a penis.

  116. Is there more than two voices in your head?

  117. All these comments, not a single challenge to the veracity of KO’s reportage. Just angry and offended white boys. I wouldn’t date any of you if I was a white woman either.

    1. There is no question that you are a woman though.

      1. Is there something wrong with being a woman? You dress like one don’t you?

        1. Hey Max, don’t listen to anyone here. You’re a winner, no matter what they say. Hey, I’ve seen you respond to your own comments and that takes skill. So keep it up, don’t let these bastards get you down and come between you and Keith (You don’t have to wonder , I know he feels the same about you, he’s just waiting for the courage to tell you).

          Don’t forget your helmet when you get out of bed, kiddo.

          You’re a winner!

    2. Are you trying to anger me or confuse me? Either way, I’m a little turned on and could really go for some hot interracial lesbo sex right now.

    3. So you’re saying you’re a non-white woman? Or a white girl? Or a white man who would also not date any angry white boys?

      Your butchered syntax has confused me about your gender and se.x.ual proclivities.

      I’m not even sure the veracity of Olbermann’s shtick/reporting is even the topic (was it? b/c I lost track). I think the point is that regardless of his politics he’s just kinda insane at this point. Up here in Canada, we only see him ruining the Peac0ck Network’s Sunday Night Football game with his highlight-ruining “comic” delivery.

      I mute it, even though when I’ve read him in print over at Strike The Root he appears to be relatively sane, even lucid.

      I can honestly say that regardless of his politics, not because of it, I just can stand Keith Olbermann, in a way similar to not being able to stand watching Ellen dance, Roseanne sing the national anthem, or Oprah be Oprah.

      But you can keep on calling me an angry white man if it makes your Echo Chamber ring a little less hollow.

    4. “All these comments, not a single challenge to the veracity of KO’s reportage.”

      The veracity of KO’s reportage is as rock solid and unwavering as Tiger Woods’ marital fidelity. And it has been well and thoroughly documented upthread.

      1. Oh, crap, I mentioned Tiger Woods in a negative way! It can only be racism!

        I meant, er, uh… John Edwards and Elliot Spitzer.

        Whew, close one.

        1. Or if you prefer, John Ensign and Mark Sanford.

    5. “I wouldn’t date any of you if I was a white woman either.”

      That’s funny. I don’t think you need to worry about anyone asking. When is the operation?

  118. We can only hope that Olbermann and Maddow never mate – what offspring that would create.

    1. Since Olbermann is up there in age, I doubt he would want to deal with being pregnant so we don’t have to worry about this one.

  119. 75 reasons to be skeptical of global warming.…..lobal.html

    PS Good post

  120. Does KO/MSNBC get to treat the youtube views as audience for ratings?

  121. If Keith Olbermann has a TV show, I’m Johnny Carson.

  122. Obermann & Maddow better get his/her own house in order before casting stones at others:

    Seems Keith Olbermann is quite silent now that the truth about his Network backfires on him.…..olbermann/

  123. What does this article have to do with “reason”? So you might not like Olbermann or his theatrics. At least he is not pulling out a chalkboard to “lecture” us or gushing vaporub tears. Maybe you should concentrate on the message rather than the delivery.

  124. Message? There is a message??

    Ahhh….massage….odd, you meant massage…you don’t look French

  125. One of them licks his nuts. The other one is a squirrel.

  126. My only point is that if you take the Bible straight, as I’m sure many of Reasons readers do, you will see a lot of the Old Testament stuff as absolutely insane. Even some cursory knowledge of Hebrew and doing some mathematics and logic will tell you that you really won’t get the full deal by just doing regular skill english reading for those books. In other words, there’s more to the books of the Bible than most will ever grasp. I’m not concerned that Mr. Crumb will go to hell or anything crazy like that! It’s just that he, like many types of religionists, seems to take it literally, take it straight…the Bible’s books were not written by straight laced divinity students in 3 piece suits who white wash religious beliefs as if God made them with clothes on…the Bible’s books were written by people with very different mindsets…in order to really get the Books of the Bible, you have to cultivate such a mindset, it’s literally a labyrinth, that’s no joke.

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